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  2. @TriJin, you hit it right on the nose: I get so excited seeing multiple SL features combined to make the proverbial "greater than the sum of its parts" shine. I enjoy using my 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator to snap stills, because dutch angles are underused in SL photography. How have your experiences been using realtime shadows and depth of field + antialiasing? I find it considerably slows performance and there are some weird rendering glitches around edges of things (noticeably on hair), so I've mainly been filming with antialiasing off. Dead End Thrills has been a cinematic inspiration to me,
  3. We Linden Lab Editors are looking for mesh awesomeness for our Destination Guide! We even have a special Mesh Showcase. We want to be sure to have you listed so other Residents can visit and rock out, so if you or someone you know is making mesh magic, submit your place to be included. And if you want to discuss more of your fave destinations — maybe even share some photos & videos 'cuz we're visual like that! — come visit our forum. I say thankee-sai.
  4. My wife is still in SL. Ravenelle Feaver, rezdate of December 13, 2002. Although she mainly uses her Ravenelle Zugzwang account now. And what has got her interested lately? Why, the new graphical lighting + shadows eye candy, as shown on her Flickr stream! I always had a thing for older women... And yes, Steller Sunshine is still around. She's a living SLegend. Incidentally, her beanstalk appears on one of the new login screens, shown in a "fresh light". My way of tipping my hat in respect to these early creators:
  5. I, Torley Linden, am not currently blogging because my work focuses have shifted elsewhere... but you can get in touch with me on my profile page! -- In the Advanced mode of the Second Life Viewer, subtle-yet-powerful new Preferences get added — and overlooked — leaving them less used than they could be, which makes me sad unless I do something about it. I love to champion this stuff because I know how much enjoyment it can add to your Second Life. One bit I'd like to call out is the ability to double-click and teleport just about anywhere you see. I'm voracious about sightseeing in Second
  6. Re: grid monkeys, there may be an inworld "easter egg" in the not-too-distant future.  Perrie, I wonder how they made that! (Whether it was recording both convos on the same screen, or separate screens and compositing. Given the independent typing unless some other editing tricks were involved, I'm inclined to believe the latter.) I'm enamored with showing two (or more) perspectives... and the ending message is a beautiful one. It reminds me of a book I read the other day called How Full Is Your Bucket? Also, from Ramit Sethi: "Success in life is directly proportional to the number of awkwa
  7. HAR HAR HAR LOOK WHAT'S BEEN ROLLIN' IN!!!!1 @Perrie Yup! In Grand Theft Auto IV, you can use an in-game, simulated web browser at an Internet cafe. While "My Online Me" — or "MOM" — has an acronymic similarity to "WOW", the wording definitely makes me think of none other than secondlife.com. I'm surprised hardly anyone else picked up on this before, considering that GTAIV has been out since 2008! @Storm Oh geez. I heard a joke about "Do kids with ADHD go to Concentration Camp?" the other day. @Rhonda On a vintage tip, yes, that video was circulated madly within LL years ago. An unlikely fu
  8. Oh Suella, that shirt totally crax me up. I haven't found much of a use for Facebook myself, but I enjoy seeing memes based on it! Have a Marketplace link to that shirt? Also, I found this "Funny" page on the wiki which compiles some videos and other riffing on SL memes.
  9. I heartily enjoy humor about Second Life, including that which happens within SL: like cultural jokes about hippos and purposefully wearing a blurry texture suit so everyone else goes mad wondering when you're going to clear up (takes one to know one). Also, shows like The Office that show characters playing SL, or outright satire. I've seen other threads touching on such funny topics before, but I wanted to start this one to compile LAUGH after LAUGH. Good clean fun. OK, have at it! Here's something I spotted, and BONUS POINTS if you know where it's from:  
  10. Not long ago, I was going to eat sushi with friends. (I'm so fond of sushi I named a cat after it.) But before I did, I took many pictures of the impending feast. One of my chums asked me why, and I candidly replied: "This meal will be gone soon, but the memories will remain." So it is with inworld photography, one of the most popular hobbies inside Second Life — and getting started is as easy as clicking a single button. Years ago, I started a snapshot help page that has since helped thousands of Residents discover the joy of SL photography firsthand. As time passed though, I received hun
  11. @Keli RL, what's that? Hehe, in RL I strive for minimal belongings, I've been converting what I can into digital forms. I always have a huge sigh of relief upon decluttering, or feel good giving unused stuff to thrift shops. Hopefully someone(s) will find a better use for that. @Darcie55 Ah yes! All those hunt treasures add up — think about what you really use regularly, your favorites. Actually, that brings to mind: I also have FAVE folders for stuff like attachments (like certain HUDs) I use across many outfits. I wish there was a one-click way to "star" items (as you can on various web se
  12. Spring is in full swing, and that goes hand-in-hand with spring cleaning — which includes your Second Life inventory! Wait, what's that? You dread opening up those dusty folders with hundreds, even thousands of items that you've never used. I bet that rings a bell. Have no fear. While the psychological burden may initially seem like a mountain, taking small steps is the key. Cleaning your inventory isn't exciting compared to hanging out with friends in cool places, but each of these tips only takes minutes, and when combined, will help you feel sooo much better after decluttering! Plus, di
  13. Hehehe thanx Irene for the translation! Just about every time I visit, someone(s) is terraforming. I just ran into a couple who asked me if it was cool to bring friends over so they could teach them terraforming — of course! Also, if you've found terrraforming at Here region helpful, please give kudos to my original post. I'm showing other Lindens why it's important to understand this skill hands-on, and getting an indication of who's actually benefited from it is the best, real proof.
  14. @Cerise THANK YOU for that correction and clarification, I've updated the post and am going to forward that info to our community platform gurus.
  15. @Keli I can totally relate! Thank you re: my fashion, I was over at Zaara and couldn't resist. @mally Thanx! @Steve "-multiple" isn't necessarily "at the end" — and the BEST THING is there's an EASIER way. Do this: Select Me menu > Preferences. Click the Advanced tab. Check Allow Multiple Viewers. Click OK in the PREFERENCES window. You may need to restart the Viewer to start multiple Viewers, but aside from that, you're all set!
  16. Literally. For a limited and indefinite time, you can freely practice your terraforming on Here region, part of Torley island. Ever wanted to know firsthand what shaping land is like before buying a parcel? Here's your chance! Since this is open to the public, expect things to get chaotic if the region gets popular. But please be considerate of one another. Don't worry too much about cleaning up after yourself, since autoreturn time is 5 minutes. But that gives you some practice time to place objects. (Sidenote: if you have coalesced objects with Linden trees/plants which can only be rezzed
  17. The Second Life Viewer can be pretty resource-intensive, but there are ways to help it cooperate better with other things happening on your computer. You can easily increase or decrease the amount of CPU power the Viewer uses when it's in the background — for example, if you're surfing in an external web browser, or editing images in Photoshop. In other words, anytime the Viewer doesn't have focus. This video shows you exactly how: Select World menu > Show > Advanced Menu. (Veteran Residents will remember this used to be more obscure!) The Advanced menu appears next to the Help menu.
  18. I hope you've been finding community.secondlife.com's search to be a great improvement over the previous system. In my own raw usage of digging stuff up, I've found the autocomplete (also called "auto-suggest") to be a lovely friction-reducer in finding answers fast. As you get more comfortable with search, here are handy things to know: The search box is on almost every page Ain't that convenient? Just about everywhere you go on community.secondlife.com, you'll see the familiar search box in the upper-right. One notable exception is directly under the Answers tab, because here, a simple s
  19. @WolfBaginski Yeah, we've checking to see if we can actually modify or add explanatory text to the button name so it stands out more — seeing how many Residents asked for it on the last system. You're welcome!
  20. @Darrius Excellent points. (1) I notice you asked earlier where the official help is for using this system. Look for Community Help in the top-right of many pages. For your specific curiosity, see the Images section: right now, you can only upload images to your personal gallery here. For security reasons, we don't allow linking to images already on the web (like Flickr). (2) I've run into that and it definitely looks like a bug. I'll report it. @Jack42 Cheers mate! @Void I've been glad seeing this in early use. Thank you for sharing!
  21. @George Your encouragement is appreciated! Speaking of listening to customers, in response to hot Resident requests, I just did my first two posts on the new Tips and Tricks blog: [QUICKTIP] How to View Threaded Forum Posts [VIDEO] Macros Save You Time with Frequently-Used Text and Images
  22. Friendly greetings! I'm delighted to see you, now that community.secondlife.com is live for your vibrant participation. (The old blogs.secondlife.com addy still works, and redirects.) If you're new to this site or even Second Life, check out "Welcome to the New Second Life Community Platform", and remember that Community Help is accessible from many pages. A bit about myself: I'm Torley Linden, and have loved being an intense part of Second Life since 2004. I believe that creative expression through your avatar is a self-empowering and healing benefit. Here's who I am today, yes I'm meditat
  23. Hot question answered up ahead! Some of you have been wondering how to switch your forum — and in general, discussion — view to threaded view, which is commonly used on other systems so you can track branched conversations. It's easy! When logged in, click My Settings. Click the Preferences tab. Click the Display tab underneath that. Select Show all posts in a topic. Scroll down and Save Changes. This video shows you precisely how: Like I mentioned in the video, I recommend having a web browser with two tabs open, so you can easily flip between making changes and seeing what effect they h
  24. @Kadah Thanks, I've escalated that problem to our Community Platform team. If anyone else is having the same image upload issue as Kadah, please say so. @George *blush*
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