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  1. @Kolby Yayzerama! I see you're at 240 now. @Rabid One thing you can do is within a thread, choose Topic Options > Float this Topic to the Top so it's more findable. Alternatively, you can Bookmark threads from the same menu, or when you're making a post, check Email me when someone replies on the right-hand side to be notified of updates. @Zippity Yes! Good to know.
  2. I come back here... and go YAYZERAMA WOWOWOWW. So many great snaps! I HEART seeing you guys' tilt-shift advancements, inspires me to play with some new setups! And yes Charolotte, watermelon is often on my mind.
  3. 'Kay, so while I can't speak in-depth about the Marketing & PR aspects of things (I'll leave that to the Linden experts in that area), we actually do advertise on YouTube and other social sites. If there's somewhere — like a specific community — you think we should target which we aren't, say so! Maybe even at a User Group, altho there isn't one for Marketing. I've amassed a metric frakton of firsthand Resident experience over the years, and I'm currently in the Editorial Division of Linden Lab's Experience Design Team (or for short, if you get the emoticon reference). We've recently add
  4. Revisiting this issue and what I've learned in the years since, there's apparently still not an easy way to restore debug settings to default within the SL Viewer. Since it's a rather geeky-techy thing that delves into a lot of unsupported features, it hasn't gotten a higher priority. I recommend backing up settings.xml before you tweak a bunch of debug settings. I do this on both Mac and Windows by right-clicking the file and creating a compressed .zip archive that can easily be expanded. Or if you have an automated solution like Time Machine (I use Genie Timeline Pro on Windows but it isn't
  5. Also, BIG news: if you're able to manage the region settings (or ask the owner to change them), WindLight region settings is in development and you're welcome to try the preview! This means not only can you make the water settings persist for you easily, it will appear the same for all your visitors, too. (Previously as in my video, it was Viewer-side only, meaning only you see the changes.)
  6. @Freecilla I was unfulfilled after reading that thread because there are still opportunities to create better emoters, I just don't know where to find them yet. I've been having fun with my AnyPose, which does have effective "eye direction lock" without having to stare at a cube. I had forgotten about the eye texture edit you mention but it's not as flexible for when I need speed. Thanks though!
  7. @Marianne Kletva is in the direction of what I'm looking for, tummy-wise! Thanks. @Melita I'm going to check those out, yay! @Ponder My wife suggested Pulse too, so there's a double-recommendation too. Thank you... and you are most welcome! You do realize by telling me this, you certainly aren't in the silent masses? Stay awesome.
  8. I do a lot of avatar photography with a combo of HUDs, and that can get pretty clunky. I've been looking for an all-in-one facial emoter that does all the following elegantly: Closes avatar eyes (so I don't have to agonize over capturing split-second blinking). Can interpolate/blend between multiple facial animations for subtle (non-cartoonish) expressions and can freeze it that way. The default facial animations are pretty exaggerated and unappealing when played "in full". I've used the old trick of right-clicking my avatar to locally freeze myself in edit mode, but that's awkward and also
  9. I've been trying to put together some slimmer male avs. Many of the great male skins I've seen in Second Life are primed for physical fitness to idealistic, muscular degrees — there's a healthy 6-pack and well-defined pecs, abdominals, and soforth. It's been hard for me to find male skins with "no abs", representing leaner "swimmer's build"-type bodies in their 30s-40s that are still visibly masculine. (I'm familiar with femboy/androgynous looks, but that's not what I'm going for here... I've already got that type well-covered.) Even those trending towards "average" body type, altho I'm not l
  10. Have you seen some awesome photos and are wondering how you, too can harness the power of Second Life's advanced graphical features? Your answers are here: Lighting and shadows Depth of field Have fun and remember to show off your creations here, that's what we're for! :)
  11. A WILLOW SMITH TRIBUTE? This I must see. Thank you, Sylvia...
  12. Okayyy, so I've had a lot of fun with couples poses and some small groups. But I'm on a search for the biggest, most badass group poses in Second Life. By "biggest", I mean # of avatars, like some half-a-dozen-plus conglomeration of excellence. By "most badass", I'm not looking for staid, cynical, stare-at-camera-with-no-soul crap, I want lots of attitude that screams PARTY TIME! I've ferreted some out on the Marketplace, but am wondering if you have any faves I may be missing. (And yeah, I do intend to try them out firsthand with my alternate selves.) So hit me up. Kthxbai.
  13. You guys are shaaaaaaaarp. 'Tis awesome thy art so observant, I've shared your nice words with the Experience Design team at Linden Lab who worked with the Resident creators to make these avatars possible! They come in response to requests over time for diversity — not just diversity for its own sake, but in a world like SL, so much is possible... why not show more of that off from the get-go? I think you may have noticed our CEO, Rod, dropping some clues in previous interviews that this was gonna happen. AND SO IT HAS. PROPHECY FULFILLED. Anyway, yeah, we plan to make these available in the
  14. I revisited Dream Scene this morning, I have a special fondness for enclosed areas that just surround you with a particular theme, whether it's a specially-designed skybox or an entire region in a megaprim. I think part of it's because I have a fascination with theme hotels, where each room is wildly different from the next. Thanks for starting this thread, Hippie!
  15. I like seeing the ingenuity that's arisen in gifting: from the Marketplace's buy as gift option to inworld gift kiosks. I also see places that offer alternate permissions, so you can either buy a "no transfer" or "no copy" version. Understandably, I've heard from creators that they wish there were ways to automate this, especially if they're extremely prolific — setting so many checkboxes is a p-a-i-n. Still, there are times you may want to give a gift directly, or modify it in some personal way. I tend to prefer "no transfer" due to the above possibilities, and also because I can be such a c
  16. Melanie, fiddling is often necessary experimentation! I often don't have much of a clue myself when starting out, but through many processes and narrowing down what I like, I find cool stuff to share with others. And those are looking great, in particular the expression of you hugging your cat with horizontal shadows cast across makes me go awwww. What pose are you using for "say cheeeeese" with the closed eyes? That looks like a lot of fun! Also glad to see you playing with tilt-shift, I've hearted the "miniature/doll look" in the "real world" for years and attaining it in SL has made me in
  17. Is there a compilation of inworld locations that demonstrate the correct proportions Penny describes? I see some examples, but a list in the original post to expand "Existing sims..." — or something others can contribute to like a wiki page — would: Help Resis who agree with these ideas to support each others' firsthand work, and Demonstrate to the curious who don't "get it" yet why it matters, hands-on. Like precedent of other cultural trends/movements that've become wider adopted over time despite initial resistance (as Seth Godin said, it's the lizard brain), it seems like there's big pot
  18. Another cool place I recently found out about is the aptly-named Tokyo Girl with some elegant-looking modern fashions.
  19. Some jagged edges (distinct from your avatar's polygon count) can be taken care of in advance with Antialiasing, which isn't turned on by default but should be on capable computers! As we get more advanced graphical shaders in the SL Viewer, more effects that would've previously had to be post-processed and added in are available from the outset. Such as depth of field with the new lighting and shadows, which has enabled us to get more control over focused areas. One of my fave "unglamorous" Photoshop controls is Shadows/Highlights, which has helped save many a dull-looking, too-dark, and was
  20. Friendly greetings FrankiePalmero! I wish this defect was made more clear ahead of time (because I hate taking snapshots only to find them ruined when I browse them on disk). I've seen the same bug, or at least, similar bugs before. One thing I did that helped — while costly — was to get a bigger monitor so I could capture at a higher resolution to begin with. Then you have more freedom to crop out unsightly crap, too, not to mention seeing more of SL in general. Also, I seem to recall these seams show up due to conflicts between how several graphical things are rendered. What Marianne menti
  21. Many of my favorite creations combine simple features in powerful ways. This affects usability, aesthetics, and other important attributes. For example, a chair becomes easier to sit on if it's enabled for a one-click sit action. Something we obviously don't think about in the "real world", but is uniquely important in SL. And yes, interaction is paramount. There's stuff you can look at, and there's stuff you can do stuff with too — I like unexpected surprises when I click or otherwise make something happen with an object. I like to get a strong sense of the creator's personality in their ar
  22. Melanie, glad you're enjoying DoF! I'd like to see what you've done, if you'd like to share. Also, what Project Mesh Viewer version is this? It's worth noting DoF is supported in the newest stable Viewer, "Second Life 2.7.2 (233432) Jun 21 2011 17:17:16 (Second Life Release)". It even has a checkbox in PREFERENCES > Graphics tab. Newer Beta versions may contain newer improvements, but my point is we no longer need to restrict ourselves to the Project Viewers for the DoF goodness. While I haven't encountered your specific problem recently, throughout the course of testing experimental gra
  23. Indeed, it's great to have a proliferation of tools that makes it easier to get into creating. Just a couple years ago, I didn't know it'd be possible for a webapp to record your screen (with your permission, of course). One thing I'd encourage is to download local backups whenever possible. Some of these sites have looked promising, then ran out of money or disappeared for one reason or another. Which is a huge pain if you refer to your screencasts in other places, only to have them redirect for viewers to somewhere you don't approve. For example, screenjelly.com was "suddenly" replaced by s
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