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  1. Some people have asked what my own configuration is. After all, if I pick it, it must be awesome, right? More like... through much tinkering and experimentation over the years, I've gained a lot of experience figuring out how to get a powerful system at a reasonable price. I'm thrifty like that! So, without further ado, HERE'S EXACTLY WHAT'S IN TORLEY'S MAIN WINDOWS RIG... that was assembled by Digital Storm Online. (I also have a Mac but I don't really use it for machinima, since Second Life runs a lot slower.) Usual disclaimer applies that this is not a universal Linden Lab recommendation,
  2. Hehehe thanx Irene for the translation! Just about every time I visit, someone(s) is terraforming. I just ran into a couple who asked me if it was cool to bring friends over so they could teach them terraforming — of course! Also, if you've found terrraforming at Here region helpful, please give kudos to my original post. I'm showing other Lindens why it's important to understand this skill hands-on, and getting an indication of who's actually benefited from it is the best, real proof.
  3. I just had a Kai Krause FLASHBACK MOMENT to 1995! OMG. I remember flipping through Macworld Magazine and marveling at this latest one-of-a-kind UI. Terms like "software toys" were bandied about then... EVERY photographer should enable antialiasing at the source to smooth those jaggies! Instructions and a picture that shows a comparison are here. Now, there are some plugins that can try to achieve it after the fact, like Power Retouche's, but the effect isn't as integrated or seamless.
  4. Dana, shining, hypnotic @_@ example of creativity right there! May I ask what and how you create animated GIFs? And good call on the minimalist option, once I get followup on my earlier report about the badges bug, I'll ask if we can do this.
  5. OMGORGEOUS examples in here! I've been building out Torley island... I find myself inspired by a mixture of minimalist mechanics + asymmetrical organicity. I was SO into it the other day while rezzing prims to the TRON: Legacy soundtrack. Come on over! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Torley Marianne, it's been awhile since I used Picnik — I found it so fun and nicely integrated, although since they've been acquired by Google, I hope that doesn't take them away from Yahoo-owned Flickr.
  6. Marianne, I like your Pris-esque mascara stripe!
  7. I'd like to see more SL-specific features when it comes to badges and other "social" things, too. Better presets make it easier for Residents to get started because it motivates them with beautiful possibilities... instead of being put off by gosh-awfulness. I've already requested being able to overwrite/replace the limited choices of badge overlays, I don't like how mine has these weird blue-gray diagonal bars. On a related note, wish we had an easier "insert SLurl" as part of the current insert link feature, or as a new toolbar button.
  8. @Rhonda Thank you and I'm sorry! I've corrected that link. @Keli That's actually the Linden Lab logo, as shown in the upper-left here. @Suspiria No word on video yet, but just as the Internet has generally grown more multimedia-laden and high-definition as bandwidth around the world has increased, we can expect a general trend of "richer" experiences. @Qwalyphi As mentioned in my post, what's coming in the future — personalized recommendations — will be new.
  9. Luc, have you already reported a bug about this? I can remind the right Lindens if they don't already have it on their radar.
  10. Janelle Darkstone wrote: One of my favorite tricks is using the zoom controls: View > Zoom In, Zoom Default, Zoom Out (or ctrl 0,9,8 respectively) when taking pose stand and greenscreen shots to drop into a background scene later. It flattens out the subject nicely and makes for a more balanced figure and silhouette. YES!!! This is one of my alltime faves — some Residents don't realize that these zoom controls work differently than the "regular" camera zoom. It used to be possible to Zoom Out to bizarre, wide-angle degrees where the world would appear warped. That was removed because
  11. Friendly greetings! You may have noticed that when editing your profile (Me menu > My Profile) there's a new Interests tab. (It's in today's Message of the Day too.) More info is forthcoming from Linden Lab, but upwards of 40,000 Residents have already used it with 7,000+ unique interest tags. I wanted to share some details so you understand what's going on. How is this Interests thing meant to work? The general idea is simple: Interests is going to help you find people, places, and things of interest. For now, fill it out at your leisure so you're ready for the future. Adding interests
  12. @Cerise THANK YOU for that correction and clarification, I've updated the post and am going to forward that info to our community platform gurus.
  13. @Keli I can totally relate! Thank you re: my fashion, I was over at Zaara and couldn't resist. @mally Thanx! @Steve "-multiple" isn't necessarily "at the end" — and the BEST THING is there's an EASIER way. Do this: Select Me menu > Preferences. Click the Advanced tab. Check Allow Multiple Viewers. Click OK in the PREFERENCES window. You may need to restart the Viewer to start multiple Viewers, but aside from that, you're all set!
  14. Literally. For a limited and indefinite time, you can freely practice your terraforming on Here region, part of Torley island. Ever wanted to know firsthand what shaping land is like before buying a parcel? Here's your chance! Since this is open to the public, expect things to get chaotic if the region gets popular. But please be considerate of one another. Don't worry too much about cleaning up after yourself, since autoreturn time is 5 minutes. But that gives you some practice time to place objects. (Sidenote: if you have coalesced objects with Linden trees/plants which can only be rezzed
  15. The Second Life Viewer can be pretty resource-intensive, but there are ways to help it cooperate better with other things happening on your computer. You can easily increase or decrease the amount of CPU power the Viewer uses when it's in the background — for example, if you're surfing in an external web browser, or editing images in Photoshop. In other words, anytime the Viewer doesn't have focus. This video shows you exactly how: Select World menu > Show > Advanced Menu. (Veteran Residents will remember this used to be more obscure!) The Advanced menu appears next to the Help menu.
  16. I hope you've been finding community.secondlife.com's search to be a great improvement over the previous system. In my own raw usage of digging stuff up, I've found the autocomplete (also called "auto-suggest") to be a lovely friction-reducer in finding answers fast. As you get more comfortable with search, here are handy things to know: The search box is on almost every page Ain't that convenient? Just about everywhere you go on community.secondlife.com, you'll see the familiar search box in the upper-right. One notable exception is directly under the Answers tab, because here, a simple s
  17. Colt, astute question. One I've thought about before. Here's another problem: some builds DO move or the region is renamed. And hardcoding the text would look ugly (since it's not going to scale smoothly). But it'd be better than nothing. Next time this topic comes up for discussion, I'm going to ask about this and other possibilities — like a makeshift link to a Destination Guide category that DOES have names and links. That would fill a huge gap in answering mysteries. I've heard the original "login screen" question 100+ times now, so clearly there's interest!
  18. Here's the word from the watermelon horse's mouth: first, Matty, thanks, I'm glad you like the pictures. I took them. However, this was months ago — that set hasn't been updated since around last summer, and most of the places are gone , or ones that are still around have changed a lot. An exception... visit http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Verdigris/125/108/79 and compare to this shot. As you may have seen, I continue to take pictures of many amazing Second Life locations, most of which are also in our Destination Guide. Inside Linden Lab, there've been previous discussions about incl
  19. I'm all for irrational treats. @Canoro, that movie's soundtrack had such a big impact on my life.
  20. Terra, what version of IE are you using? Is this the newest Internet Explorer 9 Beta? Also, have you tested with other browsers — just to see the scope of the problem?
  21. I've made friends with people who were very different. Over time, as we shared interests, we became more similar. So we may not have started with much in common — and fascination to learn about "the other side" was part of our spark — but our divergent paths grew together. I think that's true of many strong, longterm relationships, including romantic ones.
  22. I don't have a fave single place to listen to live music, but some places are gorgeous to visit, even when no one's playing. Like the stages on this region. My wife and I once saw a piano concert by Origin Rang that blew my mind, and I don't know whatever happened to him — but that dude could nail the Chopin. He was charmingly polite about such a virtuoso performance, too.
  23. Also note there ARE special Covenants for specific Linden Land, such as that which Linden Homes are located on, and earlier themed communities — where Covenants can make a lot of sense, given a focused purpose or direction shared by those who live (or want to live) there.
  24. Related, if you like Banksy, see the intro he crafted for The Simpsons, I think it's the most dark/dystopian one yet:
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