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  1. New to inworld photography but curious to get started? It just takes a few minutes. Check out my guide on how to take snapshots in Second Life! You'll also want to browse this forum for helpful tutorials from fellow Residents.
  2. TriJin, a reason I love making posts like this is because they invite Residents like yourself to share — so I'm gonna check out Legacies 1891 (haven't been there yet). However, I'm not clear on how "Vote For This" wouldn't be used by "business merchants" in a similar way. Effective promotion of this type is often based on word-of-mouth of friends or people who trust your taste. Regardless of core interests, if you can find a lot of people who support the same thing you do and you all vote for it, it's gonna get popular! The Facebook quandary is a bigger one, since there are many Resis who us
  3. I thought of this sci-fi story wherein an avatar declares independence from her creator, and is quite frankly sick of being a "pixel sock puppet". My avatars do not yet exist independently of myself as sentient lifeforms, but there is a cycle involved: as I shape and dress my avatars, part of them flows back and inspires the real-world me. And then I invest that energy back into the virtual world, and this PIL — Positive Inspiration Loop — continues. Like talking to yourself to work through problems can be quite healthy, acknowledging the "voice of your avatar" can be a creative way to solve
  4. The terms "virtual" and "real" have largely outlived their usefulness. They imply a binary "EITHER/OR" opposite when the two are in fact much more of a gradiated spectrum. Someday, I suspect we'll have celebrated the singularity and exist in a world of post-pixel consciousness that is as unbelievable to our reach now, as we are to cavemen.
  5. Some Residents are extremely active on the forums but not much inworld. I'd leave it up to an honest, well-informed mind to decide the importance that forum-posting has in their day. I've observed there is a culture that arises out of forum regulars, with inside jokes for bonding purposes. But it can grow beyond, as we've seen when it loops back and forum regulars hold inworld parties for those "in the know". I strongly prefer followup and when the original poster comes back to their thread.
  6. Sometimes, roleplay means "Something I'm not but I will be". Think about little boys who put on their daddy's suit and tie and briefcase. Second Life allows me to simulate certain experiences before carrying them out in the real world — to the extent that they're possible. I have a huge nostalgia component about me, so roleplay is also about visiting time periods I didn't live in, or imagining "alternate reality" versions of myself. I also love sci-fi, which is all about being curious and asking "What if?" Roleplay can be a very exciting way to explore experiences, especially if they're sh
  7. Oh my... I used to gamble! Yes, it was fun. Although wondering how "random" the roulette wheel really was left me kind of unsettled. I have an extremely addictive personality, like some Grand Theft Auto characters — without the murder. Money trees are another term I'm familiar with from long ago. Me and some mates used to go on hunts. I think my first "real" job here was doing product documentation, which meant putting up with crappy notecards untl I eventually came onboard at Linden Lab and evolved into video.
  8. In my head, I've long heard varied voices that inform my life choices. They span a rich spectrum of genders, races, etc. It was only natural that I express them as avatars — earlier, I used the term "Torley Council", or there's that joke from some Resis, that when they see me, they go "It's a Torley!" Hahahaha. I have a very strong female voice that emerges here. She encourages me to be more sensible and explanatory (I used to be terse and not all that social), and it feels 1000% natural to me. Not having that would feel strongly repressive, and so with SL as an outlet — or whatever you want
  9. @Darren If I have to delete myself, I will be insane. @Ishtara I reassure you that self-exploration continues to be one of the most beautiful and unique things I see in Second Life, and I LOVE knowing Residents are doing it. It goes far beyond a "game", which sets SL apart — although a fascinating thing is in someone's growth. They come inworld for casual fun, then delve deeper. Looking back, I find it mind-dizzying how eventual that path happened for me.
  10. Parallel Worlds is unquestionably one of my faves in recent memory. I get this spine-tingling demoscene vibe.
  11. Are you looking for awesome places to visit in Second Life? Visit the Destination Guide, it's our showcase of hot spots from around the virtual world, sorted by category and curated with care. (Kinda like Lonely Planet with pixels.) Then, you can discuss your fave places in this forum. :) You can learn more about the Destination Guide, and we encourage you to help make "the DG" better:    If you're on Facebook, you can like a place to show your support. Since these places are created by Residents like you, the creators like knowing you love their stuff! Is a place broken?
  12. @Melian I'm no lawyer — but in short, if you're aware you have all lawful rights to play the movie (which may vary depending where you are in the world). For example, creative works in the public domain, or you entirely created the movie yourself. EDIT: I should also add there are lots of works under more open licensing like Creative Commons.
  13. Please provide a specific, step-by-step reproduction of the the problem that someone else can confirm? That will make it easier for our Marketplace gurus to get a lock on.
  14. The built-in damage system (or as some call it, "LLCS" = "Linden Lab combat system") is really a dinosaur (not a cool one like T-rex) which has outlived its usefulness for most. As pointed out, it's inflexible and that makes it difficult to plan real games around — which is why so many Resident-created combat systems have flourished instead. The times I see the LLCS on, it's usually because of an old parcel where the owner hasn't been around in ages, a couple of those Linden-owned sandboxes, or it's set up as as a joke. Not to mention, the male/female sounds can seem pretty absurd if you've cu
  15. Ah! Glad I am to see this forum. Strawberry Singh has sparked a project called "What's your digits?" where Residents are sharing some of the numbers behind their avatar shapes. After all, how we portray ourselves to others in Second Life can be an intense expression of one's self. I see it as your inner identity (or identities) manifested for others to experience, whether it helps fulfill self-discovery, makes it easier for you to enjoy being inworld, or in some cases, is a crazy joke. The reasons are as unique as we are diverse personalities, yet, this is a universal thread. None of us exist
  16. Ooh great discoveries, Eloise! Thanks for amplifying my awesome, now I gotta check these out, too!
  17. (I'm sorry if you noticed a hiccup! I accidentally broke this thread in two and re-merged it. Carry on. *sigh*) I'm so glad Phoenix has included my settings so that more Residents can enjoy them! I'm often out and about and notice one of my settings in the parcel description — parcel WindLight is so clever! Also, we haven't officially forgotten about server-side WindLight! I'm going to move this thread too, since Community Feedback is really about specific suggestions for community.secondlife.com
  18. I adore curiosity about Lindens, so I'm glad you asked, Kolby! Almost makes me want to host an AMA for Lindens (if you're familiar with Reddit). Gosh, more of us than just Blondin and myself should respond. Marigold, you stalker! I mean that in the best of ways... That's quite the shot of me you have there. But yes, those User Groups are a best bet. Sometimes I can be found @ Torley island, my inworld home (yes, some Lindens have them). I don't have any one single place I stay put at, since my job involves lots of travel to 1,000s of regions — my most recent are shown here. Gabrielle is w
  19. Ha, it's like googling for "recursion". There are apt terms for driving people crazy, too... like "gaslighting".
  20. In light of questions like this, I'll ask Documentation Team, who takes care of the Knowledge Base, if they have plans to highlight the difference between Basic and Advanced modes on the front of the KB. Or if we can do that more prominently across all of community.secondlife.com, since it's relevant in these help forums too. Ever since we introduced Basic mode, it's been a a super-important thing for you new Residents to know upfront.
  21. One way to quickly get examples of what Bree mentions is: go to a Welcome Area/Infohub like Ahern or Waterhead, and ask the (likely rowdy) regulars to give you some of their favorite free gestures. Many of them are adapted from memes where a crazy anim plays with a sound. Like this SL take on "Geddan":
  22. I've been in a similar situation: I've bookmarked the link to my posts in my web browser. For quicker access, you can put it on your web brower's Bookmarks Bar (I mainly use Chrome) so it's always close at hand.
  23. I'd recommend saving as PNG because it's lossless and relatively compact — stay away from BMP unless you have a special reason, it's an old format that eats up unnecessary disk space. As Rhonda pointed out, JPG has image degradation, so avoid that too. You can always convert PNG to JPG; some sites like Flickr can do it automatically. And PNG is also web-friendly. As has been correctly and thoughtfully been pointed out, "High Resolution" is a defective feature riddled with subtle and annoying bugs that haven't been high-priority or straightforward enough to fix. Its functionality over time has
  24. Haha, the spotlight cracked me up. As did the last picture, which shows what dramatic difference better lighting and shadows can make. Right now, I'm addicted to making things glow, or seeing things through glow. Dare I say it's ethereal-licious? SL needs more exploding stuff — interactive objects are so much fun.
  25. Yeah, I really miss the option to save COPIES of items — it's useful for content creators and consumers alike to conveniently compile items in a single folder. As opposed to the really clunky workaround of finding the original of each item, then copying it into a folder. Which adds up to a lot of wasted time for reasonably elaborate outfits. There've been many times when I wanted to clone an outfit to make an independent variation of it, and not having that in V2 pains me (and I've let our devs know).
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