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  1. Syo Emerald wrote: Hello, I read until now I read it a few times that people suddenly had the issue that they always get a message saying they can't logg into SL from this computer and the answer that this is the way LL tells you, that your banned. Now it happened to me. Yesterday everything was fine and out of a sudden it won't let me in today. you are probably not banned at all if your router/modem assigns you a random IP every time you re-set it or turn on your computer it means you have a dynamic IP address and you've been unlucky enough to get an IP on LL's banned list all you need to do is turn off your modem or router for a few minutes plug it back in then try SL again you shouldn't be banned any more if that fails a live chat or support ticket should resolve the issue
  2. i don't exactly remember the entire punchline but there was a TV show a while back hosted by a top british comedian they were talking about pets something along the lines of "instead of cross breeding dogs, cross breed between other animals. wouldn't it be fantastic if you cross bread a dog with a monkey, you take it out for walks and it could pick up it's own sh*t" i found it utterly hillarious
  3. in task manager click the heading Image name it may have a different name in vista or xp i can't remember and it will list all the processes in alphabetical and reverse alphabetical order
  4. you can build up to 4096m i would say the ideal best height is one where you can't see any neighbouring sky property with in a 64m draw distance range with a sky box you need to set an LM in the skybox or set up a couple of teleport pads to go between the skybox and ground or you'll just land on the gound and have to fly up to the building cam in and sit on something to get it
  5. have you tried downgrading your graphics drivers it could be the most recent drivers don't want to work with SL
  6. AmandaBMCC wrote: 1. What does "rental" mean in second life? someone told me we can't keep other people from entering our land, then why we need to rent? Rent in SL means you pay another resident for the priviledge of being able to use a piece of land rent at it's most basic level allows you to build on the piece of land you are renting and you personally cannot control land access. taking renting further on a private estate you get more or less the same land management access as owning mainland on a group owned piece of land you get the abilities the group owner has given you for your groyp role AmandaBMCC wrote: 2. Do we receive and proof or title indicating that we are renting a piece of land? on the land you will get a rent box which you pay as long as you pay rent weekly or monthly etc that land is yours if you let your rent run out the land owner can kick you out if you have about land management powers you can change the parcel name AmandaBMCC wrote: 3. Any privilege we are awarded for the land such as building object on the land? building on the land is the minimum privilege you get it's quite standard for tennants to be able to set parcel media and have TV's and radio's rezzed and working on their property sometimes the land owner is required to rezz any TV's or radios if the renter wants one
  7. R0xx wrote: Also, if you have 2 users and one user leaves the group, god forbid you have land ..kiss it goodbye. this is exactly the reason why many group owners with a group owned land interest have an alt account in the group to keep up the 2 person minimum should everyone else quit. in the realms of SL i can't think of any reason where you'd only want one or no people in a group
  8. if you had previously cancelled the account there is no guarantee any of your inventory can be recovered the sooner you reactivate after cancelling the better chance that any inventory can be rescued
  9. if you don't want a house you can use the map inworld to find any size piece of mainland you want thats for sale you can have up to 512sqm tier free but you need enough L$ to buy it land over 512sqm means you have to pay tier on top of your premium fee or you can click on buy land on this website look for land that is being auctioned off
  10. the display picture is only there to give you an idea of what the skin will look like it's much the same with clothes shopping in RL the photos in advertising posters and catalogues give you a idea of what cothes look like on skinny people. i don't think it's always an accurate representation of the actual skin shade etc i like pale skins and i've been in stores that sell them and what looks good on the picture is almost always way too tanned and dark in my eyes on the demo to ever be pale like in the picture but thats what demos are for to save you from making a big mistake the same as trying on RL clothes in a changing room if no skin shop offered demos i could easily have wasted thousands of L$ on what to me was a pile of cr*p
  11. you need to download something called an AppFix it used to be known as side by side fix there is one at http://downloads.phoenixviewer.com/windows/AppFix.exe once you've installed that you should be able to get all viewers to work you only get the side by side error if your system is missing MS C++ Runtime Libraries you can also get other useful downloads including the AppFix at http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=downloads
  12. assuming you don't mean with the aid of poseballs or prim items to kneel or crouch you need to press Pg Dn (page down) to lay or sit down you can right click on the ground and select sit here if you are wearing an AO with a sit anywhere function you can click that
  13. how can't you log in to SL does the viewer start? do you get any error messages? you should edit your question add more detail such as exact error messages just putting you can't log in SL any more is too vague for anyone to guess how to help
  14. way way back in the days of xstreet LL sent out a survey about xstreet/shopping and there was an idea put about by LL about having sims exclusively for xstreet merchants to use it might not have been a premium perk but it was suggested any xstreet merchant could have a free single small shop with a few prims since then the idea hasn't gone any further i don't think sl business people need a premium business home they could just use their linden home as an office i have noticed some of my neighbours stow their magic boxes in their linden homes or they could buy a 512 slice of mainland which has no covenant restrictions
  15. i would think moderate (mature) content means anything you would not say infront of a child pretty much like stuff you see on moderate sims which are not accessable to any av's under 18 in RL who've been honest about their age at sign up and you probably wouldn't want a child seeing a lot of whats on the moderate (mature) sims
  16. you can't use inworld gift cards on the marketplace the gift card you were give is only valid at the store of the group you got it from or the store specified on the gift card and then the card will only work with vendors that have an option to pay by gift card the gift cards work the same as RL you can buy things up to the value of the card and any balance not spent can be used against future purchases or you can use the value of the card to part pay for something worth more than the card and the remainder of the money comes from your L$ balance. once you wear the card you may notice it has a count down timer not all cards are time limited but if it is it means you must redeem the card before it expires or it won't work
  17. i don't actually remember my first L$ but i can narrow it down to two places that sadly no longer exist, a dance pad that paid L$1/10 at Magickal Zyngo in Garnet and a money tree at Kaimono Mall in Deva Loka the sim home to freebie dungeon i remember when i did get money i'd spend it on the gaming machines at Magickal Zyngo buy dollarbie outfits and renting a booth at kaimono mall trying to make some L$'s out of those BIAB's. while camping was around and i'd been in SL several months i used to make enough L$ in a week to pay the rent on my first piece of land a 512 estate parcel and have money to spare
  18. if the free gifts aren't monthly the premium gift vendors are misleading by making the first one September's gift i naturally thought there'd be a gift for this month i have visited one of the sandboxes that offers the gift every day since the 1st and it hasn't been updated if the gift isn't going to be monthly wouldn't it be better to not attach a month to the vendor
  19. i think this video is both cute and funny it's twin babies having a conversation in baby speak
  20. i can't say i am a fan of live models if i've been to a store with one i always feel a bit creeped out and awkward about spending money there i'm sure the models are useful but when they're just standing there all quiet they don't really add anything that a picture and a board or vendor couldn't do
  21. a genuine message from paypal would never never never start off as 'dear valued Paypal customer' Paypal always address their mail outs e.g. Dear Claireschen Hesten and they always put your first and last name in the subject if it's not a receipt you'll also notice the sender of the message is never from @paypal.com or @paypal.co.uk unless it's a genuine paypal message i've been a paypal user for nearing 10 years and received hundreds if not thousands of these phishing scams
  22. i've never been a fan of Mac's & i wouldn't be owning an iPod if i hadn't been sent a free one (i also have a much better mp3) but you have to hand it to Mr. Jobs for making Apple a cool desirable brand when the iMac came out i did think i wanted one until i had to use them i could never get my head round the OS and the different way of doing things. now-a-days you can't walk down the street with out seeing someone use an iPod or an iPod phone and people are willing to pay over the top prices to have them
  23. i've always been a bax fan but my new fave boots are these two from Mentine, Tycoon boots in silver with optional wedge and fur top and also the tight knee boots (currently 50% off inworld) i also have them in colours other than pink
  24. if you wanted to you could make it like those breedable horses and meeroos such as sell grass seed and water or the grass will vanish and turn to dirt it could be quite a money maker if you wanted to go down that route
  25. unless you have something like This set up and rezzed inworld you can't transfer money when offline
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