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  1. I grabbed a Victorian last night but I don't get any options when I click the control panel. Nothing pops up anywhere for me to make choices. After a minute or so I get this: [08:56] LH - Victorian - The Hardy v1.0: Control menu has timed out. Touch control panel again to make any further changes. [08:56] LH - Victorian - The Hardy v1.0: House details updated. Help!
  2. I read thru this with great interest but it doesn't explain an issue I have now experienced with turning things to the convex. I modded my store to convex hull, and SOME people can walk thru the doorway, (which is not cut out, it's made out of individual prims and framed properly) but others can't. We're all on the same viewer, but for some, it's like they're walking into a solid wall. I have no idea why this is, but I'm hoping someone can explain for me.
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