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  1. He's on the new Belleza male, with the Catwa Daniel head. Unlike the female Catwa heads, it looks like this male one kept my SL head shape for the most part, rather than being something extremely morphed. The hair is from no.Match. His male anatomy is Aeros Xerxes I am looking for any replacement of that last item that has lower complexity but still looks good. Even if I almost never log into this guy... I'm kind of a perfectionist in getting my avatar setup "right" by my definitions. When you link an image from flickr the forum software tries to post the image itself, but the
  2. What I have found is that they will usually deny the request to sell to you, but instead put it up for auction. So before you submit the ticket, make sure you have enough $L on your account to be able to buy the lot if it was being sold by the most expensive land baron operating in that part of mainland. That person, if the parcel has a nice cut and location to it, is likely to get into a bidding war with you in the auction and then sell it for their usual rate, higher, or even refuse to sell and just put it in reserve (but if they do this a conversation with most of them will get them to
  3. Bodies: Lena Lush & Perky, SalinA (6 different bodies), Fusion Heads: Mayreal, Mel Imako - Those are the copy/mod choices I know of. Mayreal comes copy/no-mod, but has a box in the contents, and inside of that box is an unscripted copy/mod copy of the 'with ears' version of the head. Mel Imako is full-perms. As far as I know, fusion is the only male body that is copy/mod. I find fusion looks too 'rough' - but that might just be bad demo skins.
  4. I had a heck of a time finding a good 'male anatomy' item... The one I have there was pricey, all mesh, and about 75,000 complexity all by itself... It looks... very useful ... But 75,000 complexity is just absurd. So that male alt might get some more... attention... once I decide my budget is fine with looking at him again.
  5. NSFW: https://www.flickr.com/photos/40847626@N06/34031267364/in/dateposted/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/40847626@N06/33962769833/in/dateposted/ And I put together a male alt: https://www.flickr.com/photos/40847626@N06/34580946932/in/dateposted/
  6. From the front: And the back: Cammed back: The center room: Living room: My bedroom:
  7. I am currently decorating my new home on the Blue Lagoon Naturist estate. Can't show too many pictures because most of them are not 'G'. But here's an exterior view: I'm presently retexturing this - it uses a lot of baked shadows, so every single angle is a new 1024x1024 texture. It has hundreds of textures that are 99% identical to the human eye, but completely different files to the computer... Not sure my new result will look as good, but it will stop texture thrashing... I've been living in skyboxes for the past few years. Living at ground, in a place with all wind
  8. Shortly after SL started it was a place to go online and hook up for some animated sexting and listening that music that went out of style 30 years ago. SL is largely still a place to go online and hook up for some animated sexting and listening that music that went out of style 30 years ago. I don't see anything having changed. It's only us freaks that do anything but animated sexting that are having to figure out what else there is to do every now and then. And we've always been a tiny minority of SL.
  9. A single fatpack from any major brand pays half my monthly rental fee. My mainland is another story. I own about 16,000m of mainland. I think I pay about 60-80 / month on that. I'm an SL nudist, and I can easily outspend that on outfits... outfits that don't even include actual clothes... Decorating an SL home has a lot of one time costs. But even an extensively "animated" bed for a sex-freak... is less than 2 fatpacks at a monthly event... - and once you have your furniture all bought, it only gets replaced every so often... Like when that other neighbor has better sex-poses
  10. Anytime you set LOD to 4 or above, you are essentially turning OFF graphics optimization in Second Life. That means that things will look better even at distance, but ALSO that things you cannot even fully see will take up resources on your graphics card, slow you down, and even heat up your graphics card and CPU. If you ever experience a moment in SL where you start seeing flickering triangles of black or white, and then suddenly crash... that was because of something like this being set to high for your situation, your system getting overwhelmed, and then giving up. Even if you nev
  11. I will also say that you should play with shapes outside your normal dial range and see what happens. Dial the bosom down and up all the way, and see how far you can go before it looks weird. Do the same with hips, leg and torso muscle, hand and foot size. Try out some very 'bouncy' avatar physics with the bosom big and small, and some very 'constrained / clothed' physics as well. - Look at not just your bosom when you do this, but your sternum, ribcage, and tummy as well. Some bodies are so bad these other parts bounce as well. - Likewise, dial up the physics butt sliders,
  12. May 23rd Progressive Think Tank: How will the loss of Net Neutrality impact us? With the loss of Net Neutrality in the USA, how will this impact the internet both within the USA and abroad? Will outside forces limit the harm, or offer little shelter? Is this a 'doomsday event' for the internet or just a 'very bad thing'? 8:15pm @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Keroo/230/24/4086
  13. There's an exception to every rule. But my general rule is the same as yours. And as you note - 36 cents. At that point the exception is easier. But that seller still had to wait more than a year or two for me to jump... If they'd had a demo, I'd have bought that thing a LONG time ago, and then probably kept buying stuff from them. Instead my 'shopper loyalty' went elsewhere, and they got exactly one sale out of me, years after the fact...
  14. I strongly recommend Mayreal: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MAYREAL-Bento-Mesh-Head-Nadia-PROMO-PRICE/11023066 For $1500, it's a lot cheaper than the competition. And when I demo'd it, it was also better. It's basic form is very close to the default SL head, so you will still look mostly like 'you' when you put it on, and can then just tweak in some perfections. It is both Omega, and includes a copy/mod version for customization.
  15. That depends on the brand. Some brands don't need to be tweaked because they used a mesh form that looks closer to the original SL default head, but without the flaws we've all grown used to seeing. Look at Mel Imako and Mayreal's heads. Maybe some others too I have yet to find. The same shape anyone has been using since 2003, will be usable on those, but just look a little better.
  16. Bento animations make sense... But a Bento shape is a total scam of an advertisement. It is like saying "Now selling Candy with sugar added." Anything bento can be shaped by the normal shape dials where it can be shaped at all by a shape file... this is just a marketing scam.
  17. This is giving me flashbacks to my first week in SL when I 'camped' on a 'sex chair' for several hours to get a 'genital texture map' that was worn on the underwear layer... I think I spent half a day there. A day later I realized the same item was for sale nearby, and the US$ to L$ translation was about $0.10... Never camped on stuff again after that... I'd spend that $1 getting one of those demos on MP that costs $1 for... something random... and likely not even pay attention. Because $1 is less than 1 cent...
  18. Yes I added a comment. I can think of three major bento heads NOT on the survey: Mel Imako's full perm bento mesh head - $2000L MAYREAL Bento Mesh Head Nadia - $1500 and better than any $5000 head. Angel Rock's Bento Mesh Head - designed specifically for an African look (but I couldn't get my look on it, so I went with Mayreal). $2999. Weirdly does not support her own skins, but instead comes in preset colors with appliers for a few major bodies... The thing about Mel Imako and Mayreal's head is - they have "almost" the same shape as the default SL mesh head, bu
  19. I finally relent and buy a mesh head, and it's not one even on her survey's list: MAYREAL Bento Mesh Head Nadia - with 20 reviews on the product page, I'm surprised it's not there. She also didn't have 'neko' on the 'identify as' list. Nor even the more generic 'hybird'.
  20. EDIT: Nevermind... I read a little further and noticed someone pointed out https://my.secondlife.com/settings/friends already...
  21. That has been true in SL since about 2003. Clubs have never been a profit oriented thing in SL. Where they used to make their money was in the malls outside of them - that Marketplace has since made useless. If you run a social venue in SL, you need to set it up in a manner such that you can do so, on your own money... The function of most clubs could really be perfectly handled on a 512m plot of mainland / estate land just about anywhere... if your goal was actually social. You just need to be able to rez a dance floor that can fit 5-10 avatars... In fact one
  22. That said I do have at least two skyboxes I bought 'on a leap of faith' that had no demo or inworld example but which were very nicely done. I even used one of them as a home for a while. The other one, bought just a few days ago - is perfect for a slightly different mood than I currently desire in my living spot, but I am likely to use it for a 'quiet space'. This one: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Linked-Walls-Cornelius-Apartment-Skybox/8945823 Sat in my favorites list for maybe 2 years... so not having a demo did hurt them, but I got it recently and I actually liked is
  23. I have a very long block list. I freely block people with no comment whatsoever. I just block, and move on with my life / SLlife. I do this in all forms of social media. In RL - when I was young, I learned to just open the door and walk out of a bad relationship. My sister has dealt with two bad ex-husbands for 20 years now... one of them she more or less moved on from but the other one seems to have an unusual habit of ending up in her bed again... She also wanted to help that nice gentleman from Nigeria with his banking problem, she wanted to be the 'bud' of the guy offering to be
  24. A LOT of the people on those poles and dance things that you're paying a tip to are AFK or bots... If you want to actually tip a person... chat with them or otherwise figure / know its a real person who is not using a 'chat/interaction script', and then right click their name in chat or your radar and choose the pay option.
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