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  1. she moved to Inworldz, and I think in the end also left there. Dont think she's active anymore.
  2. still suprised the dx9 outdated graphics of SL still giving problems to any toaster
  3. It wouldnt make any sense since those banlines only work up to 40 meters.
  4. the house is included, and it doesnt cost you any prims/li. you get an 512m2 parcel, with the house on it.
  5. there are some reasonable mainland parcel sellers, wich are prices are below 4l$/m (for adult land) , sadly if they put parcels for sale it mostly get gobbled up by the major land barons (who then put them for sale at jacked up prices).
  6. still blown away that someone thought that wearing that (lovely) dress is somehow inappropriate for this event. I know some events have very strict dresscode, but really when a manager only sees this as inappropriate, then I question his ability to manage an event and I wonder its more an excuse to kickout anyone but the regulars.
  7. so yeah, lindens doubled the premium main land allotment to 1024 m2, and also sliced the prices 10%, pretty neat! full posted here:
  8. okay seems like the 50k arc limit isnt enforced, see plenty of people above it.
  9. what Ive seen so far is that are no exclusives, so all the products will be sold in the regular shops (and on marketplace) after the event.
  10. even with your own sim, with banlines and closed off for everyone people can still tp near your sim, and pretty much do the same things as with a parcel with pricacy on (cam in, not seeing the avatar, but can see the things rezzed on the sim, ect).
  11. There was nobody wounded or killed except for one dog who was in one of the buildings who got hit sadly. All in all I think it was a small miracle nobody else got hurt, the houses it fell on is in a busy street in the centre of town. I think the thing that helped because it was such a big operation, people were watching it all around the neighbourhood, so they saw it happening go bad, a restaurant wich was in the impact zone was full of people, but the owner saw the kranes moving the wrong way and alarmed the people to gtfo, few seconds later the place was under the bridge part. Took them 6 months to clean up the mess.
  12. never understood the appeal of these events, of people going there the first day, yes I want to spend my time in a completely lagged out sim, trying to purchase things wich prolly are from vendors who arent working.
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