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  1. yup what Madelain said Gimp... it doesn't hold a candle to photoshop but it is free..
  2. The trick to it is to be sure your edges line up with the guides on the template you are using. I use SL Vector Smart UV's which I believe I got from Market place many moons ago.. there are colour match up guides on this one which really help to get the edges right.
  3. hey there I wish I could help you with that issue, but I don't use blender or marvelous designer.. and I don't make mesh for SL. but I do create mesh models and the reason I don't do it for SL is my program does not save in the .dae format that SL requires and taking my finished product into blender to convert it just doesn't work too well for me anyhow although I do know at least one creator that has mastered doing that.. anyhow the program I use has all sorts of tools and videos to help with reducing poly count, smoothing edges etc.. so if you think you can manage to use another modelling program and successfully convert it to .dae in blender.. you might want to look into ZBrush.
  4. I am not sure if I said this before, but as a customer I want to get exactly what I see, not some trumped up DAZ pic that doesn't look like what I bought (but demos do help eliminate nasty surprises).. and as a designer I want my customers to get that too. And you can do a lot with the tools in SL for photography if you have the patience to play with them a bit.. and for me that is the only way I will work, take the pics in SL on a blank background and take the background out in photoshop and replace it with what ever I think works. That way my customers are going to get exactly what they see.
  5. Yes I can see where this is a huge issue... no one wants to have to make a load of alphas. In my humble opinion.. the perfect solution would be to still have some sort of Body hud that allows for alpha sections as it is now, only with a BOM mesh body. I would not want to be having to switch bodies every time I want to use a mesh piece of clothing. Ideally lol.. yes I said ideally, one mesh body that would work for both BOM and mesh clothing without the need for separate alphas but with a hud for alpha sections as it is now.
  6. oops! I just realized I misread the original statement... I read it as skirts and not shirts.. but actually my original reply could go for either as well.. seeing as how it is the creator of the clothing who determines it's style length etc. But having said that.. I have to add: on the whole for all mesh bodies, tops, shirts etc. all seem to be short showing various degrees of midsection. It is rare that you find any shirts that are longer i.e. meeting the pants or skirt without showing skin.. I suspect part of that is that to make a longer top it would have to be made at the same time the pants and skirt were made in order to fit over the pants or skirt without poke through. Thus a whole lot of short tops period and not just for kemono.
  7. well one place to look might be on Market Place, the search engine might find some things of interest to you if you put in female business attire, or something like ladies suits, ladies pant outfits, ladies skirt outfits, there are several key words you can put in search that might bring up different things for you. If you find a store that you like, and they have a mainstore in world you can always go check that out after and see what else they have to offer. I don't make or wear that type of clothing but I have seen it around so I do know it exists but since I don't use it, I can't give you a specific store to look into.. but any time I have wanted to find some thing rather specific like that I find the Market Place to work really well, might have to use different key words in search to find exactly what you are after.. but it should bring some results.
  8. I am afraid that this is not at all new for layered texture clothing.. I have been around SL for 14 years, and remember how it was long before mesh, when we had no other choice but system layers for clothing.. and that issue with ragged sort of edges was around then too. Some of it had to do with poorly made textures and some of it had to do with how it stretched over the body part. The worst was trying to get short shorts or underwear to not leave stretched blotchy parts on the inner thighs. I sure hope we don't start running into all that again.
  9. I have to say that I have never heard of utilizator's kemono, nor have I ever seen anything in any of the stores I shop in for that either. So my guess is that might be the problem, this body is just not popular enough for many mesh makers to make clothing for.. so who ever is making the clothes obviously likes short skirts and bulky tops.. I don't know that you will find an answer here.. Could possibly be simply that there are not enough creators making things for this body. Which sticks you with what you can find. Good luck!
  10. I made my own shape that I wear with the Maitreya Body and sometimes the same shape for the Belleza Isis body. No thigh gap on either so it could be partly the shape.. AND definitely some mesh pants are made with an intentional thigh gap that is where a demo comes in very handy.. thigh gap and no way will I buy.. it is that simple.
  11. OK well I certainly do understand not wanting to let go of rights of things you created.. But I do not think your idea will work in SL. I could be wrong but I do not see it working at all. Sorry I just do not see it. Unless you worked with a partner in business who wanted to also do things the way you are proposing. But hey you never know, someone just might step up and say sure let's try it.. Just because it does not appeal to me doesn't mean it won't appeal to someone else.
  12. As a creator of clothing with stores in SL and MP, I read you post with interest but I am afraid I do not quite understand what you are asking an opinion for. This seems to me like the old cookie cutter sales practice like store in a box type thing. Which in my opinion is not terribly creative, and takes no skill on the part of the end seller. And most Fairs and clothing events will not allow these to be included in their events.. In fact some won't even allow those who create from templates either.. Competition in SL in the fashion business is bad enough as it is with some store owners offering ridiculously low prices, undercutting others. Fact is for me at least, I put hours and hours into getting a finished product and I take pride in what I sell knowing that I have put great effort into turning out something worth something. A fair price for a good product. If I understand you correctly, I would say I would not be interested in any of what you suggest. I rather just create my products price them fairly, and be happy with my creations.. knowing that anyone who buys my items is doing so because they like the work, not because it is dirt cheap. My customers also appreciate the fact that they are not going to run into dozens of others wearing the same item where ever they go in SL.
  13. you will likely find more if you use "classic avatar" in your search, that way both system clothing and mesh that is made for use by classic avatars will come up.
  14. You still have to play a bit with the mesh itself .. you can see by the mesh where the holes and weak spots are, so you have to pull those out by hand until the body is not poking through anymore. There is a lot of hand tweaking that must be done despite using the tools.
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