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  1. wow thank you for doing this, quite a lot of work for you, but appreciated! And very interesting as well.
  2. Both MP and in world stores have their pros and cons. As a creator I have both. I have one main store inworld and 2 smaller satellite stores and one MP store. The advantage for me when folks shop inworld is it renders higher profit as I get the full price of each item sold. MP has increased the percentage of the amount they take from each sale, and although to some that may not make much difference, it does to me. As a result I actually charge a bit more on MP for each item then I do for inworld purchases (for recently added MP items) and I let folks know that on my MP pages, hopefully, t
  3. Indigenous https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/1646 click sort by Newest First.
  4. Look for a head skin that you like, and check if the skin colour you prefer for the head is also made for bodies, if you buy the same head and body skin colour they should match perfectly. I know this is easily found for Maitreya, V-Tech not so sure however, Maitreaya also has a flat chested body version as well. And of course, do demo till you find something that works for you. And BOM seems to be easier to find these days than appliers are, at least with the bigger name skin makers.
  5. I so agree with this statement. These folks will not ask for something to be made in their size. SL is so big and there are so many clothing makers out there that they can easily just go elsewhere. With having had my store in SL and MP for 15 years, I can tell you by experience, that not making all the templates you have does cut way down on your possible sales. In all my time here I have never had one person IM me to ask if I can make something in their size. I have, however, had a few send me a note card thanking me for supporting their body (specifically Tonic and eBody). If you wan
  6. That is one of the reasons why I am pretty picky about what templates I use. If a template does not support a nice variety of bodies then I usually pass on it. And therefore, with the templates I do use, I definitely use all the body sizes it offers.
  7. I have been making clothing in SL since before mesh bodies were even a thing, actually since before mesh period. I also use purchased templates, although I am capable of making mesh, my mesh program does not save in .dae format or rig, and it is way too much to import all into blender just to get it rigged an into SL.. so for me I just enjoy the creative process of using textures to make my items different and appealing. I tend to look for templates that include Maitreya for sure, Belleza Freya at the least, and Slink Hourglass at the least, plus now Legacy; those are the minimum. If Kup
  8. With regards to add on private parts for females. I am sure everyone has their preferences and ideas on whether or not these are useful. I have been in SL for almost 16 years and never ever purchased or used any add on private parts. And I have had a few long term relationships as well, and none of the men ever even mentioned the need for these parts. It just was not an issue. In my humble opinion, unless you plan on activities that might require these parts such as noted in some of the comments here. Then the average avatar in SL simply does not need them. One expense, I have never eve
  9. I agree with Sam's comments to you. You do need to take the time to find out how things work in SL. You will have a hard time getting anything to fit until you understand better. So please do stop buying and do a little research. To wear any of the clothes you listed, you must also have the body for which those clothes were made. AND bodies you purchased are not likely to have designers making clothes for them so clothing to fit them would be pretty difficult to find. I suggest you take one of the names you mentioned i.e. Maitreya and go get a demo body from them, then try the clothes
  10. Actually there was an increase not all that long ago, I forget exactly when but there was one.
  11. ouch! that was uncalled for! Truth is no matter what the increase was it is still not great for my revenue, no am I getting any benefit from it that I can see, given the performance of MP lately.
  12. Now that would be something! I could appreciate something like that for sure. I don't know about anyone else but I find the listing process in MP cumbersome, boring, and a real chore, and that is on a day when it is working properly.
  13. one of the problems with search is that the key words some folks use to point to their merchandise, are incorrect and misleading. And that is a problem that I don't think there is an answer for. I once put in the keyword "top" and got a load of totally unrelated stuff like male parts even lmao.
  14. Good grief! MP is hard enough to get things listed on now as it is, what with all the frequent maintenance and errors when trying to list.. I cannot imagine the fiasco if they re:booted it and everyone had to start all over again.. as a merchant, there is no way in hell I would have the time to do something like that.. and I am pretty sure I am not alone.
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