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  1. Since going to a mesh body Maitreya several years ago, I have made many different body shapes, as I use my own shapes that I make, some of the shapes I have made were done to accommodate a specific look or outfit and are only used rarely. My main shape has been tweeked twice that I can recall to add a little more bust, and hip and thigh and leg size but not very much indeed. As for head, before going mesh, I got the system head the way I wanted it with the skin I wanted and left it that way until I went for mesh head. I do not change skins unless I have to or I find a better one... because the skin features on the head look different with every skin. When I went to the mesh head I demo'd over 30 different mesh heads over half a year before finding one that I could "tweak" to look as closely as possible to my original look. I ended up with a Catwa head .. I did finally change skins a few months ago, and opted for a skin maker who also made the appliers for the Catwa head so I could get a perfect match.. and I did have to tweak the head features some to get it all to work for me. I will under no circumstances ever use a shape that comes with a body or a head. If I can't modify it to change certain features and aspects of it then I won't be buying it.
  2. When I started second life over 13 years ago, we had no choice for hair other than solid.. and as a result most hair looked like some sort of helmet rather than hair but we all were stuck with it. Then we got flexi prims which totally changed hair fashion, some of the old flexi hair was not so great but some evolved into very nice flowing locks which a lot of people still prefer today over mesh. Then we got mesh, which in the beginning was not much better than the old solid hair.. Slowly mesh hair improved to give the appearance of real hair that moved with the body but did not flow like flexi ( drawback with this was it flowed into the body lol) and some creators combine the two, mesh with flexi and get a very nice result.. But to answer your question.. static could just take us back to the helmet like old prim hair.. Personally I would prefer to see it weighted.
  3. I have both Isis and Lara and like them both, and I find that most anything I buy in clothes has both. I make clothing, admittedly I do not make my own mesh (I started to make my own mesh but gave it up when I determined the time to make and rig for even the top bodies was just not worth it in terms of returns on finished product) so I am happy to buy templates.. Having said that I will not purchase any mesh clothing template if it does not include All 3 Belleza, Maitreya, and both Slink.. for women. My customers have indicated that these are a must.
  4. Well I guess all I can say to this is on the first point.. if there is no way, then there is no way.. I will most likely use BOM anyhow. And on the second point.. I agree, this is absolutely ture.
  5. I also totally disagree with this statement. Yes there are skimpy, and sexy outfits out there, of course there are because there IS a market for those types of styles, as for suburban soccer mom clothing.. lol I am not sure I even know what that is, unless you mean just jeans and T shirts, which are worn by a whole lot of women in a wide variety of styles and textures. But there is so so much more out there, as noted by other responses here. Widen your search parameters, visit some actual stores in world, perhaps you might find a whole lot more and varied styles than you seem to have been finding.
  6. Yes Bakes On Mesh, is like the old system for classic avatars, with layers you just put on.. only hopefully it will replace the need for all those appliers, which also take a huge amount of time to make for all the different bodies out there and some you can't because the creator of the mesh body doesn't have a kit to allow for making appliers... but ideally when BOM gets here it will be able to go on any mesh body, probably need a hud of some sort but certainly better than making a load of appliers.
  7. In terms of mesh, that would be one huge undertaking to say the least .. but when BOM gets here I would be happy to do some non mesh outfits that could be worn by anyone at all. .
  8. I don't think it is an actual error, it looks to me like the model being used for Freya when making and rigging the mesh is probably that large breasted. That would account for so many of the Freya clothes to fit like that. Not much can be done about that unless the model used gets the breast proportions decreased. Or perhaps it is the way it is rigged? but more likely the mesh is just made that large.
  9. Well looks to me like those are both actual real life pictures... but I guess someone in SL might have done something similar in mesh, but I can't recall seeing anything like those. Good Luck
  10. I have been anxiously awaiting good news about BOM, there are so many instances where the old system lalyer (now on appliers for mesh) are needed because in most cases mesh pants do not ever fit under longer mesh tops without poking through unless the mesh is made for them to work together. Thus I am stuck with using a mesh top/jacket etc. with applier pants.. and quite honestly, I am reluctant to make any more appliers.. they are so time consuming.. BOM is the answer. But having said that, yes I do want protection for my textures so having them show up on a hud like that just would not do at all..
  11. Sorry but I really don't think I would be of much help to you.. As a designer I know I cannot afford to cater to any one celebrity style, or any one style at all for that matter. I feel I need to produce styles that would attract more than one tiny section of the population, and produce a wide range of different looks and styles.. But then I cannot speak for others, so that is just my opinion.
  12. so ask her, she would know for sure what it is she is wearing or photographing
  13. it is really hard to identify any mesh head, as the skin that is worn with it can change the whole look totally. I actually see that as a really good thing that way we are not walking around like identical clones of each other; we can achieve some originality and create our own look.. This doesn't answer your question, but truth is it's really anyone's guess what head and what skin was used to create that specific look. The only way to be sure is to ask the creator who put out that picture. Failing an answer from that.. then your friend can do what the rest of us had to do lol.. get loads and loads of demo heads and demo skins and play with them all till you find a look you like, and that may also mean altering some aspects of the head shape as well.
  14. The banner, attachment, rings, words "demo" on the item are all meant to be there permanently, Demo items are NOT meant to be a proper "paid for" item. That is why they are "free" or sometimes 1L. The demo is to help you check the fit of the item to see if it looks good on your avatar, and nothing more. If you buy the full paid for product, there is no demo attachment or words "demo" on it at all.
  15. hmmm interesting advertisement BUT is this where it belongs?
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