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  1. if the item is full perm, and that includes the shirt texture then you should have it.. BUT if the texture is not included with the full perms item then no.. if the creator wanted to give out the full perm texture for the shirt he or she would have done that. The fact that it is not there means no that shirt texture is not full perm.. If you have further questions about it and want to be sure the creator did not accidentally leave something out.. then contact that person and ask..
  2. It all comes down to the templates for the body which must be used to make textures to be applied to the BOM body. for the upper, arms there is only one arm on the template so of course you are going to get both arms identical for anything you make for BOM use.. clothing or skins or tattoos. The lower body has both left and right legs so you can make each one different if you want to. So either the template has to change or we are stuck in the dark ages with the arms thing (and hands as well). I have to wonder, how advanced this BOM thing can actually be if we are forced to use ancient templates.. And I do not suppose LL is about to update those any time soon.
  3. yes they look familiar I would definitely try Millionheels I am pretty sure that is where I saw them
  4. oh and I forgot to mention, I have made many tattoos on system layers in Photoshop and all come out perfect.. clean and clear. If you decide to go with Photoshop CC, personal message me and I can walk you through doing a tattoo.. it is pretty simple once you get the hang of it.
  5. I own Photoshop CS5 but it cannot be updated with the latest tools etc.. So I switched to Photoshop CC, have to get a subscription as they do not sell it on it's own.. my subscription is the lowest cost one, in Canada it costs me about 15$ Can. per month.. in the US it is 11$ something. To me it is totally worth it.. I would be out of business without it for more than just SL.
  6. Sorry but I am not sure what you are looking for exists. As far as I know the only program of this type that is free is gimp, but someone else may have found one.. I am a die hard Photoshop junkie, so in my opinion, if you want a lot of options, and to be able to do the tricky stuff well, you pretty much need to invest in Photoshop. If you do, there are tons and tons of helpful videos out there.
  7. Not if you want to hide like one arm and leave the other visible .. the old system alphas were always totally symetrical and clothing in mesh is not always so. and we have seen this debate here before.. and I agree with those who do NOT want to be wasting time making alphas that probably won't serve the purpose I want it to anyhow. I am capable of it I just don't think I should have to when a properly made hud for the specific body could be done to eliminate that need to go backwards to system alphas.
  8. I for one am not in a huge rush to get the Maitreya BOM body.. I would much rather the creator take all the time needed to get it right, take into consideration all the comments that have been made in here thus far, and come up with something everyone can be happy with.. including an alpha hud pretty much as it is now only that will work with BOM.. I cannot see functioning with mesh clothing without one and I rather doubt that folks are ready to give up mesh clothing lol.
  9. Well, I have just tested out the Catwa BOM hud with an older skin I wanted to use for Halloween without having to take off my Catwa head,, and to my amazement it worked really well.. thank goodness the skin maker included the original system layer textures as well as appliers for my mesh body.. This skin is over 5 years old unfortunately she is not still in SL.. but even back then she knew enough to include the system layer textures.. which a lot of skin makers today do not do
  10. This sounds like a creator who is certainly looking at the big picture, kudos.. I don't use Tonic but if my present body doesn't fit the bill when the BOM model comes out, I just might have to switch. we shall see.. meanwhile I am in no rush to get going with BOM. When it was first announced, I was really excited about it because as a creator I often combined mesh clothing with applier options for like an under shirt or add on or something, so was looking forward to being able to get rid of a load of different appliers.. but now I am not so excited about it lol.. like I said wait and see for me.
  11. You have to apply the image (texture) to the top .. and yes that video MaxMare provided for you should help lots.
  12. you need to download the template texture files to you computer, so you can access them in gimp. as described in the message above that just came up while I was typing this, so I need not go into detail since it is all there.
  13. if you are talking about Maitreya, she always updates without cost to the owners of her previously sold items.. you just have to go to the redelivery terminal and get an up dated version.. simple
  14. yup I pretty much agree with you on that, none of my old standard size clothing works since I got a mesh body,, but then they didn't work before either unless I wanted to drastically change my body shape.. suppose I could still change my body shape even with a mesh body, but I still wouldn't like the look.. sadly though some of those standard sized items were really good and I loved them.. but hated changing my shape to make them work. I made my own shape so what ever I wear with it body included, has to work with that shape.
  15. Last time I used an SLUV template, the arms cannot be done individually, you either have two sleeves or none, so making an alpha for this dress with one bare arm and one in a sleeve would be impossible.. you could do the one shoulder because it is on the top template but there is only one arm template which gets used for both arms.. So unless there is a new set of SLUV templates that would not work.
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