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  1. A good way to find smaller stores you may like, is to join hunts i.e. Evil Bunny Productions (they have a web page https://www.evilbunnysl.com/) has some fun hunts every few months, as well as some fairs and special events. I suggest hunts because that way you are visiting all sorts of stores, and getting something free at each store. You can take a look around and if you like a store you can always go back and shop. Many of the smaller and medium sized stores you may not have heard of, do participate in hunts.
  2. Key word here is "approves" ... If all bloggers did get approval before posting that would be wonderful, but as I found out the hard way, they do not.
  3. If you mean take the item off then just detach it either from your pie menu or from your inventory worn items just remove it from your current outfit. If you mean remove that layer, you cannot do that unless the item is full permission. As it is linked to the layer beneath it, so unless you have full permissions on the item you cannot separate the layers and delete one.
  4. What I am seeing in your picture, is an attempt of the creator to get a fur texture. She/he has used a double mesh one with regular opaque transparency and a semi transparent layer on top. This is done on purpose and it is not you or your computer or machine or viewer. The intent is to have it look like this. If you don't like it and the purchased item has modify you can take off the transparency on that second layer.. If it is not modify then if you don't like it I would not buy it.
  5. And the show goes on! Sorry but there is no way any of the body physics even comes close to real body movement still. But when I see them out there, it does give me a good laugh.
  6. OMG Orwar, thank you... you have just given me my morning laugh, trust me I needed that.. I like your description way better than mine:)
  7. Man cape, serape, poncho, hero cape: not new by any means, just change the name to suit the purpose and alter the style some. Pretty handy for hiding weapons too:)
  8. Regarding my comments on Jelly Dolls, I do not ever see them as I am lucky enough to have a computer that I can just set it so I never see them.. I was actually speaking for folks I have heard complaining about seeing them, mostly new folks I run into in clubs where I work. I have tried to help some of them with their settings to alleviate some of their frustration. Thus the comment.
  9. My hope is that all this "future growth and improvement" does not mean a lot more bells and whistles, gadgets, gizmos, and such... but that it truly means improvement in performance things that have been issues for years and never really fixed... My biggest hope is they do away with those stupid jelly dolls.. I come in to SL to see people not coloured blobs, I want to see an avatar.. they need to find a way to make it so we do not have to put up with sub standard fun just because they can't make it work for those with less capable computers. Now that would be both growth and improvemen
  10. well I am just one of thousands of clothing designers in SL, I cannot speak for what others think.. all I can do is share my own experience. I think though, that every designer who uses bloggers should and needs to have the right to approve anything before it is posted to the public. That might improve blogging in general and weed out the wannabes who really do not have the eye nor the talent to create something worthy of the work the designer has put into the items being blogged. After all the whole idea of blogging is to showcase the items, make them look good, not to get all crazy with
  11. I wish you well in your endeavours. I am not a well known designer nor is my store that well known despite the fact that I have been doing it in SL for over 15 years. The reason for that is I am a horrible promoter lol. I am low key, not pushy, nor flashy and I pretty much do this because I enjoy the artistic component of making clothing. Having said that, I have to say that not all bloggers are equal in the quality of what they put out.. A few years back I started doing some fairs and events, hoping that might increase sales and get more folks to know about my store. So the events and
  12. There are a few mesh clothing and shoe creators out there, who sell their templates on Market Place, and some have shops inworld as well, all of them with the exception of one that I know of, offer demos so you can see and try their merchandise. One of them may be interested in making custom items if you were to ask. Just put full perm mesh clothing in the search on MP and many of these creators will pop up. I offer you this information in case none of them follow forums such as this, and you do not get a reply from any of them.
  13. If you have made a shape, but you cannot transfer or copy it to someone else, you can wear your shape, and write down the size parameters by hand for all the sections. Then start a new shape and put those parameters in that you wrote down.. name it what you want and save it... now since it is totally your new shape you can give it what ever permissions you want and give it to others as well if you wish.
  14. another way to find Altamura clothing might be to put Altamura in search on MP, I know some designers (including myself) put Altamura in the key words so that should be picked up in search. Not in the merchant/store search box but in the general search where it says "keywords" . I just tried that to see what came up and I got over 800 pages of Altamura stuff.
  15. Ahh ok. If that is what you need then I do not believe there is another way to do it at no cost other than the beta grid.. But you might want to file a ticket with LL or join in on a ticket if someone else has reported this issue. Check the LL Jira.
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