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    I have not seen anything in any of those pictures posted thus far that comes even close to representing the 60's. The description given in the above post is pretty accurate These pics are from SL several years back created for an event like Woodstock. They are typical of the later 60's .. the Hippie movement.
  2. Tazzie Tuque


    It is not a question of like or not like. It is a question as to whether or not this fits the purpose of this forum. Firstly this is not the place to advertise your designs. If we all did that this would become a blog page and not a forum.
  3. Tazzie Tuque


    I am sorry but I am not seeing the purpose of this post, except to show of some pictures perhaps????
  4. if you are looking for some system file clothes and old style stuff with prim skirts etc. there are still some here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/1646, just type in Oldest first in the sort by window. Most things are between 30 and 50 L.
  5. In my opinion this is true. I have them (no I did not buy them, they were a gift from a hopeful suitor) but will not use them for that very reason, most of the settings are way out of any sort of normal range. Nothing worse than seeing a woman in a club bouncing out of her dress where the physics actually breaks through the mesh of the dress. Nothing at all natural about that lmao. Nor attractive in my opinion.
  6. I have never heard of clothing that comes with a built in physics layer, since clothing and physics are two different things. The physics layer would still have to be applied separately from the clothing. So if the clothing item came with a folder she would still have the option not to wear the physics part.
  7. well to me it is quite simple.. if you don't want jiggly boobs, then take of the stupid animation (physics) that makes them jiggle in the first place!
  8. Exactly the point I was making earlier in this thread. And I also wanted to add this: for a simple texture change hud, why do some creators feel it is necessary to put large buttons on it for their FB Page and other social media links??? These take up space and who clicks them?????? I ignore them. The space could be used to make the important buttons large enough to actually see properly! I mean come on now, if I already bought your product why do you need to advertise on a hud that should be functional only for the purpose of changing textures?
  9. Well one of the reasons for making a larger hud, just might be so folks with vision issues can actually see what they are clicking on. Not every one has 20/20 vision. I know if I get a hud that I cannot read because it is too small and I cannot make it larger, well I just cannot use that item then and the hud becomes useless. The other thing with huds is that they are not supposed to be kept on at all times.. Use a hud to get your desired effect what ever that hud is for and take it off.. A hud is a tool not meant to stay on your screen. Game type huds for combat etc. are diff
  10. Exactly! and that is why I have not made any further comments on this issue since my first one in support of the original poster. I did not want to get into a lot of argument with ignorant and self righteous people. No point to it.
  11. These links do work, but they will likely come up as unsafe so anti virus or firewall may block them as they tried to do with me but fortunately I had a choice to discard or keep. So watch your anti virus and fire wall.. that may be the issue.
  12. The first thing you need to do is never "wear" anything always "Add" .. that way what you already have on won't get bumped off.. The second thing is that you may be able to wear some of your existing clothes. but clothes made for that specific avatar will fit much better.. as they will have been rigged for that avatar. Hope this helps.
  13. Another thing that might help is in MP search, put Maitreya Flat Chest in the search bar see what comes up..
  14. That store has no demos, just saying and I have purchased there anyhow, and it is a crap shoot.. sometimes items fit well other times not so much.
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