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  1. and then what followed was an exclusive over priced shop where you could get clothing for this "free" body... and for years you could get clothes no where else as they did not share the information needed for other clothing designers to rig for that body so folks were stuck using their weird web based overpriced store, with I might add very little selection. This is partly how they got a bad rep. Giving out the free bodies was a ploy to hook folks into having to use their store. In the end it did not work out too well for them so they released the kits to designers so others could make clothing finally.
  2. I agree with all that has been said so far! When I found out that the Legacy Body was from the same creator as TMP.. I wrote it off instantly! and yes... Kudos to Maitreya for sure.. she thought of just about everything that would be needed in her update and I am certain she put hours of work into it.. and yet a free update! Cannot beat that!
  3. no not me, I purchased a few things on MP a few mins ago and no lag time at all, was actually almost instant.
  4. I believe I answered that in my post above.
  5. I agree, that some accessories in particular really do need to be mod in order to be able to make them fit right.. but having said that, there is a work around that by adding a resize script, I don't mean the old resize the whole thing at once scripts.. There are some great scripts out there that allow you to resize each direction independently of the rest and with a little patience anyone can use those and they work and since no mod items are often copy, someone can resize different items and save a copy in that size, and then make a copy and resize it differently if they need to for another body or what ever. Hats are a perfect example of that. So I cannot understand why they are not used more often. As for things like rigged mesh clothing items, well you can not resize those no matter what the permissions are the only thing one could do with mod rights for things like that is mess with the textures and/or colours or both, which is exactly why the designer made them no mod. No designer wants to see their work totally messed up with their name on it as creator. They have taken great care to texture their creations, to have them look as they feel works best, and in many cases a hud is offered with texture and or colour options giving people choices. I can totally respect that.
  6. And even if the item in question is good quality, "some" so called "bloggers" manage to make the item look like excuse the expression "hell". I had some really bad experiences with bloggers years back when I tired only once to use them... my outfits were displayed in front of glaring lighting, with a busy background, and on a waaaaay distorted body shape.. It was so bad that I had some regular customers IM me to ask how I could let my work be displayed in such an ugly way.. That was the end of bloggers for me for a very long time.. recently I have tried again, but I must say I was not impressed.. so likely won't again. My own Flickr page will have to do at least I put the focus on the piece of clothing I am displaying and not the background or the ice cream cone dripping down the front.
  7. SLURL sent in persnal message.
  8. I don't want to prove anyone wrong or right.. but I need to say that since there is a LOT of revealing type club wear out there it is because there is a demand for it. (there was a big discussion in here on another thread about the same thing). Having said that, I think a lot of things have shifted in SL over the past years, I have been here making clothing for almost 15 years.. I try to do a little bit of everything because honestly I do not want to cater to one type. I have a small store, I do take a lot of time working with mostly the textures, often times making my own textures or altering something to work with what I have in mind. I have everything from club wear to office wear, beach, formal, pant outfits etc.. But I am just a very small player in this huge fashion business in SL.. I am not going to name my store here as that might be construed as advertising. But there are some good high quality non revealing styles out there but I guess one has to look for them in places other than the BIG known stores.
  9. Think I am pretty much done with this thread now! Have fun folks!! Signs off till something actually relevant shows up:)
  10. Now those arms have got to be photoshoped in lmao... no way that guy has those arms.. he has no pecs to go with them, anyone working arms to get that would have to have pecs as well.. just saying lmao .. but all the same great response to the duck lips pics .. hahahahahah
  11. Another approach might be to go to some of the fairs and clothing events that are all over the grid now.. if you see something you like there you can always take the LM for the store and go see what else they have. A lot of time the smaller events and Fairs will have some pretty good stuff..
  12. Well mragab appears to be new to posting; so probably needs to learn that this is not the place to show off your pics. This is a forum, and a post needs to have a topic and some sort of content.
  13. OK but just what is the topic or the purpose of posting this pic????
  14. I have to admit that I do that as well with any group that sends a message at a rate of one per second or maybe not that fast but enough to be very annoying yes, and not only notices but IM group chat as well. I probably miss some important stuff but, it is still worth shutting them off for MY peace!
  15. They do? wow that is news to me.. actually I don't think this is correct, pretty sure not ALL other mesh body brands have such a group.
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