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  1. yes! that was my point exactly! I just did not describe it as well as you!
  2. Hard to be inspired if it all looks like an abstract glaring mess! But to each his own I guess. Artistic presentation is something I would look at twice if it is tastefully done and does not offend my eyes. And yes there are a handful of good bloggers out there who accomplish this... but for every one of those there are 100 wannabes who are failing miserably at "influencing".. me anyhow. But actually although I got into this side spin, I believe I got off topic here.. Sorry! This is fuel for a whole different discussion.
  3. AMEN! I find it really hard to tell just what an article of clothing really looks like when it is presented in a mega busy background, with harsh glaring lighting, on a way distorted body shape, which seems to be the trend for some so called bloggers these days. I will follow a blogger link, but the minute it shows up looking like some bizarre abstract it gets quickly clicked off. Too many like that out there trying to be creative, but failing miserably, which does nothing to help the designer of the clothing at all!! And this is sad, because that article of clothing might be awesome but you could never tell by the blog post.
  4. Well been here since 2005 so can do the decade thing easily:)
  5. There certainly are! In fact there is absolutely no shortage at all.. But folks have to be willing to look further than the "big names" to find it, just saying.
  6. This is very true I agree. The problem is getting hair creators to use them. I have not got what I would call a large or strange shaped head, but I have had to pass on many hair styles I really liked because of course they were mesh and rigged and no mod... impossible to get a fit, impossible to even move the tiny bit that would be needed to fit. I wonder if hair makers realize that having the product so fixed in size and position, with no way to alter the size or position is a loss of sales? As I am sure I am not alone with this experience.. and I certainly am NOT going to change my head shape just to fit hair. I know someone is going to say but your mesh head has alphas in the hud, to be used for this purpose... ummm no the alpha sections for the head will not work in the front at the hairline, they only work for back of the head.
  7. I totally agree with you on this, that is why when I make an outfit to sell, it always includes all the parts and because I know a lot of shoppers don't have tons of lindens to spend, I also include the outfit on a texture/colour change hud. so they end up getting all the choices and all the parts for a price they can afford.. between 325 and 450 L usually. I do this because I appreciate finding items like this when I am shopping; all packaged up together with a reasonable price. It just makes sense to me.
  8. Yes it was a very good idea, I did pretty much the same and continued to make the odd outfit in system layers and have them in their own vendor. Many of the older ones I have pulled out and marked down to 90L in bargain vendors.. Happy they can still be of use. I keep wondering though, where all this will go. Right now the whole system of BOM seems still confusing, and scattered, meaning not everyone is on the same page yet, body creators and clothing creators.. It is hard to keep ahead of the game when there is still so much diversity in thinking where BOM is concerned. And still many bugs and issues to be worked out.
  9. And indeed there are many more that cannot be alpha'd out with an alpha layer.. especially when it comes to arms and hands as alpha layers can only do both or none, as there is only one arm on the template to make alphas, and that one arm gets applied to both on the body making it impossible to have a one sleeve dress, or anything asymmetrical having to do with the arms and hands.
  10. Once again this alpha issue comes up with BOM and mesh bodies. And once again I have to say, the average person in SL is NOT going to WANT to be BOTHERED with making alphas in order to use their mesh clothing. AND most mesh clothing for specific bodies does NOT come with alpha layers since mesh bodies all had an alpha hud with them.. which took care of that issue.. So a new BOM mesh body comes out.. with no hud.. and forces folks to make alphas for all their mesh cloting.. Sorry Not acceptable. We still need that alpha hud. I hope like really hope, the other mesh body makers take that into consideration when they do their BOM mesh body version. Well, you say, you can always revert back to using the old version of your mesh body when you want to use mesh clothing... what if you would like to use both.. mesh clothing and a BOM top say under a jacket.. This BOM idea should be able to make that a reality.. and body makers need to understand that and make it as easy as possible for their customers to use.
  11. It is likely due to priorities, LL is always coming up with something new for SL, so it may be in the works who knows. But if it costs a lot to do, they most probably won't have it on their list. SL is after all a business, a money making business, as evidenced in rate increases across the board including the increased chunk they take from MP sales. So unless something new is going to guarantee it will pay for itself I doubt it will happen. Personally, I could do without, animesh, and BOM is not quite how I envisioned it either, and I do hope that idea of playing with those new environment settings they tried briefly, is dead in the water.. Having said that, I would love to see something like this in SL. Been here almost 15 years, and I have seen a whole lot of really great improvements, can't knock that.. but I am afraid some of the things we would like, just ain't gonna happen.
  12. Also Aregrace makes one very similar as well also with a styling options. Rie I think it is called. And Mina makes one similar as well called Tina also with styling choices.
  13. That is NOT what making things no mod is all about at all.. no one thinks folks are too dumb to know how to use these things. It IS about preserving the creators, creation from being totally messed up by folks messing with the material settings and the tints. It takes a long time to create something in SL, a lot of hours, work and attention to detail, and they do not wanna see one of their creations made into some kind of hideous "thing"... with their name on it.
  14. More designers DO focus on just these "quality, creativity, and uniqueness".. this is NOT limited to any ONE nationality for fashion design. This whole discussion, got started because someone made an observation, about the over abundance of "let it all hang out" fashions that are out there and made a statement on it. I think I said this before, but I will say it again, 1. Sexy does NOT always mean "let it all hang out" meaning T & A. A well designed item can be totally sexy and cover everything it needs to. and 2. SL is a huge place, and has a lot of diverse tastes in fashion, there is room for it all.. it is just a matter of personal choice as to what you like or do not like.. and where you shop or do not shop. Those T & A fashions have their place and serve their purpose for those who want them. AND yes you are likely to find both styles in many stores, and why not? We are free to pick and chose what we prefer.
  15. I have made my own shapes since I started in SL over 14 years ago, and way way back when, I used to make shapes and sell them as well.. I started out using one of the LL shapes found in the library as they are full perm to you. when you have adjusted that to a new shape you like, save it as mentioned in the post above and name it, then you can assign any perms you want for the next owner.. However, if you are starting with a shape made by someone else and the perms are no transfer, chances are yes it will remain no transfer to you even if you make a new one from it.
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