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  1. yes blogs help, but a brand new store might have some difficulty getting noticed unless they get themselves into some fashion events so http://seraphimsl.com/ is one way to see what is going on. Also you can look in your viewer's search, put in Fashion or Women's Fashion if that is what you are looking for, and check out any you haven't tried before. Most likely the ones that don't have all that much traffic might be new ones. There is also word of mouth, check with your friends to see if they have discovered anything new. You probably will not see new shops posting in here as advertising is not allowed in this forum.
  2. If this is advertising for this product, and it sure looks like it it.. then this is the wrong place for it.. this forum topic is NOT for advertising goods or services.
  3. It all comes down to what matches with what as I said above. It's all easy if your shoe was made for the body you wear. What sizes were provided to you for the shoe you are talking about? If there is not an unrigged model for classic avatars you just may not be able to get the shoes to fit at all. And yes from what you said about the shoes being All authentic models you do have to be careful that they are not infringing on copyrights, cause if they are.. and it got reported you could lose them from your inventory anyhow.
  4. It would help if you could say what kind of help you need? What type of body are you trying to put the shoes on? Were the shoes made for the body you are wearing? What feet are you using if different from the body? Are you using a classic avatar and not mesh body. All of these questions need to be clear before any help can be given to you. But generally speaking if you use a Mesh body with feet, you HAVE to be sure the shoes you have are fitted for that body (and that includes the height of the foot, cannot wear flat shoes with a high heel type foot shape) if not there is no way they will fit. If you use a classic avatar, then again the shoes have to be made for a classic avatar and would come with the appropriate alpha layers to hide areas of the foot that might poke through.
  5. If you use Firestorm try doing what is suggested on this page: https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_missing_inventory if you use the SL viewer I don't know he URL but I am pretty sure they also have a trouble shooting page that covers this as well. I use Firestorm and had the same issue with empty folders in my inventory, so I followed the steps to recover it using that URL I gave you and it works.
  6. It could be just as the above person said, a problem with the sim you are on at the moment, or an inventory problem.. that may not be permanent. In any case you have not lost any lindens since outfits are just links to items in other folders in your inventory.. the original items should still be in your inventory so you can make new outfits if need be. There are wiki pages for Firestorm users that tells you what to do about missing items in your inventory but outfits are not the same thing as I said they are just links. But I would check the original folders to make sure the items are still in there.. if not there is a solution in most cases unless the whole folder has been deleted, and not just the contents.
  7. Ya know, the one thing I cannot understand is, if we can now make applier clothing for mesh bodies using the same old body template that came out way way back when before mesh back when we only had the SL avatar to work with, and the clothing we make now using same templates plus the mesh body makers applier kit, fits. Then why is there going to be such a big issue with bakes on mesh? My understanding is that BOM would eliminate the need to make a load of appliers for each body.. But it seems this will not be the case, so what is it going to be good for? Or does this mapping thing only affect skins? I was pretty excited about BOM when I first heard about it because some of my fashion designs use both mesh and layers using appliers.. i.e. a longer mesh top that won't fit nicely over mesh pants without the pants poking through the mesh top..i.e. a sweatshirt over jeans... so I would make the mesh top and applier jeans .. poking problem solved.. So I was looking forward to BOM to eliminate all those dang appliers.. But from what I have read in here so far, this is not going to fix that.
  8. Most big Hair designers, have made some Flexi Hair which is what you are looking for.. I suggest you check out sale areas or you could go to Market Place and use search, type in Flexi Hair if there is any left in Market Place you should get some hits.. most should also have demos so you can see what they will look like before buying.
  9. and where would one get these new UV layouts for the newer avatars? I haven't seen any around.. all I can find are the old ones I have been using since day one..
  10. it says right on the web page how to colour them or apply polish.. "OMEGA is pre-installed, means you can use all your favorite OMEGA Nail polishes on these Nails without having to buy a kit!! Different Fatpacks available only in Mainstore! "
  11. Nice RL pic of shoes, but I fail to see what if anything this post has to do with SL??
  12. the link: https://www.virtual-vancouver.com is rejected by my security .. it tells me this is not a safe site and is risky therefore, I did not go there. But I would like to be able to go see what tor is talking about. Would there be another link that is more secure that might give me some insight into this issue. I can't really see if any of my items have been pirated if I can't see the items in question.
  13. The first thing she would need to do, is get into SL and create an avatar of course. After that it is a matter of convincing the body makers to give her the packages to use to rig mesh to their specific bodies. She would have to apply for the kits. Any good 3D software will work to make the clothing but to rig it properly and upload it to SL in the correct format will be important. It could be a long process if she is new and not known in SL. If she is creating without being actually in SL, I doubt she would get too far with that as both Market Place and or having a store to conduct business would require her to be a member of the SL community in order for her to get the kits, files and models she would need to make the clothing. If any creator already in SL, was to give her those kits and files, that would be against the TOS and be subject to DMC. The owner of such items must be the original owner, these things cannot be passed on to anyone else. IF she were to become a part of SL the software most used to rig, is Marvelous Designer.. She could create in any 3D program but then to rig and weight she would probably need something like that, and it must be uploaded to SL in .dae format rigged and weighted. There are tons of videos on Youtube designed to help people through the learning curve. She just needs to search.
  14. first you have to obtain these extra body parts .. I have no idea which you are wanting. About the only extra body parts I know of are tails. But in any event, if you find what you are looking for, then attachment is no issue given the new attachment points allowed. To see all the attachment points just find something in your inventory to attach and take a look at the list under attach to in the window.. Nothing complicated about it.
  15. Have you any idea of how much work it would take to do that? Most of us creators do not charge anywhere near what we should for the time put into making any given item. To do this would double or tripple the time needed to put something out. I doubt most folks would want to pay more for something like that. Even boxing them all separately would be more work than we would ever get back in price.
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