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  1. Tazzie Tuque

    Could you help me identify this Mesh Head? *Thanks :3*

    it is really hard to identify any mesh head, as the skin that is worn with it can change the whole look totally. I actually see that as a really good thing that way we are not walking around like identical clones of each other; we can achieve some originality and create our own look.. This doesn't answer your question, but truth is it's really anyone's guess what head and what skin was used to create that specific look. The only way to be sure is to ask the creator who put out that picture. Failing an answer from that.. then your friend can do what the rest of us had to do lol.. get loads and loads of demo heads and demo skins and play with them all till you find a look you like, and that may also mean altering some aspects of the head shape as well.
  2. Tazzie Tuque

    free DEMO clothes question... changing script?

    The banner, attachment, rings, words "demo" on the item are all meant to be there permanently, Demo items are NOT meant to be a proper "paid for" item. That is why they are "free" or sometimes 1L. The demo is to help you check the fit of the item to see if it looks good on your avatar, and nothing more. If you buy the full paid for product, there is no demo attachment or words "demo" on it at all.
  3. Tazzie Tuque

    Help with skin showing thru.

    hmmm interesting advertisement BUT is this where it belongs?
  4. Tazzie Tuque

    avatar clothing

    Finding clothing for any mesh body is indeed difficult if the body is not one of the top popular ones, the way you worded your question I am not sure if you are talking about a complete avatar, or just a mesh body called Kimberly, in either case I have not heard of it. But to find clothing, perhaps you could start by using Market Place Search, in the search bar put in "Kimberly Clothing" and see what comes up.
  5. Tazzie Tuque

    The purpose of a clothing Demo?

    And it IS an unreliable number.. the total complexity for any given time changes constantly depending on a number of factors.. Fact is even if you yourself are very conscious of your complexity numbers.. most folks are not.. and despite your efforts, when you go somewhere like a club or busy spot, others complexity numbers affect that final number and not just yours.. just watch those numbers change sometime to see just how unreliable they are.
  6. Tazzie Tuque

    Unisex mesh?

    In truth I don't think I have ever seen mesh clothing that comes in one unisex form. I have seen unisex hair but not clothing. I suspect because the male and female bodies are so very different it would be hard to rig one item to fit every body brand.. Having said that, back before I had a mesh body, before clothing was rigged specifically for any mesh body brand, I did have a really cool coat from Cherokee Creations that was sold as male but re-sizable so it could be made smaller to fit females and it came with an alpha layer that took out pretty much all of the body under the coat. But I have not seen anything since mesh bodies came into play. Perhaps male clothing, that is re-sizable might be an option, and if worn on a female body alpha out all the parts that poke out..
  7. Tazzie Tuque

    Help with skin showing thru.

    In addition to what has already been said.. I want to stress DEMO DEMO DEMO... if you get a demo first then you can easily see if you need the alpha sections, an if so if they are gonna work for you as you expect.. if you can't get it to look the way you want and the alpha sections are not preventing poke through or are too big and leaving holes then chances are it is the clothing rigging, design and fit that is the issue.. using a demo first ensures you do not pay for things that don't work.. if the demo doesn't work then don't buy the item.. if there is no demo .. don't buy the item either, that is risky.
  8. Tazzie Tuque

    The purpose of a clothing Demo?

    My main reason for getting a demo is for fit purposes, no matter how great the texturing is if the fit isn't right then i have no interest in it at all.. I need the demo to make sure that any parts poking through can be fixed by my alpha sections on my body hud.. and if they can't then I won't waste my money on that item. It is nice however, to be able to see the actual texture of the item in a demo.. it helps in the over all decision to buy or not. Having said that, as a creator, when I make a demo, I use one of the texture choices as is, only with demo stamped on it somewhere, I try not to put the word demo in a place that will destroy the over all look of the item.. but still be clear that it is a demo only.. Most of the outfits I put out come with a texture hud and several options of colour choices, but I do not make a demo hud. reason being, to make a demo hud would be like making the entire outfit twice.. once with demo and the final sales version.. and to be honest, with prices being what they are in SL for an outfit these days even with a texture hud (meaning low due to so much competition and folks wanting inexpensive items) I couldn't charge enough for the final product to cover my time and cost of making a full demo hud. I know there will be a lot of folks who like to have everything in the demo, but I doubt they would be willing to pay a higher price for the final product just so they could get a full texture hud in the demo. (extra cost being time, and texture uploads which could be considerable depending on the outfit)
  9. Tazzie Tuque

    Timeout Demos ??

    Well, I don't like timed demos if they run out of time before I am done analyzing the item, but for me I am not in the habit of trying on demos and wandering around SL in it lol.. I only try demos at home as a rule but it is still annoying for it to poof before I am done checking it out. as for making a difference if the demo said timed .. I doubt it.. I will try a demo if I really like something, so I probably would try it anyhow, but having said that.. if it poofed too fast, I would be tempted to write the creator and ***** about the sort time given.. But that's just me.. lol
  10. Tazzie Tuque

    what is a Good Complexity for jewelry?

    That is a loaded question, to me at least it is. I have been in SL over 13 years and this complexity thing is about the only thing I really do not understand at all. Simply because the complexity changes according to the different avatars around you. So it is incredibly difficult to control. We as individuals can do what we can to decrease our own complexity readings, but a lot of doing that requires us to not wear items and clothing we would like to. Unfortunately, we sacrifice appearance in favour of maintaining complexity levels. I would imagine it is very hard to make jewelry look nice and keep within good complexity readings. Perhaps someone else here would be able to give you exact figures for this.. I know I sure couldn't.
  11. Tazzie Tuque

    Places for inexpensive dress

    a lot will depend on what type of body you have.. if you are using the standard classic LL body, or a mesh body.. You might have some luck finding lower priced items in classic sizes than fitted for mesh bodies. In either case I suggest you go to MP and put women's dresses in the search.. then on the left side you will see options for price range..pick your price .. and see what comes up. As for stores there are so many in SL that I wouldn't even begin to know where all the sales and/or low prices would be.. and if I did it would not be a good idea to list them in here as it would be seen as advertising.
  12. Tazzie Tuque

    What mesh bodies do you use?

    if the box that the item you want to unpack says wear me.. then just click and wear; a menu should come up asking you to accept a folder, accept that.. then in your inventory you will see in recent.. that folder which should contain all the appliers, pick the one you need and click on it and add .. the applier should show up on your screen and you then click on that to get the applier to go on to your body or head which ever one you are using. If the box does not say wear me then you have to rezz it, then click on it and click on open.. then the folder will go into your recent items in your inventory.
  13. Tazzie Tuque

    What mesh bodies do you use?

    you just need to be sure that the head skin applier and the body skin applier are made by the same maker and they are in the same colour... otherwise you are gona have some matching issues.
  14. Tazzie Tuque

    Timeout Demos ??

    All this complaining about demos, just proves the point that you cannot please everyone, ever! Everyone seems to have their own idea of what works for them, and everyone is different. A demo is usually free or like 1L so it should not be attractive enough to wear out in public as a proper purchased item would be. We need to be happy that most creators take the extra time to prepare a demo at all as some do not even offer demos. There is nothing worse than having to take something on blind faith that it will look good on us and pay full price for something and find that it doesn't fit right after the fact. Personally, I just do NOT even consider buying anything in clothing, if there is no demo, no matter how much I like the look in the picture. Pictures can be photoshoped to take out bits of body poking through etc. So demos are necessary. But having said that, an annoying demo that poofs too soon, or has rings and boxes obscuring the view of the item are not really all that helpful either. In my view the best demos are the ones that have the proper texture of the item on it, with the word DEMO placed a few times on the item so it is obvious that it is a demo but not too much to detract from the over all view of the item.
  15. Tazzie Tuque

    Timeout Demos ??

    Only if the vendor system has that option, and if the creator chooses to use that option..