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  1. yes, try Entity Skins, they have several darker tanned skins with head skin for Catwa.... so far they are the only ones I have found that make it simple lol
  2. To get the Dev kits, you need to send a request to the makers of all the bodies you wish to create clothes for.. For some of them there is a link posted in the main store that takes you to a web page where you can apply.. for others you have to send an IM to the owner who will in turn send you the link to a web page.. In all cases you are required to apply first, and wait till they accept you as being a good candidate for making items for their brand.
  3. I was just thinking about this area of free items, and I realized no one has mentioned all the hunts that go on all over the grid.. and also some of the events, have free gifts as well by many if not all of the merchants participating in the event.. so that is another way to get good free items. And hunts can be fun too. For instance right now there is a "Stay At Home" grid wide event going on, and tons of stores participating with free items.. So in reality there is no shortage of free items. You just might have to work a bit to find them, but they are out there. And yes most of the participants are hoping for some promotion of their stores of course.. that is only fair.
  4. ya that is in the rigging too, check out some videos there are a few sorry don't have the address for any of them handy but I know they are out there. Maybe someone else can be more specific.
  5. First of all you will need to get the Kits from each of the body designers you wish to rig for... once you have those then you can rig in any 3D program that will support rigging.. most in here use Avastar as it works well with Blender. There are several Youtube videos out there to help with that.. and I know that Belleza includes a video in their kit.. So start with getting those kits.. you will have to contact the body creators and request the kit, as they are not available in any other way that I know of.
  6. This is true, but there is in fact a cost to producing the item, so some compensation for the effort is appreciated.. not many of us have the means to spend our real life $ to supply free items in SL. Just saying.. But from time to time a free item is a good thing to put out..
  7. I doubt very much if your free items come with a hidden cost.. People offer free items for various reasons. Some may be rejects from items that they don't think will sell because of flaws or some other issue. Some offer free items simply because they can and they want to. Others may offer free items in the hopes that once a noob gets established, and may have some lindens to spend, that they will go investigate a store the belongs to a creator that offered a free item. Kind of like an advertising thing. So I wouldn't worry, if you enjoy the free stuff I think you can rest assured it is safe.
  8. depends on a few things, it takes a long time and a lot of work to rig an item properly for a good fit for any mesh body so some might not care to put in the time and work to do a bunch of bodies, as they really do not recover their time in terms of pricing their work so exclusively for one body might be the best way for them to do it.. Also, a clothing maker has to have the correct weights and information in order to rig anything, so if they can't get the kit from the body designer then they cannot do any rigging for that body.
  9. It would have to be a Catwa head, I have a few, this one looks like it may be Kathy head perhaps. But it is hard to tell as head features can be altered and different skins will also give it different appearances. You can get a few demo heads and see which one looks closest to this one.
  10. NOT exactly sweeping. In fact I know very few women in SL who have spent the lindens on Legacy. I know many more who won't trust it ever. And as for Maitreya, well not every business is out to make every last linden they can.. some just may have good intentions toward their customers, nothing to do with fear of competition!
  11. The Gown is your property you own it.. if you wish to give it away and let someone else take the credit and put it in her store and make a profit, well I guess that is your business. If you freely gave it to her and she did not pirate it then there is no legal issue. You just lose out that's all.
  12. As far as I know for Omega, the only way to get an omega applier to work is to use the advanced Omega system .. if you got that to work I don't understand why you are trying to do it on a self made hud? If you need a hud for texture change you can make one using the omega appliers and stick each different texture applier on your hud I have done that with success many times.
  13. Laughs, well might be more out there like me, I have never even heard of Destiny Game.. so that might be why.
  14. BUT if you wanted to make appliers for those who have not gone to a BOM mesh body (and loads of folks have not), and you wanted to do appliers... Omega should suffice, problem is not everyone is happy about having to purchase an omega conversion kit for their specific body in order to get the appliers to work. In the end there are so many combinations, options, possibilities, preferences that is it literally impossible to please everyone.. So I would just go with the omega appliers plus the system layer.
  15. I suggest you try Catwa, there are several heads to pick from, and all are very mod so you can play a lot with the shape including the lips.. Pretty sure you could get what you are looking for. And yes the skin makes a huge difference in the appearance as well.. so picking a young nice looking skin really helps as well. Took me about a month trying all the heads and skin combinations I could find to get the look I wanted so keep working at it and you will find it.
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