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  1. Thank you for letting me know. I just checked mine & yeah, everything is zero for the past couple of days. Wonder why it hasn't popped on on the feed as something they are looking into. This is a major hit for businesses, many of whom rely on their income for RL bills, meds, etc. I am so disappointed. I really hope they can get it fixed & that they refund those that have paid for listings already.
  2. How do you check your impression on the marketplace sales & advertisement? I just spent like 5000L$ putting things up on advertisement for adult products. I am a small shop, I don't make a lot so 5000L$ is a lot a month to have it not be working.
  3. Sighs...maybe one day... Thank you so much for responding so quickly Dakota, I appreciate it!
  4. Dakota you are such a huge help! I have been trying for over a year to get rid of some ghosted folders and this worked perfectly. Thank you so much! I was wondering if you know how to get rid of items showing up in related listings that you used to have listed years ago. Everything I have ever listed stays around in the drop down menu's, like the photo below is still showing things from like around 2012. I had hoped when we moved over to the new marketplace system they would have disappeared, but they linger. Any tips for getting rid of those by chance?
  5. I also took part in The Book Of Daniel Event and there was a participation fee of 3000L$ which had to be paid upon sign-up and you could donate either 50%, 75%, or 100% of your revenue. The info for the event is still up on Facebook, they were very open about everything and kept us up to date on how things were going as well.
  6. I think perhaps there should have been a lower deal for current land owners and the current deal for drawing in new land owners. That being said, this deal will make it possible for me to be able to finally own my own sim, which I have dreamed about since I originally started back in 2007. The cost was always an obstacle I couldn't come close to overcoming until now. I am working like crazy to save enough money before the cut off in October and I am thankful that LL has made it possible for a lot of us to be able to realize our dream. With a full sim I can expand my store and perhaps do a bit of renting as well. I'm very excited by the prospect. Congrats Pamela on your upgrades as well!
  7. I thought it was just me having the issue. I've been having the issue for the past couple of weeks, it takes everything forever to rezz in where I live even if I turn off fog, clouds, water, etc. and when I'm building often I will move an object and it will move back to its prior position, which makes getting things done take double the time. I am on a wired connection, have 32 gig of ram, I stay on mid graphics wise and only have advanced lighting on if I absolutely need to, so it shouldn't be as bad as it has been. I wish I knew what on earth was happening though. Other than switching to Windows 10 when it came out, nothing has changed for me in a long time.
  8. Thanks luxz, I came across your version of the script and it worked perfectly for me in a set I am working on!!!
  9. I have my Gmail set up to send a pop up every time I get an email, so every email I recieve that says Service on it gets opened the moment I see it and I check my email several times a day on days when RL are busy. Often times I have caught double purchases before the customer even notices and log in to refund them and I am able to log in imddeiately when I see anything related to be given to my avatar from someone I don't know so customers often have replies within minutes. However, not everyone can do that. Some work long hours, have large families, appointments,etc. I ask for 24 to 48 to get back to someone, just in case. I think that is a decent amount of time to give. Even with all the busy RL things going on, if someone is going to be a creator in SL and sell things, they need to treat it the same as they would if they were running a shop in RL. Some may not find a few cents here or a dollar there as a lot of money, but to some, they save and scrap to get enough to be able to put into SL and the creator that recieves that L$ for a purchase, should go out of their way to stand behind their product and take care of the customer, respect the fact that they chose you to buy from, it may have taken that person a long time to save up for those L$ and that item they chose may mean more to them than just a silly trinket. Just my 2L$ worth of thoughts. P.S. Keep in mind as well that worst case scenario, some that still have items up, may no longer be with us in SL or RL, so there may never be a response.
  10. There is a blasted button in the viewer(s) that we use for Second Life that links your avatar acount to facebook, so it honestly makes no sense whatsoever for Facebook to be deleting avatar accounts. They don't lose money from avatar accounts, if anything they make money off of some if not all of them when the person buys credits to play games, etc. Such silly rules and restrictions, everyone knows that sometimes you have to rethink your original idea or plan in order to stay viable, if you can't do that then you may as well start counting the days until your extinction.
  11. I have had multiple thousands of items go missing three times so far this year alone and my account was hacked and credit card charged over 300 USD. The credit card part LL fixed promptly thank goodness, the rest...well, let's just say it won't ever happen. It doesn't matter if you know exactly where you were when it happened or if you have a list of the items missing or if you are a paid member. Getting LL to roll back to get your items back simply is not going to happen. My entire store inventory was deleted, thousands of hours of work and hundreds of items just gone. While, uploading things to the marketplace now does leave a copy of your items on the server and they will still get sent to you and your customers, you will only receive the item back with the perms you set for your customers, meaning if I want a full perm copy of the item I created again I have to rebuild and rescript it all yet again. Now my question is this...if they are able to have a system like the copies on the marketplace thing I just mentioned..why don't they have the same kind system for your regular inventory? It seems all the wonderful updates LL does, still doesn't fix things that truly have needed fixing since SL started. And when people are losing thousands of RL dollars worth of inventory, I say it is time to fix the problem and stop just sending out the copy/paste emails with the same stuff over and over saying "We are sure if you follow said steps you will get your things back" and when you do said steps and you don't get your items back they finally say..."oh, well sorry we can't help you then." I finally just dropped premium after this last round of item loss, what is the point of paying for help when you don't actually GET help when you truly need it.
  12. Five years on this avatar and a builder, I am a bit over 96,000 items and that IS with a ton of items boxed up, which I hate doing as well because, it never fails you box things and the next thing you know, you need it and have to go hunting for it. So, now I just organize the heck out of my inventory. Folders, sub folders, sub folders for sub folders...lol It can be tedious at first but once done if you automatically organise when you go shopping and automatically put together an outfit when you get a new one, you will be good to go. I also use the CTS wardrobe to be able to quickly glance at a web page to see what I have outfit wise and just click a button and I am dressed, but that is a whole other topic.
  13. Almost every group I have is building related and paid spots. I hate leaving a group I had to pay to get into to join another group that you have to pay to get into to get the benefits of that group. Being a builder, there are tons of amazing groups where once joined you get not only the help of the creator of said group for their particular creations, but tons of free incentives to be a part of their group. So, yes, I think group space should at least double. It has been years since we have had an increase and for creators especially, it just makes sense.
  14. Almost every group I have is building related and paid spots. I hate leaving a group I had to pay to get into to join another group that you have to pay to get into to get the benefits of that group. Being a builder, there are tons of amazing groups where once joined you get not only the help of the creator of said group for their particular creations, but tons of free incentives to be a part of their group. So, yes, I think group space should at least double. It has been years since we have had an increase and for creators especially, it just makes sense.
  15. That particular hair has an Alice Project feel to it I think. You could try looking there to see if its one of theirs if you can't get a hold of the outfits creator.
  16. Oh my God, it would take ages to type anything at all.....emoting is scarce enough as it is, add trying to use a controller to it and well...bye, bye fun with words...sighs
  17. I took my boy to Elysium and got the Elias - sunkiss skin for him. It is HOT. It came with 3 eyebrow colors , face freckles or no freckles options, chest & lower body hair and shaved smooth options, 5 different beards all in red, blond & dark tattoo layers, hairbases in 3 colors red, blond & dark tattoo layers plus the shape for 1500L$ It was a really good package with lots of options for a really good price. I couldn't have been more pleased with the results and my boy loves it to.
  18. I noticed it and was like..hold on did that just pop up there??? I pay yearly to be a premium member, personally I think one of the perks for premium members is NO ads. Come on we get so little honestly for paying to be premium, taking out the ads for premium members can only be a good thing.
  19. There have been many great ideas in the other posts here and some I agree with are: Making sure to list the foot print size Making sure it is Copy/Mod Fully furnished is a nice feature, but not a requirement for me since I like to decorate and things change often when I have a house. Adding in environment effects are good ideas as well, the main downside I noticed with that though is the environment systems tend to be a bit on the primy side. I have that system, it does amazing things but I found I have a hard time using it because I hate adding the extra prims. I suppose the absolute main thing I look for most in a home in SL is realism (and no I do not RP, I just like feeling at home). I own hundreds of houses and skyboxes but I got to the point where they just annoyed me. Most of them are so big or laid out in such an unusable manner that for awhile I just stopped using homes at all. But recently I found a house that has just made me feel like I am home. The look is ultra realistic, the feel is warm and inviting and the layout is exceptional, I have never, ever seen another house like it in SL but I wish more creators would build like this and it's 100% mesh so you get all the tiniest details, like window latches, bolts and beams without the huge prim count you would have if it was prims and sculpts. So what I am looking for is more houses like this one, you have to see it to understand just how real it looks. I am including the url to the house in SL and on the marketplace. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunset%20Riviera/47/74/26 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/The-Old-Orchard-Cottage/3982119
  20. That is a perfect idea. I miss having a wishlist feature like we used to have and your idea is even better than the original wishlist on xstreet. I would totally support your idea.
  21. That is truly amazing, I can't wait to get my hands on that for my avi.
  22. Venus Petrov wrote: Thank you for listening! Now, can we also have an adult-only subforum? I think an adult-only subforum would be a fantastic idea Venus. Somewhere we can kick back and relax and talk on topics not suitable for the younger generation without fear of upsetting anyone. I totally second this vote!
  23. This thread was so spot on I had to save it notecard before it possibly got closed down. Deltango, you hit the nail on the head with everything you said. Me personally, as I said on another thread a bit ago, it feels to me that more and more LL just wants to turn SL into FB with avatars (a 3D Facebook), no longer a world of imagination but a world of reality. It's new mantra would be more like: "Second Life, your world, your reality...leave your imagination at the sign in page. Thank you and have a wonderful existence in your new virtual police state" All squeaky clean and safe for children but devoid of fun, anonymity and imagination. >shivers<
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