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  1. bebejee wrote: Just curious to know of any such people on here, I guess in property business if so. Yes. Me. Pull about 200k Lindens a week, which is about $800 in RL. Used to make much more when Zyngo was legal on SL.
  2. irihapeti wrote: Freya Mokusei wrote: P.S., Skip on naming names of groups or charities. You're breaking the Community Guidelines and speaking from the side of your mouth. agree OP was doing ok with the first post. Then the second post came seems OP is pre-disposed to a pov and presumes that everyone else is also The group in question publically declared their refusal to get involved in RFL for the reason cited, it's not hearsay.
  3. I mean, I get the impression from the forums, whenever people mention their desire for freebies/ free experiences, the conservatives / libertarians pour down on them and start complaining. There do seem to be a lot more socialist/progressive groups inworld though, like Cafe Wellstone, who won't even support Relay For Life because the RFL spokesperson is anti-abortion, or something.
  4. Obviously, there are exceptions to the norm across a number of sims. As a whole though, would you say the residents of SL lean to the right or the left? Is SL inherently liberal or conservative?
  5. Rez a pipe. Then rez a semi-sphere. Link the sphere at 90degs to the pipe, colour it pink, and then attach to your crotch, go to some clubs and have your way with the ladies.
  6. The other day, I was crossing through abandoned land and came across a pyramid...I went in and it was a casino, full of roulette wheels and zyngo machines, sea hunt machines, etc. Most of them were switched off, but a few 7 Up machines were still functioning. I had a go, imagining the owner had just never cleared them up and that there would be no payouts. After an hour, I was 200L richer! So, these machines obviously DO pay out..so I guess gambling isn't that illegal on SL? Think I'll go back there later :D
  7. Last night I went inworld and visited a strip club. I like a bit of the pole action, y'know? I don't have any money but I thought I'd try to persuade one of the girls to get her baps out anyway. I was chatting to the two girls dancing when suddenly the manager got in my IM grill, saying I couldn't request the girls to whip 'em out without any money . I told her that I was a top SL football commentator, owned several islands and that I could buy her club if I wanted. She replied, 'Nope, I have a HUD that can detect if people have money, and you have 0L in your balance!" Anyway, I've heard
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