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  1. Thats great news! Also what you will notice a HUGE performance boost with is using the Alchemy viewer which is just as good but lighter. Firestorm slows down my older Mac noticibly.
  2. My maturity setting is on everything but I tried a couple of those and see what you do but on quite a few I get "it doesnt exist" or "You do not have access to that destination". Alts have the same issue too on different viewers. I have never really had this issue before on so many sims. It would happen occasionally on dead ones. Can you get blacklisted by IP address? Edit: I reset my IP address with my ISP to get a new one and cleared browser cache, rebooted router and computer and it seems to have fixed it a bit allowing entry to the majority of sims I couldnt before. All the search results come up correct now. there must have been a bug a reset was needed for.
  3. I get my Viewer to hide the LL library and that clears heaps of junk and delete any demo stuff or unneeded things. I always make category folders with sub category folder of creator for things like hair and when I buy something it goes straight in that or I forget it. For clothes I just used organised outfits usually numbered or using keywords. For most things I use often I just remember it. That additional received items addition to the inventory menu has been a godsend for finding things too.
  4. Just this last year so many sims I have frequented or a couple I used to rent land on not so long ago are gone and those had been around for ages. I can still see some of the names in the map search but its impossible to TP to them. I typed in "Angel" and there used to be a plethora of sims containing that name you could visit and now there is a handful with all the rest greyed out but still showing the sims name. Does anyone know what happened?
  5. Surely the joy of helping another person is reward in itself <- Has been one of my attractions to SL because its so complicated when you start, or even along a bit there usually is no end of considerate helpful people either helping someone or contributing tangibly to ebveryones experience inworld. You get nothing for it excpt a good feeling inside that you acted like the people that did it for you.
  6. I'm not sure if this helps you but about a year ago I had to make a video for work with flowing water and ultrasonic sensors in a pipe so i drew it in PS and put it on a prim in SL and animated the waterflow and signal using scripts and textures on prims. To capture that video I used quicktime on my Mac by drawing a rectangle over where I wanted the video to be. it was lots easier than animating it in iMovie. You might be able to do something like that inside your Ui by selecting the area inside it, I hope that helps. https://support.apple.com/kb/PH5882?locale=en_US
  7. Hi mate I have been in Sl for about 8 years and am happy to lend a hand if you want. It does alter your brain, but one thing you will discover is it is a lot nicer and sociable than social media is. look me up inworld.
  8. The Pond - The Bigpond (telco) sims The Reflections sims: Midnight reflections, Secret reflections and Fallen reflections.
  9. I had to block somebody today who said something derogatory to me. I don't like doing it but if you don't you run the risk of becoming like them if you interact with them.
  10. Just like any social media thing arguing is what they thrive on as they do it for attention, the more you feed it the more you give them what they want. Mute, block unfriend, ban from land etc is the only way, your arguing wont save everyone else that is thier job, horrible words are plain to see for everyone anyway. Hope that helps a bit.
  11. An afterthought regading this is that we may ditch SL soon to migrate over to project Sansar so owning a 5K screen might be justified for your game addiction because it would be great there.
  12. Could be! I installed The Firestorm viewer on both MBP and iMac as a standard install and set both graphics about the same the slider and left antialiasing off on both but the colours on the 5K screen brought it to life compared to the MBP retina display. The point I have been trying to make is the 5K screens can produce a greater range of colours so the little things that really weren’t looking good before start to look much better and stand out. Wood grain is a good example as the browns transition from light to dark is nicer to look at. The higher amount of pixels is no major advantage with Cartoons usually but a broader range of colours seems to be.
  13. I just went there for you and the lag is really jerky trying to fly there. I compared it quickly to 3 other sims and they were fairly smooth compared, maybe its not your PC after all, the culprit may server side.
  14. Considering how low quality many of the old textures are in SL you would have to wonder if the extra expense is justified. Fair enough if your playing Call of duty or something similar but Half the textures in SL are old and crappy low resolution ones anyway if they are from years ago. the 2 Gig MD Radeon R9 M390 I have been using is doing fine, and i dont think much gain would be made because so much is server side and lag etc is there.
  15. A PC with a decent video card and 5K display would do the same, its all about the hardware rendering the graphics not the software. Its such a HUGE difference you wouldnt believe. I have used a Mac so I had to review a 5K screen from the point of view of that. The PC vs Mac debate is getting a bit dated in 2016 anyway...
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