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  1. I have been using Skrill to do process credits for the last few months. Today I got a letter from them in the mail to verify my address. It had a little code in it, that's cool. So I went to enter the code and got stuck in a loop. So I tried calling the number on the letter and got nothing but a busy signal. 3 times. So I submitted a ticket on their website, and they closed it with no action. So I called them twice on the number on their site. They told me to take pictures of a utility bill and my DL and email it to them. I did so, and they froze my account. I live in a rural area and can only have a PO Box, and since I only have a PO BOX, they won't let me use the account and froze it. Thank god I was able to stop the last process credit I had set up. I dunno, it just seems a bit shady. Their customer service is in Bulgaria of all places. I am terrified. I think LL should cease doing business with them. They have my debit card number and bank account numbers. I am scared to death. DO NOT USE SKRILL!!!!
  2. Hi, I need a dj for my birthday party Dec 17. Starting at 6 pm and going on 2 hours. Please send me a notecard in world with your rates. Samadhi Quandry http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Congrua/86/230/58
  3. Thank you Malcom, I just am so grateful to SL, and it is SL's 9th Anniversary. Let's all celebrate together!
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