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  1. I am confused, is this mad man thinking Jira is a seperate group or company? It's a software packet for issue/project management. Jira is used by LL, it's not something separate. Also you have no idea how GDPR works.
  2. Also it doesn't only apply to source code but also reimplementing APIs/functionality: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oracle_America,_Inc._v._Google,_Inc.
  3. https://www.quora.com/Have-any-commercial-companies-been-sued-for-abusing-open-source-software-so-far It's not just companies either. They mostly go after companies, but if you say upload files to LL where terms don't allow it, IE: models. They have to respond to DMCA claims and the user uploading it can get sued by the copyright holder.
  4. Local forum poster steph arnott gets assblasted by actual law! LL is granted the rights to distribute yes to anything LEGITIMATELY uploaded by it's creator. That doesn't give YOU the rights.
  5. Sure, if you want to deal with redeliveries/updates manually constantly, don't have affiliate vendors, not keep long term sales records unless you export it monthly and what not.
  6. It appears that the joke went over your head.
  7. Unless something is blocking the event queue somehow, it will process. It should never completely block unless there's an endless while loop somewhere. It will discard after more than 64 events in the queue about yes. As for the op: There's no request limit as far as I know for this specifically. However you're saying a new instance of the script wouldn't process more requests, even in a new object. Either something's wrong with script somehow that has a certain environmental condition that causes it to loop or get stuck on something or it's a bug.
  8. Unless it's something where product integrity is important ie. game systems or things made for combat systems which often have sims with whitelisting based on the product creator you really should avoid no mod. It just isn't consumer friendly, it prevents rescripting and stifles creativity. Especially when you're color matching it's hell at times. Also some creators while they are good with models, absolutely suck with scripting and there's like 30 *****ing scripts I can't remove for something that can be done with a single script.
  9. Caspervend is the best option by far. Casper himself is a very experience and knowledgeable with development and sysadmin stuff. All other systems I have serious doubts about. It's the most popular system for a reason.
  10. From the other thread: Rezzing mesh assets is pretty heavy on the region, and can lead to rez queueing. This will deffo cause some issues if a lot of mesh is rezzed at once. It is bad practise to rez things where you don't need really need to, remember those temp rezzers of ye olde days? Granted this is less bad but still not something I'd advice. Also some furniture will reset on rez, and load their configuration all over again. Also be mindful of the fact that simulators have a mesh cache of their own, hence when rezzing a new heavy mesh asset the first time takes longer than rezzing one right afterwards. This cache is cleaned automatically if the assets do not remain in the region whenever their expiration time is reached. Also, scripts compiled in mono have a small performance hit when brought into a region in any sort. It's why putting mono scripts in bullets is a no no in most combat community. Now granted this thing doesn't rez at a rate guns do, but furniture often has a multitude of scripts in them. This is probably gonna piss off your neighbours more than having some scripts idling, because not only will the sim lag when an avatar teleports in, if shortly after they also automatically rez like 30 pieces of furniture at once it's gonna be pain and you're gonna have another sim impact. These are my two cents as someone who's scripting deals with rezzing a lot. timer() // Go to "state derezzed" when float REZ_TIME expires { if (llGetAgentSize(gkAgent)) // Test to see if key gkAgent is still on Region/SIM { // No action by design if key gkAgent is still on Region/SIM } else { state derezzed; // if key gkAgent is not on SIM/Region then derez } } This bit is kinda bad brackets are ugly, ideally you want either of these: timer() // Go to "state derezzed" when float REZ_TIME expires { if (llGetAgentSize(gkAgent) == ZERO_VECTOR) // Test to see if key gkAgent is still on Region/SIM { state derezzed; // if key gkAgent is not on SIM/Region then derez } } Without having to use ZERO_VECTOR: timer() // Go to "state derezzed" when float REZ_TIME expires { if (llGetAgentSize(gkAgent)) return; state derezzed; // if key gkAgent is not on SIM/Region then derez } Unnecessary else clausules aren't really a good thing. I'd also not define things like TIMER_OFF, that's just wasting 16 bytes where 0 is clear enough what it does. I'd also not define all the control codes you're not using. All of em waste of 16 bytes per integer! I'd really suggest looking to optimize memory usage especially as mono's memory usage is dynamic. While it has an upper limit of 64kb, it will allocate/use only what it needs. So unless you use it or it has an advantage like readability don't define variables.
  11. Just a fyi, I asked specifically for an HTTP api as well as an LSL one. They were gonna do both. Handy for us who store names and UUIDs for external products, so we don't have to do ye olde scraping or interface with an inworld object to update names occasionally.
  12. I can understand if you want like a holodeck kinda thing with differing skyboxes, but for just all your ***** to rez/derez automatically is just being bad neighbour due to sim impact of such a thing.
  13. Enigma solved: [09:12] Norsk: There's no premium version of rez2
  14. It seems the OP didn't like the advice he got sadly from experienced scripters.
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