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  1. You would be wiser to be paranoid of the servers your web traffic gets rooted through, the information you give businesses irl being sold on to others and the exploitation of your data by social networks. A few more immediately identifiable bots roaming a virtual world looking for scraps are ultimately far less consequential. At any rate, for further information around bot speculation check Lou Netizen's work here.
  2. Hi, I'm looking to get 2048sqm of double prim mainland or 2x1024sqm parcels beside eachother. I've money sitting waiting to buy this at the right place for the right price! I'm not after anything fancy, I don't need water, I don't need 2/3/4x protected or anything like that. The only request is that it isn't (general) rated. Expect an instant sale if you make a good offer! I've been scouring the grid so I know what the prices are generally like, and that they are usually set by landbarons who sit on the parcels for months without shifting them!
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