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About Me

Found 2 results

  1. Blender Precision difficulties emulating a Prim Slice with a mesh object. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-227312 What just happened? I contacted the Blender Mesh Development group on SL who could not provide and answer to me currently only stating this was not a blender precision problem. I created a mesh tube 0.09194 long. I was told that if I created another object as far out as the length of the item I created it would move the axis as a splice does in second life with a prim. I had some difficulties in blender getting a box selection of dimensions which I felt was a the most basic requirement in Blender. However I could get this in object mode . I duplicated object so i could get one in object mode without the tiny item at the long end. The measurement .09194 on the z axis. as shown below: 1) I created another mall object precisely at .018388 giving my bounding box as this length this can be seen in image below 2) I imported this mesh via collada dae file into SL and rezzed it in world. I duplicated it so i had two next to each other ** 3,)And then increased Z on one of them to 50m Both ends of the item grew What were you doing when it happened? I was enlarging a Mesh item imported into SL expecting it to behave like a sliced prim cut halfway through . I was told by increasing bounding box this would emulate a spliced prim halfway through. What were you expecting to happen instead? I was expecting the end as shown in following picture marked by the green arrow to remain in position. instead it extends on both ends . This would appear to be an error of precision but my figures have been checked . Can some one explain why in mesh you cannot replicate a spliced prim? Other information I am hopeful for some intelligent replies not conjecture or opinion. It should be noted that it is very easy to slice a prim in half to do this with accurate precision result. How is it then that the mesh produced from Blender cannot match the resolutions of prim in SL? *UPDATE THREAD LOCKED As normal Jira has closed this without a referral to LindenLabs. I have to wonder what they actually do as none of my issues have ever been resolved by them. Its just typical of this service close the issue and hope you go away. I have already explained that the Blender Development Group was unable to resolve this why then has Kyle Linen done his useful dutiful obligation nothing ! Is it a wonder people are now spamming this group as it appears they are not willing to provide any reasonable required response. Kyle Linden can see from my objects that they are identical in size to those in blender thus this must be something that Second Life is doing different to mesh objects as oppose to prims . I reported this as a bug as it is a bug that you will not mend .Why is that exactly? As you have done nothing in seven days tin law this stands as a legal position without answer. Thank you for reading this Denise. Note above: Can anyone help please as Jira seems to do nothing but record information now .
  2. For the last several weeks I have been building, and had no issue with the Path Cut feature and the Slice/dimple feature. Then On Tuesday, I realized that neither were working, and I need both to finish a project I am working on. I have tried another viewer, and it to has the same issue. Is this an issue with the settings on my viewer? an SL bug? Has anyone else had this issue, and if so have they figured out what is happening to it? And, last of all, can someone please tell me how to fix the issue?
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