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  1. This actually isn't true in the least that no one has managed to make a single client. While there was not stuff that went with the main grid there was things developed for stuff based off of OpenSim. RealXtend's early days come to mind where they build a client off of Ogre3D. It turned into other stuff eventually, but the early stuff was basically SL built on a diff 3d engine that also allowed for mesh import (this was way before mesh was possible in SL)
  2. For second life to gain ray tracing it would need to start switching its graphics api around entirely and it'd need to jump to vulkan or directX 12 to be able to do either of them. OpenGL does not and will never support real time ray tracing as the computing power required to do it requires a closer to metal API approach (lower level api like DirectX 12 and Vulkan).
  3. Also to be clear knowing about something that is going to happen vs a sporadic problem that has been happening intermittently since last weekend are not nearly the same thing.Being locked out for hours on end for unknown reasons and having no updates on anything. I guarantee you they knew about the problem and could of had someone take the 3 minutes required back when I made the initial post.
  4. You won't given I just got logged back out after being on.
  5. I've been around since 05 myself. The fact they aren't updating what is going on on the status page at this point though and you have to dig for info is questionable.
  6. Seems to be intermittent through the day at that. I got back on logged back off can't get back in. Still no update on their end that anything is happening either.
  7. Ultimately they need to update people on what is happening much much sooner and get these things under control. It shouldn't be multiple times in 1 week time frame this happens.
  8. Can't even put in a support ticket as the support site isn't responding at all.
  9. Yeah not really sure what the hell has been going on lately with stuff. It shouldn't be repeatedly taking people offline unable to get back in.
  10. Randomly got logged off SL can't log back in at all on any accounts. Other people in house are in world just fine.
  11. Well that is what I was asking. If they only set the land to group and didn't deed it the person will have no real authority to do anything there.
  12. You are aware that SL tends to have less people spending around the holidays than normal months yeah? Because typically speaking people tend to spend money on real life gifts and the like. SL also has the problem of you know not accepting gift cards so people can't readily use them. There are some big stores that are established now that don't rely AS MUCH (and pay attention to the AS MUCH) as other means because they are already established so they don't need to. There are also up and coming stores that have good products that don't have the bloggers, money for classifieds, or the like yet and don't have a name that people know on a large scale. While some stores may be big enough to get by on some basis they again are still losing traffic that ma not rely on the other sources as a means to find stores. You seem to think that because no one comes out and makes forums posts like you that nobody is doing anything about the issue at all or noticed it before you made a forum post. I noticed it as soon as I woke up and started to search for places. I even commented to Whirly about it diirectly in skype. I'd of made a Jira post myself about said issue and I'd of gotten others I know to do the same, but Whirly made one as I was talking to her about it and the like. Stores still rely on some traffic coming through search even when they do not need it as much. Much like the real world a store will still send out a weekly circular to your house even though you can pick it up there to let you know they exist and the like. Chinese places that are established in a town will still put flyers in the mail, people will still advertise at other places or in the paper or in valupak coupon things even though they "don't need to". It is how business works in reality. You use avenues you have to maximize your overall potential for people to come in and look around, eat at your establishment, or even to buy things with a special to get them in the door somehow even if you are established and have a solid customer base already you are always trying to reach new customers and that holds particularly true with SL where you want new customers frequently and many of those new customers are going to be relying on search as a means to find things when they first look around for places in SL to go and shop as they may not know the blogs yet etc.
  13. New people looking that don't pay attention to the blogs etc still make up a good chunk of sales for any store. Many larger stores are pulling back from doing events too as it gets to be too tiring to do releases for events at all. Blueberry used to toss out releases for events, but has largely stopped outside of a once in awhile thing. The whole thing plays into sales and the like. You take all of it and put it together to be successful. The tools are there you use them and while search may not be as important to some stores (once they are established) it can be the diff between finding a new place or not and establishing a presence to begin with. Search matters more than you may think it does. It's not a matter of what you think prok and what you think has never been the actual reality of the situation in SL and never will be. There isn't some conspiracy, there isn't some grandiose people that LL keep their ear to etc. There is no fetid inner core, there is none of this nonsensical conspiracy you've been peddling for well over a decade now. It isn't controlled by the elites. You seem to forget that I have again been accused of being an elite or involved in some of your conspiracy bull *****. If it is so controlled by the elites where are all those people you've accused in the past at and why isn't SL steered in their direction? They are no longer here or relevant in any way shape or form because LL has always done what LL have wanted and it has nothing to do with being steered by some mysterious elite group of people. You can guarantee it all you want that SL is run by a few elites, but it is the ramblings of someone that has long since lost touch with reality on the subject and has lost touch for about 10+ years now. If people don't agree with you they are part of something or uneducated in your eyes. All those so called elites of yours in the past died off in SL because LL steered SL in a way that was different from what those elites were effectively good at and said people didn't want to keep up when sculpted prims came out, then again with mesh, then again with fitted mesh, then again with bento. SL has always been steered by LL in a way to attempt to bring in more and more content creators based on advancing skill sets not some super elites that control *****.
  14. It is the only thing I can think of other than the land being set to group and not properly deeded.
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