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  1. 78k inventory is large? Since when?? I had 400k+ on my alt and it worked fine! I know ppl who have mill+ inventory and they are ok! Most loading issues come from laggy sims and users having draw distance upped so high they can see other side of universe!
  2. 25L$ each maybe. If they had affinity they would be worth much more!
  3. Best,easest and fastest way is to use avastar...http://blog.machinimatrix.org/avastar/reference/custom-shape/ It aint cheap tho but its best tool for rigging in blender there is!
  4. Welcome to SL Rod I am glad to see you enjoying yourself inworld and seeing SL as it is,from resident point of view! SL is awesome place and i hope you will make it even more awesome
  5. Tried,used for 2 minutes,got stuck,crashed,uninstalled!Just a nother useless lag hog viewer!Nothing changed,nothing fixxed! Sticking to 3rd party viewer untill forced to do othervise!
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