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  1. I would appreciate if you know of anyone in SecondLife that has created a 3D mesh art sculpture and transformed it into a Bronze poured casting process (not 3D printing of a model - regardless of the material like bronze powder), please point me to this individual. Yes i am fully aware that all 3D mesh objects existing in SecondLife come from an actual digital 3D model and therefore can and likely have been 3D printed in what ever 3D printed material available. I am NOT talking about that. Again... please point out any other SL Mesh Artist that has transformed their SL Art Sculpture into an ACTUAL BRONZE CAST Statue / Sculpture. I would be appreciative if you do know of this Artist and their work similar accomplishment.
  2. So Villota's original SecondLife mesh art sculptures were transformed into Bronze statue art sculptures? I didn't state that I would be the first to transform SL content to RL content... I am sure several have in countless forms. In fact my SL 2D wall art and SL photo art has been transformed and I sell in my RL as Canvas and watercolor art for over two years now and even have been exhibited. I know many other artists in SL that have as well. But I will check if Villota has created SL mesh sculpture art and transformed/sells it at bronzed art sculptures in RL. If so, then I am not the first. I did say "possibly" since I dont know all that is going on in SL... its just that I have been involved in the SL art community for some time and I have not yet heard anyone of my fellow artists that have done this. Thanks for the lead to investigate.
  3. Thank you Kylie! I have sent her an email asking to have my IMAGE and description updated. I suspect my entry is rarely called up on the guide as it is never highlighted there. But at least it will now be up to date.
  4. WOW JJCCC! Very impressed with the Machinima of my art gallery!! I was learning machinima for the first objective of creating a video of my art gallery in SL. I loved your video you made. Thank you ... i really enjoyed watching it. And yes... the sim where my art gallery is on can be laggy - its mainland and LL doesn't give a lot of resource horsepower to those sims. It prevents me from having Art receptions at my gallery as the sim would crash if I have over 35 avatars.... I had a concert there once and at 40 the sim crashed. I will surely investigating the frame blending software even though the FRAPS surely has solved the lag issue.
  5. Good news Soft. Thanks for publicly informing us on the status of this bug.
  6. Phoebe Avro wrote: Hopefully LL will make a statment soon but i was told by LL that they had not been using a vulnerable version before the 'bug' was found so i guess they were using a modded version already OR.... LL is so far behind keeping their software up to date that they never updated their OpenSSL code in about 2 years and are using a version prior to version 1.0.1. That would not surprise me.
  7. Asil Ares wrote: Thanks for posting this. I tested and via the Heartbleed test site ( and they show as fixed (or uneffected). But that's just two domains and only show the current state, not what came before. Thanks Asil, And yes... its very important for LL to formally state that they were NEVER IMPACTED by the vulnerability as opposed to they were but they patched the bugs. If it was that they recently fixed the bug then SL users should change their passwords (which they should do frequently as good practice). Also, I would hope LL reports that they have checked their entire system (all components - not just the common front facing domains and respective web servers). The code should be removed from any system that uses the openSLL for encryption - especially those exposed to the internet in any way.
  8. Phoebe Avro wrote: No one but the person that opens a Sec Project Jira and LL can see it! Well that is good to hear and wise for them to publicly post this on the Blog and Grid Status. I thought the JIRA was open for all to read - but I guess SEC PROJECTS are restricted?
  9. I guess we could open up a ticket. But you would think LL would be taking this serious and being proactive. Again, until they perform a full system wide check of all their systems, I would think they will not respond to any questions like this.
  10. I heard through grapevine that the SL website was tested as safe but I would want to hear this directly as a BLOG / SL GRID STATUS statement from LL that they have checked and confirmed their systems are all NOT vulnerable from the OpenSSL. (this would mean all systems - not just the front facing website) If its good news, then LL should be making this statement ASAP. If its not good news, then I suspect we won't hear from LL until they have patched all their vulnerable systems. BUT.. ATTENTION LL ... if you had vulnerabilities and patched them... YOU MUST TELL US AFTER THE FACT and recommend all SL customer perform a password change. Fixing the vulnerable systems and not telling us after exposes all LL customer's to the risk that our passwords or more has been compromised.
  11. Well as much as my initial vibes from Ebbe on wanting to change things and be more open and transparent about what LL is up to, his only statement on the TOS topic a few weeks ago was not as open and transparent as most of his other positions / statement about LL and SL and his direction. All he basically said was that after briefly looking into the TOS issue he understood why there would be concerns about the TOS by the SL creators but its a complicated issue to just revert back to the previous TOS wording. And then he reiterated what Peter told us and those that don't understand the heart of the TOS issue (and therefor don't see this as a big deal).... TRUST US we really dont have the intent to violate SL creator rights nor would it be wise to do so. Well Ebbe, as a Senior Businessman of some very large companies prior to joining LL, I am sure companies like Miscrosoft, Google, or even LL would NEVER sign agreement or be willing forced to accept agreements whereby another party lays full claim to these companies' IP content/products/service under the terms of... "TRUST US MICROSOFT - WE WONT MISUSE OUR SELF CLAIMED RIGHTS TO YOUR IP" So Ebbe, why would you and LL feel it is reasonable for us to trust LL on this forced full rights claim to our content?
  12. Pamela Galli wrote: Another hopeful sign. (Now you have to take back all that stuff you said.) A hopeful sign ? YES Taking back what I said? SURELY NOT YET If we all see the Ebbe was able to actually influence the LL Development Priority Schedule by promote VLM development in to an active feature development by his team..... THEN I WILL SURELY BE CONVINCED THAT EBBE IS FOR REAL ! Right now all Ebbe said in his tweet was he would check into it. No commitments at all. I would even be impressed if Ebbe responded back with a status from his investigation... "I brought this VLMs up with the team and they said..."
  13. Not to get TOO EXCITED about this news but at least I have been able to push the VLM Feature Request noodle up the LL hill a bit further this week. This week via Twitter, I was able to get Ebbe to read Nalate's well written blog posting on what Virtual Landmarks (VLMs) are and the problems it addresses and the benefits for the SL Grid in having VLMs if LL developed it for the grid. Attached is the twitter dialog for those of you that don't follow me (which is likely most of you) or Ebbe on twitter. Ebbe seems to like the idea of VLMs and thinks the concept should not be that hard to do. He doesn't know the priority of this feature vs other LL priorities but said he would check. This would be a BIG WIN for Ebbe in two ways. 1) He would be able to deliver a serious overhauled enhancement to a fundamental and poorly designed feature in SL - LMs - which would make a ton of SL Residents very happy. 2) He would clearly demonstrate that LL is now actually considering and executing on CUSTOMER / RESIDENT ideas to improve the SL grid which would add serious confidence that Ebbe is different than all the previous CEOs that have come and gone with broken promises. Here is hoping Ebbe could influence the LL Development powers that be to move VLMs into the active development cycle.
  14. Well its awesome and dare I even say refreshing sign to see CTL posting in the Merchant forums. I hope this is another signal that the "Ebbe Linden - LL must be more transparent" is reaching the CTL. Good news. In the air of increased transparency CTL, may I ask you (on behalf of the other merchants participating in this trhead) to please provide more details and/or elaborate on what some of the primary LAG issues are with MP that you are aware of and plan to rectify? We know RonR is not a scalable platform for the scale of deployment LL has placed MP on. Are you looking on migrating to a new platform? Are there some fundamental components that are undersized and you plan to replace? Bugs you are aware of and have now been mandated by Ebbe to focus on? Please enlighten us with more details as to what are these MP Lag issues and how you plan to rectify them. Will CTL also be addressing the fundamental flaw in the MP transaction processing that allows a customer to receive a product, LL to get their commission, and the Merchant completely unaware that a transaction happened? Thank you in advance for this information.
  15. Sorry... here is a test video clip using FRAPS... its a quick test so not optimized but you can see how much smoother it is now. I am planning to do a promotional fly through video of my 5 floor art gallery... so this is the entrance test fly in.