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  1.  ✿ SL Name (not display name): Elegantmafiaxo - Horse name - Charming. ( Prince Charming) ✿ SL Birthdate: 04/15/2015 (1 year 2 months; 442 days) RP HORSE AGE - 5 ✿ Time Zone: Uk but usually on SLT time ✿ Horse Breed: Arabian Cross x2 frieisan ✿ Horse Type: (Breeder's Choice Shire, Water Horse Light, etc): I have the same character but two versions. i have the WH and the BC QH. ✿ Sex (stallion, mare, gelding): Stallion. ✿ Please list your preferred equestrian disciplines (racing, dressage, etc): I prefer flat and sulky racing , but i would really enjoy to further my schooling in dressage and show jumping and cross country. Ready to learn and have some fun. ✿ Please give a small summary of your horse's personality: I am playful energetic and nosey!! I love a blanket when put to rest. A long hack is what i enjoy most. I am usually very well behaved on a group hack with my favorite horses. i am very well mannered for a stallion. I like children and adults alike. I am tolerable of small animals such as dogs & cats but bare in mind i spook easily around them. I am certified traffic proof, and have rode along many a busy road. I am friendly with meeting new people and is patient with beginners . I enjoy sugar cubes very much and will over indulge if not careful. I can only eat wet hay nets. and i appreciate some sweet oats. I do not like my feet being picked, sometimes a little force is needed to raise my leg especially my hind. I do not like to be housed with alot of horses although friendly in small groups, i tend to fight or cause damage in a larger horse family. ✿ What are you looking for in an owner?: I am currently seeking a permanent owner for rp also friendship. Someone that can also take part in lessons , activity and events here at BH. Giving me an off sim home is not necessary as i have a stall at BH. My ideal owner would be someone who is easy going, light hearted and ambitious. I need a certain amount of commitment as i am a horse. Ie no less that 3hrs a week. I am a very understanding person and communication is sooo important to me. If you have questions, concerns or simply want to tell me you like something about our rp. Please let me know. I am very loyal , i am currently seeking one owner. I dont like being owned by multiple people around the grid. I do not want to be adopted by a horse hoarder ie someone who has more than two horses. I am a human behind this avi i do have feelings. So please understand i do not like being dropped out of no where , i would like at least a two week trial before claiming ownership. If we click then just mention it and maybe that could change. ✿ What times are you generally online (in SLT terms)?: SLT 5am till on and off till 9pm slt ✿ Have you been adopted before?: * if yes, what happened? : Yes She was my owner for 4 months. She became ill and i have no looked for a owner for 3 months since her departure. So i am now ready to look for my forever owner. ✿ What do you expect from your Owner?: To be human. no furrys, vampires ect. as i like realistic rp. I expect at least 3hrs a week together doing comps or rping. So an active owner is a good thing. I expect you to treat me in rp as your horse and look after and care for me that way. I also would like to be a friend aswell and have no problem talking out of rp. ✿ Do you mind if your owner sometimes switches to: Only humans please. ✿ Please add any additional info you feel is pertinent: If there is anything you want us to try ie me make in game purchases please understand i save that for full ownership rights. Also send me a nc if you contact me Thank you Hope to hear from you soon
  2. Hello I want to start making my own mesh for my store. I need someone who can skype pref and teach me how to mesh, certin items of clothing or assesories My store is a equestrian based store in sl. I am a total begginer. But i understand uv mapping ect. i am willing to negaotioate prices Message me in world . if offline please send a nc thank you so much - Elegantmafiaxo
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