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  1. Can I steal that write-up? I'm dying. Absolutely dying
  2. LMFAO yes, you make some great & hilarious points. But this is hardly my entire experience in SL & because I'm not a gamer, per se, I guess I obviously had a different framework and perspective - why I found it perplexing. Now, I'm really liking the idea of leaving the "no slex" comment because offending their world view seems quite appealing right now. However, it's not my wish to diss someone else's wishes or preferences in using SL as a vehicle for their sexuality -- only to make it clear what "flavor" of SL "gamer" I am so they can move on with their own agenda with like minds. Thanks for your hilarious write-up, it's made my day.
  3. Venus, I stated I blocked the AV in the OP. The question wasn't one of how to physically or actually deal with the intrusion AV so much as a psychological one at the end in which I ask "why is it so hard for others to respect another." in this regard. Perhaps a moot point but Marigold got it " Its human failing coupled with "anonymity" that a virtual world provides. A lot of people really struggle with realising that not everyone has the same interests as them, and certain people act as rudely as they would like to in real life, but in real life they just would probably get a smack in the mouth!"
  4. I failed to make the context clear in the OP. This behavior didn't happen in a sim. It happened in chat. I'm aware that different sims have different "atmospheres". Specifically, I joined a psych group, opened its chat, asked if group was active or had any ongoing meetings, etc. Got a response from aforementioned AV. He asked why did I expect there would be meetings. I said the previous notice says there is a weekly meeting and it had a topic. Somehow the chatting them became about the topic of last week's meeting which was a sexual topic. It seemed somewhere at that point the AV noticed my RL bio, etc. and then started in on the WHY WHY WHY and how not letting someone have SLEX with me was because I had a narcissistic superiority complex. I participated in the chat because, obviously, I am interested in the psychology of SL so I did humor him a bit with restating my position on the matter (no pun intended LOL) -- to which he either found offense or pretended to find offense. I like your statement, Cinnamon, about simply not being turned on by cartoon sex. Because I'm not, either. I think this is what I might put in my bio. Why in the bio instead of just saying "no thank you"? Because it's clear from the get-go -- and I can dance or chat or participate in another activity with someone with less potential accusation that I "lead them on." Of course, if they still don't get it, I guess that's their trip.
  5. My post is not really about BDSM or whether the person was "really" into it by classical definition or not. I have no concern with that per se and did not intend to imply such. It's about the AV not respecting boundaries and the curiosity of the psychology surrounding that.
  6. Obviously, all of us are here for different reasons. I've found many AVs have sexual expectations after having established similar interests, etc. or not even then. I have no interest in this aspect of SL -- yet it seems I'm facing forever indignant persons about this even though I make myself clear from the get-go. I wonder if that's seen as some kind of code for a challenge, etc. I'm triggered to post this because of two separate incidents that occurred within a week: one in which I agreed to dance with another AV and then here came the too-soon too-personal questions that, when I declined to answer, resulted in being dumped in the couples dance without explanation and an apparent pouting pity-party from the other AV ensued without even an apology later. The next time I logged in I stumbled into an AV that, judging from "his" groups, was heavily into BDSM, rape roleplay, etc. I asked him a non-sex related question. He then apparently read my profile bio and asked WHY WHY WHY I wasn't into SL sex. When I made it clear I wasn't interested, I was barraged by this psychological freakshow of an AV with how I was "imposing" my standards on those that wanted virtual sex with me and, therefore, I had a narcissistic superiority complex because I refused to participate and let myself be raped, etc. WTF? I couldn't tell if this person thought I was so malleable that I'd give in after his psychological assessment of me, or if he was just trying to ***** with me (psychologically) and found the whole thing amusing. Yes, I blocked him . . .but wtf is it that others can't simply respect other's boundaries? I don't give a ***** if anyone else is in SL for virtual sex -- that's fine by me, however -- it's not my interest -- why is that so hard for others to respect?
  7. Thank you! The instructions are missing that crucial bit of info
  8. Hello - is anyone around who has experience/understanding of faux rezzers? I rez a pre-built structure I've bought and leave the rezzer in place. I resize a wall using EDIT LINKED. I "store" the structure with the rezzer menu I still have open. I close the rezzer menu –– click on the rezzer again to retrieve the menu and I get a REZ only menu as if I've never rezzed the structure. If I click REZ it rezzes another copy that doesn't contain my mods even though I STORED earlier. Have I broken the rezzer by editing objects using EDIT LINKED and then STORING? Seems the STORE function doesn't work(?) OR do I need to purchase my own rezzer and use it to save my mod version of the house? Is there a better way to save the modified house? Thank you!
  9. Drake: to answer your question "Are there really that many people with hundreds of items in their favorites?" YES. I wonder how YOU can only have a page and a half. LOL. I have a long list of projects in my mind . . . it's useful to see options and have a visual scrapbook of possibilities if you will, that you don't want to lose track of. I also find stuff moves around and I don't know what the priority is for the stuff that's listed -- why can't it be by date, at the very least? Never is. Thanks for your reply
  10. Hey--is there a way to search for a specific item on my FAVORITES pages? I have at least 30 pp. worth of faves and I like to search there prior to looking for an item on the marketplace from scratch in case I favorited an item I've long since forgotten about that I might need later.
  11. I often see photographic-like imagery on wooden walls or on floors, etc. where it does not "replace" the underlying texture. How is this done? Can it be achieved w/out creating another prim? A look something like this, but with a photographi or other image. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/10-WALL-STENCILS-ALPHA-1/847094
  12. And this was the problem! LOL Thank you!
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