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  1. getting a fairly decent aluminum window frame in blender using hdri lighting. However baking does not pick up this (lighting?) looks more like the raw texture. Click to choose files Do I need to light with regular lighting Suggestions appreciated
  2. dustty


    Blender cycles rendering. I forget.. What causes the bright spots or stars in glossy?
  3. dustty

    mesh upload

    Trying to upload this blender exported collada. Clickng analyze locks up te SL uploder. What is wrong? http://www.pasteall.org/blend/31531
  4. dustty

    Physics Model

    Physics model for this. model? I can mesh it with mesh studio without a physics mode but high physics li/ Simple few prims ...l. http://www.dustys-virtual-designs.com/mesh/sun%20bot.zip
  5. dustty

    blender export collada

    I think what I did wrong was using an imported visual model made in in SL and had faces transparent.. Essentialy I just imported planes into blender..
  6. In the process of learning blender I have a mesh model textured with a uv map I made in Gimp.. In 3d view (textured) I have it lit fairly well, selected and actually looks decent. Following this wiki..http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.6/Manual/Data_System/Files/Import/COLLADA, I am trying to export the model.. .In the SL preview window in the uploader I see nothing. What is wrong?
  7. dustty

    Mesh Physics

    I am slow.. Here i use 3 prims to make a wall with an opening I mesh one DAE at default and another one LOW LOD which I use for a physics file.. I wind up with a mesh with opening LI of 1..I guss you could call my physics mesh a bounding box but in this case I can use the default file for the physics file also. Do I actually need a physics file for this simple mesh? After all this I cant even insert an image.. http://www.dustys-virtual-designs.com/mesh/door_001.png
  8. dustty

    Mesh Physics

    Ok comments from a 74 year old man with a twinkle in his eyes and grinning. I was an electronic engineer for almost half a century and worked on the most complex systems ever dreamed up by state of the art engineers. I understand fully natural, spiritual and the simple laws of physics. I have built repaired about everything used on a daily basis including things used on SL in RL. I appreciate all the help here but over many decades I have used thousands of buzz words in many vocations and just two words like bounding box brings thoughts of many things. At this stage I am going to take about a two second hit off my newly discovered vape pen do a cntrl alt delete and start my whole life over and still sit here in amazement at the nonsense in this century. In closing what the hell is a bounding box? If it has four sides like a normal box it wont work.. Believe me these things do not resemble or obey the laws of real natural physics. ROFL...
  9. dustty

    Mesh Physics

    OK I will provide a link to web folder with screnn shots. 3 linksets one parent 2 children.. I have tried different methods I upload all at once Best luck Ive had is main mesh high and a low lod mesh which I used for pyhsics file. The 2 door openings on bottom are fine The door openings on the balconies are blocked. The hole in the ist ceiling is not open it has triangle across it I added the vertical walls around trying to solve that. Looking at the model and link sets what is the best method to achieve a physics mesh. BTW THe mesh model has LI of 46.. If I can get the physics right. http://www.dustys-virtual-designs.com/mesh/
  10. dustty

    Mesh Physics

    Mesh physics is driving me up the wall.. This a fairly complex building but the physics should not be that difficult .. phot.o.. I need someone here with fairly good knowledge to come inworld and beta grid to coach me how to set the physics on this model .. Skype and share screen would help tremendously .. I will pay for time involved.
  11. LOL This my window made from MY textures Im using on MY web site. http://www.dustys-virtual-designs.com/ Original question.. Is there an easy way to take a shot that is square with the camera?
  12. How in the world does one zoom in on a prim to take a pic and get it squared with the camera?
  13. When I am texturing faces or getting ready to mesh Firestorm is setiing some faces on alpha blending when it is not necessary or needed. Even sometimes when only one texture layer is in volved .. It is annoying as I have to check every face and make sure alpha blending is not on.
  14. Is there a way to set default to no alpha bending when building?
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