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  1. Probably people here think I was born yesterday or that I can't read stats or use bencharks programs. I have been assembling pc's for years and always made them work at top.Probably they think I am allucinated or on crack. Not at all. As promised I made more tests. I tried old viewer I also tried to import some files or settings from old viewer to the new ( with the needed modifies) no big result. But when I log again in the viewer version I said above I keep getting huge , monstrous difference in FPS. Here is my last test anybody can repeat this. Facts not words here is how to repeat the test and how to verify it: 1) Viewer version used : Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686_Setup.exe (to use older versions you need to edit the properties just right click and in the path add --channel "Test 123" after secodlife.exe).It's not harder than setting custom paths for SL viewe as specified here http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewer_parameters 2) To allow anybody to repeat the test I used Ruth without ao and any other item worn (but the difference in fps even with a mesh avatar and ao wouldn't change at all).To ruth yourself you need to go to develop/character tests/tests female. 3)then lower your draw distance to 30 which is good deal als o for exploring dancing and so on (unless you need to make pictures or movies or test your building, we're talking of eveyday usage with best performances).To do this for those who don't know how to in classic viewer go to advanced menu/ show debug settings and type in the blank space : renderfarclip , then set as value 30. And I made the test in a linden welcome center so we can't use as justification "hobbists made pieces of furniture and avatars".No no no no no that's not it.The viewer rocked till 1 year ago even with "hobbists" stuff around ( with all respect for "hobbists "after all who made the self saying themself professional profssionists?) Here are the proofs of what I say How comes I still see in the version viewer ( Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686) more than 260 fps when I go around which allows me to be also in busy places with other avatar and losing a few fps I still have 180 160 Fps with prople around so smooth like hell? With the new viewer you get 110 Fps (the avarage) in a sandbodx and alone but if you go to clubs it's not normal anymore getting on knees with 30 -40 fps or even lower if the builder has used really laggy pieces of furnitures. Oh yes with 30 pfs I should consider myself lucky especially if I walk like in a slow motion movie feeling my feet in a soup. Attention please we're not talking of 2 different versions of viewers like comparing viewer 6.x to 1.x to 2.x .In that case you could call me alucinated. We're talking of version 5.x that was around last summer (more and less) and this loss of FPS has been there for a year. In the past this happened yes. but after 1 at least 2 versions update the viewer got back there again as good as it was before.There haven't been big releases of new features either to justify this lag between the two versions. that I know the nly big new thing is now animesh. But this happened also before animesh came out( few months ago). Someone above said that we expect fps to be lower, if I remember well. I remember that in the old SL world I used to have the same pc with a 9800 GTX and fps never went low this way and they've been high for years (9 10 years I used the older pc).What's that programmed obsolescence? now that Sl is on steam it works like other games there? Some persons I assemble pc for tell me some steam games give them discounts if I put in their pc a specific card.Then what should I think we make you obsolete so you get new Nvidia cards? Is it possible?Or is this some new feature or some shaders that are no more working to be turned off ( I heard of some problems with pfs in phoenix viewer too but they resolved doing a manual setting for specular shaders).
  2. Thanks for letting us know the updates from lab toughts about fps. 10 FPs I think is really low to say it's liveable (wonder why then if I go reading blogs of gamers pcand games they all care to have at least 60 fps to enjoy it). But if lindens say so it explains a lot. From old school viewers I have always been known 25 fps is the minimum to have a decent movement . I know of people who brag to have 2-5 fps and yet they pretend to do stuff like competitions in SL but I mostly think they do to scoff others" hey I kill you even if I am a zombie".Most of the fps I saw were probably a glitch but I've never been under 60 in clubs,using earlier versions of viewer. I went to a party where a friend as DJing and I was having less than 15 fps .Once again all this didn't happen with earlier viewer versions like Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686.To make it liveable if I go to a party now I must derender and mute everyone. It could be programmed obsolescence.France has been hardly beaten by law and judges ;about this now many products there have to declare better informations about it. I never saw hardware gettting so old in a couple of years, considering that my previous pc with a wolfdale a bit overclocked to 3800 ghz and a 9800 gtx has been giving me decent result for almost 10 years (I usually make machines that must last at least 10 years or more) .Then if there is a secret complot to make us buy new and more hardware I don't know . Of couse about the human delay and synapsis delay around (0,12 msec) reasonable to explain why having extreme low ping or extreme fancy keyboard and mouse is "useless". But this aspect impacts more in the delay you'd have hitting the button and seeing the strike. Another talk,another book (physiology).At least before we complain about this I'd first need very smooth movements ,that are failing lately with recent viewers.Then comes all the thoughts and discussion about delay. The real question stays do you test the viewer I said(Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686)? do you notice the huge difference in performances and FPS? why is that happening? which feature( if a feature is ) could cause it? Anyway thanks I'll try to make more tests with settings and stuff and, If I get anything good ,I let you all know.
  3. Yes thanks for pointing tat out I remember in the past too fingering with settings there were some to not touch. Today I installed again the whole viewer again cleaning anything included registry. I checked those boxes for basic shaders too.Nothing changed with last settings if I hang out alone I have a range of 100-120 FPS. Agreed good to hangout. But if I move to places where they even do a party with less than 20-30people I drop down to 20 fps or lower which is annoying cause under 25 fps you get that moonwalk feeling (of course keeping settings low). With the oldest viewer (Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686) I was telling above that now could be used just forcing the login changing the parameters as shown in wiki, In discosteque and such places I used to get 80-100FPS at least. In the past( not so far away ago,we talk of July -August 2017) with the viewer version I mentioned above in places like dcs area I used to get in arena and similar places 280 300 Fps (tweaking a bit more the settings with extreme ways like 24 fardistance no particles and stuff) and camming away from avatar it raised up even to 380 fps . About the bandwidth yes I changed it, as you suggested too yesterday, I see it was high , but making a fresh clean installation I realize that it was 3000 bandwidth cause now the linden viewer has as default setting that value.We got ask the programmers why they raised up bandwidth that much. I tested these new viewers on my actual pc and my office one that is similar more and less a part certain pieces but no difference. I don't know if this is related just to SL viewer or to the whole new code/versions of all the viewers.Tho I'd love to keep using just SL viewer.
  4. not sure if that value is there by default in new viewers or I have accidentally changed it. I use to delete all my settings folder before any new installation. But it was worth a try so I logged in using a bandwidth once 1000 and once again lowered to 800 even with a bandwidth below 1000 no change. I would sure see differences( and I saw it only if I force the login in the oldest version I said above in the past doing tests) no matter what settings you'd use.
  5. CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz Memory: 16384 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 64-bit Graphics Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 1060/PCIe/SSE2 Windows Graphics Driver Version: OpenGL Version: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 417.35 Window size: 1024x768 Font Size Adjustment: 96pt UI Scaling: 1 Draw distance: 64m Bandwidth: 3000kbit/s LOD factor: 2 Render quality: 0 Advanced Lighting Model: Disabled Texture memory: 512MB VFS (cache) creation time: December 23 2018 08:07:41 J2C Decoder Version: KDU v7.10.4 Audio Driver Version: Undefined Dullahan: 1.1.1080 / CEF: 3.3325.1750.gaabe4c4 / Chromium: 65.0.3325.146 LibVLC Version: 2.2.8 Voice Server Version: Not Connected Packets Lost: 0/4,490 (0.0%) December 23 2018 11:00:22 here is the help menu. As you can see, I usually hang out at low settings unless I need to take pics or build and see effects.
  6. cpu i7 7770k Gpu nvidia gtx 1060 (with nvidia drivers always updated to newest version) Using windows 7 and ubuntu 18.10. I used Sl both way classic installation and also on a Ram disk moving all on custom paths nothing to helps it.All the newer versions from that one keeps making me slower.That's why I supposed maybe they no longer suport direct x11 or maybe not as good as in the past.
  7. Hello. I have been using second life viewer for years. Lately I notice that it's incredibly slow even if I use an high-end pc. In detail I can tell you that the last good viewer I used was the version "Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686". The next updates had as result a consistent cut off of fps ( about 3X less fps than the fps I got with the viewer version I mentioned above). I've been waiting since August 2017 for a better viewer or something that run smooth like the version Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686,I opened a Jira, but nothing. What is still strange is that looking in the wiki there are ways to run older versions of the viewer and I did this when the first newer versions with lower fps appeared. The result was each time I used the earlier vesion(Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686) my fps were raised up by 3X than the fps I get with the newer versions of the viewer. My question is. What has changed in sl since the release Second_Life_5_0_6_326593_i686? that I know by then animesh and bake on mesh were still at embryological state of projecting Is it, by chance, that newer versions support only directX12?
  8. Reading of baking on mesh it leaves in my mind some excitement about possbilities but also many many doubts. If i understand well from all the examples the mesh should be mod to use this feature . I also saw the "workaround" in mp that already allows somethin similar to bake on mesh even on no mod meshes. I have a proposal but surely (even if from my point of view it seems more efficient) I doubt it would happen to be made. I think that to avoid onion built meshes we just need a new featture that allows us something that any 3d software already does: adding more layers (with different blending) to the diffuse channel of a material applied to my mesh. Then allow us via LSL to have new feature to apply textres via uuid also to those channels. The chance to have just 3 or 4 extra layers with overlay blending to apply to my texture( diffuse channel) could be enough to solve all the fussiness with laggy onion built meshes and can also grant many easy low lag applications for other mesh items,not just body parts, as previous pages keep focusing on.
  9. Yes I confirm the page where it's showed the upload mesh quiz is working again It shows my stats so It started working again. It seems that was their server error and not that they wanted us to make the test again ( useless in that case:P). it seems fixed, let's hope it stays so, before writing the this I've been waiting a few hours, tested a couple of minutes ago too and it's still all fine.
  10. It al depends by the fact that SL has backface culling always active. Lindenlab could add an option to turn it off in case you need. Due to this the polycon is seen only on one side ( the one where the normal is) the other side is seen as transparent. If for instance you wear an oldbie skirt made by the classic sl templates you could see that skirt being ttransparent too. After all also that skirt is a mesh we just applied our own layers to it and it didn't have folded edges. The folding edges I do it too helps in many cases. In the specific case of skirts, due to animations and stuff rather than a single folding edge could be better closing the hole under the skirt. Some adopted this solution. Why aren't all the makers doing this many reasons. As it was told you above some might be using layers from other makers: for instance they just make the texture for an appplier of a mesh body that in most cases I saw is done without any folding edge. The folding edge could represent according to the geometry( mostly it doesn't) a problem behaving like a kind of holding edge The same that you get in any 3d program when you apply a subdivision surface and want to preserve some details by some edgy cuts. Blhea well forget all this tecnical detail. Other reason I may thing of is the fact that many things I see still around are like those marvelous designer meshes not at all retopoed when I hit ctrl alt shift r to go in wireframe and inspect what the hell is going on if I ffeel lag I see a very intricated mesh like made by spiders on LSD or on LSD plus crack and in that case folding edges becomes a puzzle , to not talk about UV MAp and precision rigging using numbers consoles rather than rough weight paint by brush
  11. Mikka, I am sad to hear that this "bug" is affecting also the main grid in your case. After your message anyway I wanted to see what was going on and tried to make again a new fresh test this time in Main Grid. I made a simple cube (this is what I use to avoid other possible errors due ot other things) then I uploaded it: in maingrid and all is working fine, till 2 minutes ago . In my case I checked the dashboard and for main grid I still have on profile the payment info and the mesh upload tutorial done. What I can see is ( at least in my case) the betagrid dashboard has lost the page where were stored my mesh upload test tutorial and, as I said above, it's impossible to load the page to try to do it again. Honestly I see a new TOS I copied and pasted it on pc I'll read all that burocratish later. Making us all even experienced one run it again it's madness pure and simple mmadness ( and a part this the page to run that test doesn't load either). Don't forget to tell your friends too to go to jira and vote this iussue the BUG-9448, as showed by Bellri above. This is the only way to get lindenlab's attention and the bug fixed soonish so they know it's a bug. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-9448
  12. Here is the error. It is not only me tho having this. I had IM from friends getting the same trouble. I suggested and did myself the upload of a simple cube. but it's definitely something that has to do with the upload test. It's gone from aditi profile and you can't run it. I did another quick test few minutes ago and I still get that pity error too.
  13. Ivanova Shostakovich wrote: I have uploaded many a mesh logged into ADITI. Today, I can't. I get a client message "Error while requesting mesh upload permissions." [Edited after testing] I notice now that there are separate IP tutorials for AGNI and ADITI. I really don't remember having to do this twice, but meh. When attempting to do the tutorial now for ADITI, the webpage: https://secondlife.aditi.lindenlab.com/my/account/ip/tutorial.php, fails to display properly. I managed to get it to show a couple of times but clicking the "Let's get started." link, takes me to the questions page, which failed utterly to display anything in both Firefox and Chrome. Something's broken. If only we had a "local meshes" option when in AGNI. Exactly. I was fine yesterday as I told it all stated one hour before I wrote my message here. What's going wrong Idk . For sure I know it's not my fault if I don't load well the upload test page. Anyway WTF lindenlab made this mess after the new TOS, porbably it is concequence of kiddos bringing in SL protected games content, but all this sounds like when USA have a trouble somewhere "oh we have an intelligent bomb it kills just the bad ones " sure they throw it and millions more innocent dies HAHA. Another bad thing that I notice is when you log out after trying to do the upload test again you get this error message. I hope their site is not compromised. Maybe it is the NSA messing with games again as months ago notices leaked out about employees working to spy games like SL WoW and so on hahaahaah
  14. Yoruthecrow wrote: I have an issue with the mesh upload status in adati. It doesnt allows me to pass the IP test, I gave all the correct answers and succesfully finish the test, but when I go to my Mesh Upload Status, it keep saying that i need to pass the test again Also the payment information takes me to a broken page I have my mesh upload status correct on the normal second life, also I have tryed to reset my password on second life beta, but keep happen the same error ┬┐Someone knows how can i fix this? For now while they fix this bug, because it stinks like a kind of bug, unless you have to upload fitted mesh use open grid or inworldz to test the model.
  15. Sin Ying wrote: Just in case - You know you have to do that (same ) quiz seperately for Agni and Aditi? If you only did the 'normal one', the Aditi one is there: https://secondlife.aditi.lindenlab.com/my/account/mesh-landing.php' It's not that. I know that I was aallowed to do it in both grids. yesterday I made my last test for builds and betagrid was working. Just one hour ago I went in betagrid to test a model I made and I was't able to upload. I started getting that silly error " error while request mesh upload permissions" I looked for the possible cause and the wiki and forum talked about the not completed mesh test. The huge problem is when I go to the aditi login page and try to do the mesh upload test again I click to the mesh upload status , but the page takes forever to load and in the end it doesn't load at all. I tried several browsers with it. I tried disabling all my usual scripts and stuff. I tried installing again java. It doesn't seem my iussue. The fun thing is that in main grid the mesh test information didn't disappear at all.
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