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  1. I agree, im working on that. They are losing business by giving us no other choice
  2. This affect more than just the 60L sale items over the weekends. I see many events who reguire it to be 99 or less. SO many kits have a 100 or less restriciton. That cuts all of those out of these type of events. i understand and appreciate the complexity of making the meshes to beging with. But they have the right to sell the kit for what they feel its worth. I have the choice if i want to pay that amount. But once i buy somethinga t full perm, i should be able to do whatever i like with it, shy of giving or selling it as full perm. And at the least, set a short term event/sale price requirement and a "after its so old i cant sell it anymore" price limit. I am more than willing to pay for quality. But i simply cant run a business with the requirements that fall on me from all directions when i cant even choose the prices of my own products.
  3. I have about had it with mesh kit creators who set in their TOS a limit on what i can price my products for when i make textures 100% from scratch. They are hurting their own business. As the final end designer who is selling these products to the public, we are stuck having to deal with sale groups rules and such. If a mesh kit wont allow me even for just 2 days for a sale, place their item on 60L sale price, i simply cant buy that kit. I have bypassed many good kits, because they are TOSing it out of my boundaries. Then you consider, its been in my store for 2 years, hardly has a sale anymore, im not allowed to move it down to my 99 or less area. If they want to impose on my business and set these pricing restrictions, then stop to consider what the end designer has to adhear to. Allow limited time lower priceing for sales and clearance priceing after a year from purchase etc. Ive seen some kit creators do this and i applaud them and swarm to their store to find new things.
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