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  1. MS servers are down,they are in process of fixing them
  2. there you go http://www.mediafire.com/download/z5t0nb0wj3d1j1a/bcube.blend
  3. What you are asking is ilegal,against copyright! Terminator (ALL OF THEM) is copyrighted movie character and you CANT reproduce it in SL for comercial porposes! Hence you CANT BUY IT! Not legaly anyways!
  4. Link Mirror tools you are refering to im guessing are Kinex or Symmetrisor! Answer is NO! There is no mirroring inworld tool for mesh builds! Mesh cant be mirrored way sculpts/prims can! Only way to mirror mesh is in 3d modeling program!
  5. Lets say i make mesh kit...price is 15k for kit...i dont give a flying f.k if you give away final product for free if its no transfer! You hurt your own income! Not mine!
  6. I would say best start would be is to get Avastar (its an addon for blender made for SL rigging( fitted mesh support to ) and animation) . You can get it here http://blog.machinimatrix.org/ or inworld (search Jass in places) There are tons of tutorials on their blog and on tube https://www.youtube.com/user/gaiaclary/videos For SL file type blender has options for SL dae(collada) in operator presets options when you export (Avastar has its own dae export option directly from toolshelf)
  7. Rezz faux rezes parts of build from its inventory,if you didnt take modified copy of your part in your inventory and replaced coresponding one in rezzer with your modified part it will rez nonmodified one! So mod,save,take,replace one in rezzer with modded one and thats it
  8. 78k inventory is large? Since when?? I had 400k+ on my alt and it worked fine! I know ppl who have mill+ inventory and they are ok! Most loading issues come from laggy sims and users having draw distance upped so high they can see other side of universe!
  9. You wont get smooth effect with subdivision but with smooth shading! Object mode,in tools shelf hit smooth! Done! Subdivision isnt solution to ewerything!
  10. Astrid all i read in your posts here is "my sh*t is better than yours" rants! You are not qualified to say is your product better or not!!! That is for consumer to decide!!! All you do at this moment is spitting at other ppls products and nothing else! And for that reason I and i think manny others wont even try your cookies!
  11. Well idk about bronze statues but SL statues transfered to RL statues i know its been done ages ago,way back in sculpty days! Its all 3d models easy transferable to rl statue form! Nothing new! Your choice of material is only new thing! Not trying to undermine your efforts tho,art is art no matter in wich form it is!
  12. Sorry to informy you but you are not first to go from SL art to real life item! Quote from New world notes blog "Former Second Life designer Violaine Villota's designs were recently donned by models in a Victoria's Secret fashion show" "Her work wasn't in the form of bras, corsets, or anything you might pick up yourself from the acclaimed undergarment brand, though. Violaine's contribution was a little more ephemeral. She makes wings -- the gorgeous, glittering fairy wings worn by several models in the show, to be specific." Cant post links but you can google it!
  13. select object,Object options(box looking icon close to modifiers),display,untic Wire checkbox
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