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  1. Anyone having problems all of a sudden logging into SL? Just out of the blue I couldn't teleport home due to it failed. So I logged out but when I try to log back I get a LOG IN FAILED. I use Firestorm Viewer and its been working fine up until about 30 minutes ago. The first clue there was a problem is when it wouldn't let me buy Lindens - That's never happened to me before. Then I was unable to Teleport home. Then I'm unable to Log in at all!! HELP!
  2. I know you shared this 2 years ago but WOW! Am I glad I found your post on this. I enjoy taking SL photos but my photos compared to other people's look very amateurish. I know nothing about using Photoshop or Gimp. And when I enable everything required to take good quality photos on my Firestorm viewer, they still end up looking drab. Your tips are just what I needed!! Honestly I'd prefer to just point & shoot without doing any editing etc. I plan on putting your tips to use. And the photo you used to demonstrate looks very high quality professional Thank you so much for s
  3. I just finished watching video "How To Build A Gaming PC in 2019." I still haven't picked out a PC yet & I'm still shopping around. Tho the videos have helped me understand a bit more about the technical computer stuff, I still don't feel confident enough to "Build" my own system. But I am closer to picking out a computer. I have 2 or 3 in mind including on Ebay. I'm hoping I'll have one that's decent and one that will handle SL. I don't need an expensive computer for heavy gaming - some of the ones I've looked at run $2000 and up which is way out of my budget! The ones I am look
  4. Thanks for your reply. I just want something reasonable with decent FPS, decent RAM & graphics card. I wanted to be able to turn on shadows etc for photos and such. I don't need a state of the art gaming system. Secondlife is the only "game" I really enjoy and like to log on to frequently. I'm so thankful for all of you helping me out on this!! Without your help I most likely would have bought a computer that couldn't handle SL. Thanks so much for your help.
  5. I just checked this one out on Ebay from your link. I even clicked the Nvidia graphics and it raised the price about $50 bucks. It currently has 140 watching & only 2 left. Checked out this sellers feedback and all positive from others who bought from them. So yeah - I added the $390 one to my cart. I prefer a prebuilt since I don't understand the tech stuff. My cousin has bought refurbished computers in the past & has always received decent computers. And like I said I researched the Pros & Cons of buying refurbished and the Pros outweighed the Cons. From my research on refur
  6. I never even thought of checking out Ebay. I have been told to look into refurbished computer systems. One refurbished gaming system I looked at came with a 3 year warranty. And I read some of the reviews from those who bought refurbished computers and the majority were positive reviews. I was hesitant to go that route but I think maybe I'll consider it. The second computer I Shared Specifications on - The HP gaming with Ryzon 3-2200G quad core was about $600 on sale. That doesn't include the monitor. and then I thought maybe I should wait till Black Friday... But hey, if I can get
  7. Thank you cheesecurd!! I figured the SL system requirements was probably out of date. In an earlier reply you mentioned AMD Ryzen 3600 and the 2nd computer I have my eye on is an HP gaming with Ryzon. I listed its specifications on here also. It's within my budget so I think I'll go with that one. It's only 4 GB of ram but I think I can add more memory if needed. I've been looking at new computers for over a month now & the more I looked the more confused I got. So I'm glad I came to the forums for help. I nearly gave up and was going to buy the 1st computer I looked at.
  8. Hi - That's what I keep hearing. SL does best with Nvidia. So far everything I've looked at doesn't have Nvidia but I've mainly been looking at HP computers. I looked at Nvidia graphic at Best Buy and some of those run $200 and up just for the kits to build your own computer. I know nothing about building a computer which is why I prefer to buy prebuilt systems. I'm not sure if Secondlife has updated their System requirements page recently. On Strawberry Singh blog she suggested we view the system requirements for SL and those requirements list 4 GB of memory is adequate and ITEL chipsets, ATI
  9. Hi- the first computer specifications I shared is not an all in one. And yes it does say a mini tower. I found a second computer I have my eye on and its an HP Gaming Desktop, AMD Ryzen ( 3LA91AA#ABA) and to be honest I have no idea what any of this tech stuff means. So I thought I'd share on the forums computer specifications I'm currently looking at that's within my budget. My current computer is an HP All In One but its 10 years old and cant handle Second Life. I can still log on but my InWorld experience is horrid, constant crashing, nothing stays rezzed & my FPS putrid - 7 at
  10. Hi - thank for replying. I have a second computer in mind that more money but within my budget. It's an HP gaming system and I'm listing the specifications below. I ordered a computer from Dell one time & I had to "build" it myself. They asked me if I wanted this or did I want that. I had no idea what they were talking about so I just said OK yeah I'll take that. Needless to say I'm illiterate when it comes to the inner working & brains of a computer & ended up with a Windows Vista Home Basic that was pretty crappy!! 😁 So I prefer to buy the prebuilt computers.
  11. Hi - Thanks for your reply. I am currently using an HP all in one windows 7 64 bit & my graphics card on this computer is AMD Raedon HD 6320. It's actually 10 years old so I will have to buy a monitor as well as a tower. I joined SL 6 years ago and have been using this AIO to log on. But it's gotten more & more laggy & the FPS on my current computer struggle to reach 7!! Nothing rezzes completely either. My face will finally Rez and come in clear but my clothing & everything else is a blurry mess. Then my face blurs & my clothing finally rezzes nice and crisp. It's a night
  12. Hello - first off I'm extremely illiterate & dumb when it comes to computer technical things. Like graphics cards that can & can't handle secondlife. I currently use a 10 yr old windows 7 & logging onto SL is nearly impossible on this thing. I'm currently shopping around for a new computer but I can't afford a really expensive (tho I wish I could!) I looked at one but I'm sure if the specifications are adequate for SL. So I need help with this. I keep hearing that secondlife loves Nvidia graphics cards? Here are the specifications of one I'm looking at and I'd like t
  13. Do you mean no don't download the Singularity and just continue using Firestorm? Or no....don't download the Alpha ("nightly") Builds (Now With Bento) and just continue using Singularity even tho my Bento body parts are distorted & my Bento AO doesn't work? Thanks~
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