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  1. Darrius Gothly wrote: CommerceTeam Linden wrote: As many of you noticed, we did shorten the time line to get Merchants migrated to VMM. This is due primarily to the need to get Merchants off of Xstreet, as it was down for a weekend in early July, forcing us to accerate our dates. CTL: Thank you for the explanation as to the rushed migration date. It certainly does make sense to minimize use of a system that is well known to be buggy, unstable and mostly unrepairable. However ... The process chain from XStreet technology through the Marketplace, Direct Delivery, End-Customers and the Merchants consists of much more than a single link. While it is accepted that VMM had to be pushed ahead for fear of the whole house of cards tumbling catastrophically, the failure to prepare all the other inter-related links has essentially created the same condition. We humans that run the Avatars that are the Merchants are prone to hesitation, trepidation, and refutation .. especially when our money is messed with against our will. I thought this "cart before (or absent) the horse" behavior had ended a few months ago. I am sad to see it has not. plus ca change, plus c'est la même chose...
  2. Hi Chloe As Freya said, it's default SL behaviour to transmit the device location. The way I managed this for my own store was to create a small parcel for my servers, with a forced landing point at the store entrance. This way people land where they need to, to shop or unsub, but don't suddenly appear in my workshop to scare the crap out of me while scripting, etc.
  3. Do the jpg conversion yourself first (and if necessary reduce size to <= 512 across). Photoshop (or Gimp or whatever) will do a better job of this than MP.
  4. Try making a new listing for the demo and then change the linkon the main to that.
  5. Assuming you own the holovend, and that the buyer is just activating it with touch/menu, the sim considers you to be the rezzer, since you own the object doing the rezzing.
  6. Hunt fee? So now you have to pay to give stuff away?
  7. Item name was requested during SLM beta over four years ago. IIRC, getting the purchaser's name was a bonus...
  8. Cute, huh? For more details you need to go to https://marketplace.secondlife.com/merchants/<your_merchant_number>/reports/orders Download CSV from there as well as the transaction page for your records.
  9. Sathya Breil wrote: Example: A mesh latex spanking bodysuit, with no breast or implant, or lolas reference keywords at all, appears under Lolas related items. Do you mean the Related Items at the bottom of the listing? If so, those are chosen manually on the edit page.
  10. Arwen Serpente wrote: One possible reason for delay would be the new tax reporting requirements [...] Often the email that should alert you to the request never makes it to your email. Once the required information is provided, the processing to Paypal timing will resume. This. If a cashout is taking longer then a week and you haven't already provided the lab with your tax info then you need to look for an email from the lab or log into the support portal to check for an open case. I had to search my gmail for email from support@secondlife.com before i found anything. ---- Due to the volume and/or amount of Process Credit Requests you have submitted this year, Linden Lab is now required to collect and confirm the following account information from you: • Name • Date of birth • Address • Identification number (for U.S. residents, the Social Security Number) ---
  11. Last time I looked at this (a few years ago after the crackdown on "gaming search", so apologies if info is out of date) the consensus was that you would be fine using any of these devices, as long as the parcel they were on was not set to show in search. So you could cut out a small parcel under the chairs themselves, set it to not show in search, and you'd be fine.
  12. wow Pam - i think you just found the lost verse from "I Am the Walrus"
  13. I'd just do it with Paypal on the site - can't see any reason to involve $L at all. And yes you're right - B@R's just seems to be donation (I just saw $1 on the things I was browsing which matched the price of their outfits and figured you could buy directly)
  14. The fabulous Bare@Rose have one too (thank god - you could lose a lifetime in their store...) http://barerose.xeraweb.com/index.php?module=browse Technically, you'd just need a magic box type device for inworld delivery - as used by web driven vendors systems and the old SLX. Not especially difficult. I'm surprised more stores haven't done it already.
  15. Use https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ArtiZan-Postmaster-Online-Delivery-Mail-Server/1365664 Just drop in the new version and copy/paste in your list of names from MP sales history (download the CSV and you can just sort and copy the whole column) and send. (Note - my own product made precisely for this purpose. Shameless self-promotion maybe but it's the best solution to your problem so *shrug*
  16. That's ridiculous. The picture already shows what they look like, which provides far more info than words in the title. You don't need to do anything IMO.
  17. Innula Zenovka wrote: Three Zenovkas in a thread! Don't often see that. LOL! It's a ... /me wanders off pondering the collective noun for Zenovkas
  18. How strange - i had three sales notifications from Feb 6 in there. Thanks Innula!
  19. Liana Halostar wrote: I still can't do the algebra to find a formula that will give me any desired OS for a given LP. But knowing LL's formula and a little trial & error gets me there. Now to apply it and hope I'm right. Thanks for the insights. I gave you the formula above: Desired % / 0.95
  20. Desired % / 0.95 Split is calculated on the nett price after MP commission is taken out, ie "Sale price x 0.95", therefore to get back to the original price, you divide instead of multiply. To get 25% after MP commission, enter 25 To get 25% of full price, enter 25/0.95 ( = 26.32) Or just save yourself the trouble and make a command decision to apply the split after MP cut and leave it at 25
  21. Spica Inventor wrote: It's getting to the point where inworld store profitability will be restricted to LL employees only, who are given a free sim to sell their wares without tier costs. (Which explains why they greatly prefer to have inworld shopping) (to give them a big competitive advantage on price). Huh? Wot?
  22. Try taking out all the XXS, etc and write "extra small" - I don't think the proximity of other letters prevents the detection of the verboten "XX"
  23. Pamela Galli wrote: Today someone said he was missing a table from a dining set, but there is no record of any purchase by him, and no record of him rezzing the set. I don't know where he got it. D'oh! Maybe he'd bought on an alt? Some people don't realise alts are totally separate accounts. I spent weeks exchanging IMs with one guy who was complaining that he couldn't get the owner menu to come up on one of his visitor mats. Eventually I noticed that the IMs were from two slightly different names. I then asked "you are trying to access this on the account that bought the mat, aren't you?", and never heard back from him, LOL.
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