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  1. LOL The fact that you mentioned the pregnant shape.. I was demoing this body the other day cause was slightly interested in it (Still am, but a little turned off by this fact) but noticed that, the pregnant body is literally the legacy body but with a "pregnancy" shape + skin.. can't we just buy a skin that has the pregnancy look and then...change our shape to be pregnant with legacy? OH WAIT... you can.. why waste your money.. 😝
  2. the reason im trying to get the most L$ for 10 USD$ is because thats all I have available, hence why im asking whats the highest amount exchange rate to get most L$ possible.. but since it doesnt seem anyone thinks going above the top 3 rates I guess Im S.O.L and need to just go with what is recommended...
  3. So if thats impossible to fill, what is possible? (if I want the exchange rate to be higher? ) in other words, how can I get more L$ for Less usd $ and get a successful fill? (Again this is all curiosity.) thank you for your replies and patience.
  4. I’m not very familiar with how these things work, and while I do understand they suggest the recommended rate and also people say to go with the best top 3 I was curious of this was at all possible and if so how long exactly would it take (as it states 22 hours in the photo then later said 5 days) this is out of curiosity and the desire to maybe even attempt it (if I haven’t already <_<‘) I apologize for my ignorance, please try to be as “dumb” as possible when you explain to me as I’m not that great at understanding things to begin with ( probably cause I’m stubborn ) also apologize in advance of this is the wrong forum to place this in and would be grateful for it to be placed in the proper one 🙂 thank you! ❤️
  5. Sounds like something I could do! Please send me a notecard in world with more info if you haven’t!
  6. Not Really Looking to get into anything that isn't considered freelance work, plus I'm not much help to begin with, however I'd like to think i'm fairly good at editing photos, capturing high quality photos, making logos, banners, etc (basically Im really good with graphic arts) So With that being said, IF anyone wants my services to make Invitations, Banners, Logos, Photos, Etc. Please Send Me a NOTECARD of what your searching for and what your budget is and i'd be more than happy to help (My Inworld is AStormieDay) (My messages get capped..) Also Banners, Logos, Photo editing/touch-ups & invitations aren't Limited to SL - I Also Can make things for your real life (also if I placed this in the wrong place please move it to the right place.) My Flickr is Linked Below & Some Screenshots of Logos/Invites I've Done. https://www.flickr.com/photos/147857817@N08/ https://gyazo.com/5b64a5c8c49c1f06fcb4c66e5d40ea5b (newest/recent) https://gyazo.com/3ddde4489524dd3ff9250229e101580f (Older) https://gyazo.com/1f2f697c4490ed1fb873ae89db8a4ff4 (Older) https://gyazo.com/f7258b57ae79ee2a441877a8c31407d0 (older)
  7. Thank you everyone who commented! i've found my one true SL love! :D!
  8. Ive experienced this too - but im white irl,and have had a black avatar before...nobody approached me,I didnt think much of it cause those who did talk to me really liked me for me - I never put my race out for the general public to know (a.k.a for people to stalk my profile.)
  9. Same experience,or the guy wastes my tokens to remind me he is the same ***** who called me names lol
  10. Ive met far too many men on sl that think they are a dom,but they are just abusive ass-hats..its not my thing anymore cause of that
  11. avmatch is a waste of time in my opinion - ive only met controlling rude doms,and sensitive jerks - I will probably find an in-world thing though
  12. I would like to state this before I get to the details - this is strictly a role-play job you wont be paid and I only expect 4 hours a week to be put into your position that you fill Please make sure you have the right skills with leadership & emoting when applying! We are looking to hire a variety of people which I'll list below Assistant Manager Cooks/Chefs Waiter(ess) Greeter Wine & Cider Specialist You can contact Athena (AStormieDay) inworld or Fåҽʅḁα ƈɾιɱʂσɳ Ɗαмηєɗ (faelarider) for a resume. thank you so much
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