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  1. Thanks Jenna - I'll have a look. Mostly because I can (well maybe) and it might be a nice feature. It's just for avi to avi communication - I'm using unique identifiers internally but thought I'd try to make display names work. I figure if people go to the trouble of making them, that they'd prefer to be referred to by them.
  2. Thanks for that, Dakota. Good to get the full picture.
  3. Same. I can stay logged into https://accounts.secondlife.com/ forever but going to MP page logs me out more often than not. Anyone noticing a drop in MP sales since this started?
  4. Thanks guys. NP I'll just have to work around it. Horrible @#$#%#@%$ display names. @Mollie thanks I saw Sasun mentioned that in the jira. Unfortunately I won't have control at client end. @Nova thanks, so that explains how the two email functions can be different. I just found that code snippet you posted in an old thread - StringUTF8Size(string). If != llStringLength, I can send just the username in email instead.
  5. Thank you Nova and Wulfie - you just saved my sanity! (Hate to necro an old post, but just had to say
  6. Hello. Is there any reliable way to make non-ASCII characters (eg from display names) show correctly in email sent from SL? Currently they: show correctly in the body of offline IMs from scripted objects (llInstantMessage) forwarded to email using llEmail they show correctly in subject but as ??s in body, and using llTargetedEmail they are replaced by ? in both subject and body. I've found https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-4059 and https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-391 which are a decade old and offer no hints of resolution. Does anyone know more
  7. I'm sure if you went to the marketplace and typed "hunt" in search and restricted it to "gadgets" you'd find something that would let you type part of a prim's name in chat and get a teleport link to its location.
  8. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Second_Life_Marketplace_Direct_Delivery_FAQ
  9. Dear LL, You make money from people shopping on marketplace. You may find it's in your best interests to make it easier for them to spend money, not harder. sincerely, Zanara.
  10. Ah ok that makes sense. Thanks for that background, Rya.
  11. I've had some customers comment about my prices being the same on MP and in-world and saying most merchants now adjust their pricing for the 10% MP commission. Is this correct? As an X-Street veteran (and migration survivor - Vale Darrius) I remember there once being a rule against this, but is that still the case? Should I be offering an in-world discount? (but then again - tier isn't free). What do you all do?
  12. Hey Oz, all the best. Enjoy your Third Life. Thanks for not nuking llRequestAgentData()
  13. Darrius Gothly wrote: CommerceTeam Linden wrote: As many of you noticed, we did shorten the time line to get Merchants migrated to VMM. This is due primarily to the need to get Merchants off of Xstreet, as it was down for a weekend in early July, forcing us to accerate our dates. CTL: Thank you for the explanation as to the rushed migration date. It certainly does make sense to minimize use of a system that is well known to be buggy, unstable and mostly unrepairable. However ... The process chain from XStreet technology through the Marketplace, Direct Delivery, End-Customers and th
  14. Hi Chloe As Freya said, it's default SL behaviour to transmit the device location. The way I managed this for my own store was to create a small parcel for my servers, with a forced landing point at the store entrance. This way people land where they need to, to shop or unsub, but don't suddenly appear in my workshop to scare the crap out of me while scripting, etc.
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