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  1. +9001 Perfectly put. My thoughts exactly put a little more succintly. Anyone who can't see the rats jumping off the ship is blind. Although, if someone did buy out LL/SL and then actually started looking at the code their eyeballs would probably melt right out of their head. Bugs stacked on top of bugs stacked on top of bugs stacked on top of...well...more bugs. There are so many memory leaks in this thing that a feather couldn't stay afloat on top of it.
  2. I've been away for a while (deployed a year in Iraq). I was just thinking to myself I bet when they push everything to this marketplace they're gonna close the XSL exchange too but then I was like nah...not even LL would be that evil. Then I saw "Closure of the XSL Exchange" posted by JP Linden and wow...it's like...whatever thing you can think of to make SL worse, they'll actually do it. I accidentally pulled out some money out of my account a month ago or so and accidentally used the LL exchange instead of XSL, because with all these different menus it's so darn confusing and difficult an
  3. Wow...really giving it to the educational and non-profit organizations huh? And on top of that grandfathered land that is transferred will be un-grandfathered and lemme take a stab in the dark and say that non-grand land rentals are gonna go up in price too? (Wow, this is as good as God telling me who is gonna win the next World Series) And this isn't all, money is being squeezed out of the marketplace merchants too, the landowners and new restrictions put on what they're paying more for. If SL was a spiral which way would you say it was going...upward...or downward? Hmmm...
  4. AU just got OnRez'd! _) _) o o __
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