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  1. I cannot figure out the universal layer. I stand naked in my BOM-enabled mesh avatar, create, wear, and edit a new universal layer. If I drop a texture into the Head Tattoo, Eye Tattoo, Upper Tattoo, or Lower Tattoo boxes, they instantly appear on my avatar, mapped according to the classic SL UV maps. I can then take the universal layer off, put it on, it behaves just as I expect. If I drop a texture into any of the other boxes.... nothing happens. Well, the texture shows fine, in the box. but nothing seems to happen to the universal layer I am wearing on my avatar. What am
  2. yep. With an error message about my clock, never seen before.
  3. Yay Grumpily! Filters work great, and if I choose ‘today’, it not only shows the original behavior, it remembers! Full functionality restored and enhanced! Thank you!
  4. Please, please, please, hurry with the fix so I can see one day at a time again. Sorting out a week is just too much, at least for me.
  5. I've always taken the notion of using llListenRemove very seriously, put timers so no listen_handle is open longer than it needs to be. But I have been playing with a chatbox script, that opens a handle on channel 0, and sucks in each and every word from local chat, parses each line, decides what to say and says it. By it's nature the script needs to listen to local chat all the time, it never stops. So, I know in a vague sort of way, this is bad for lag. But I am really unclear if it is bad for my lag, or for the lag of people around me. I see no ill effects on my own lag, but I hav
  6. It looks like a real LL notice to me, I've had friends receive the same. Contact LL to be sure, but in the cases I knew, it was a case of produce appropriate RL ID or have the account closed. Yes, because of the US Patriot Act. Yes, stupid and unfair. Not LL's fault on this one, though.
  7. Don't worry about your old shape. I have a collection of mesh avatars, at first I tried them all with my very own, made long ago, and tweaked over the years shape. But it didn't really work for any of them... I've ended up with a different shape file for each of them. I was able to get my Maitreya body close enough to my classic shape that I can wear a fair amount of my old mesh clothing. But it needed different slider values to look more or less the same as my old shape on the classic avatar.
  8. I have found that toggling wireframe (crtl-shift-R) on and off will often help some of those stubborn hard to hard to rez things. So will a relog, but the toggle is a lot easier.
  9. Very, very underwhelmed. I've seen plenty of builds as nice, without the isolating head set. At least they did not balyhoo articulated fingers. Some my enjoy the ehnhanced graphics, and come to SL for that only. Good for them. I, myself, come for the social things, and nothing I have seen about Sansar speaks to that at all.
  10. huh? looking today at chat logs from 5 years ago. Stored on my hard drive. Well, copied from one hard drive to another. But as long as I take care, read the instructions, and do not do the vanilla default installs, never lost or got overwritten in 10 years. Documented and easy, if you take the time to look. No overwriting I have ever seen.
  11. Clothing made for rigged mesh avatars can indeed be rigged for a given avatar, so as not to need alphas. But in practice, most of my mesh clothing for my mesh avatars *does* need alphas. As I understand it, only a few of the mesh avatar makers will share the appropriate rigging info with clothing creators, so the creators have to do it by trial and error. Making use of the avatar's alpha system makes this a whole lot easier. A lot of my rigged clothing automatically turns on the appropriate alpha system when I wear it, and the alpha's are unnoticeable till I remove the clothing.
  12. Some of my best friends have original SL avatars. And several excell at hostessing and other high visiblitly occupations. None of the avatars in SL are particularly lifelike, in my SL, it depends on how you interact with other people, a lot more than the details of how you look. But.... I hate to tell you Zenrei. But if you *need* to use the collar to have your sub dress as you wish, and when you wish, they are not really your sub at all.
  13. For what it's worth. Nearly 10 yrs in SL, using a decicated SL email. Still not seen a single instance of spam in my inbox. They must be doing something right.
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