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  1. yep. With an error message about my clock, never seen before.
  2. Yay Grumpily! Filters work great, and if I choose ‘today’, it not only shows the original behavior, it remembers! Full functionality restored and enhanced! Thank you!
  3. Please, please, please, hurry with the fix so I can see one day at a time again. Sorting out a week is just too much, at least for me.
  4. Don't worry about your old shape. I have a collection of mesh avatars, at first I tried them all with my very own, made long ago, and tweaked over the years shape. But it didn't really work for any of them... I've ended up with a different shape file for each of them. I was able to get my Maitreya body close enough to my classic shape that I can wear a fair amount of my old mesh clothing. But it needed different slider values to look more or less the same as my old shape on the classic avatar.
  5. Some of my best friends have original SL avatars. And several excell at hostessing and other high visiblitly occupations. None of the avatars in SL are particularly lifelike, in my SL, it depends on how you interact with other people, a lot more than the details of how you look. But.... I hate to tell you Zenrei. But if you *need* to use the collar to have your sub dress as you wish, and when you wish, they are not really your sub at all.
  6. Easy enough to get the applier kit.Although for the clothing layers, I prefer the Omega applier to the Maitriya dev kit stuff. And good luck getting a kit to let you make mesh clothes, Maitriya's unwillingness to share is a big negative, imho
  7. Not even a review, just contacting a popular boot maker about dissatisfaction with a particlulary badly textured pair of boots. Got a prompt reply and gift certificate for twice my expense. And banned from the sim, so there was no way to use it. lol. you can be banned on a whim, nothing to help it.
  8. This happens to me, with several different mesh avatars. When it does happen, I find that I cannot remove/add the mesh body, it appears stuck in my viewer, my only option seems to be a relog. It only seems to affect the mesh body, never the mesh hands or feet. I've been wearing the bodies on avatar center, but recently decided to try a different attachement point, I'll be interesed to see if it helps. With others advising trying the center attachement point as a cure, I am not optimistic.
  9. "Either I'm missing some game tweaking or this game has just about the worst optimised 3D engine I encountered in awhile. What am I missing ?" You seem to be missing the whole point of SL, that's all. It is not a plug-in game, with optimised 3D performance.It is an environment for messy, unoptimised, user created content. Not very good for shoot-em up action games (fps tends to be low), but it since the content is user created, always new, different, surprising. And sorry. No levels to achieve, and no points to accrue, and no way to tell if you "won". Clearly not a game for everyone. O
  10. The KL Lena avatars, and the Eve avatars all have mod permissions when you rez them. Easy enought to drop in a listener script. Including hooks for RLV, if so desired. Some of us are experimenting..... But while I can make it work in a few focused cases, it is *soooooo* klunky.
  11. In my experience, wifi hookups vary widely in quality from router to router. I have two in my home, the wifi modem from my ISP is unusable for SL, so I have my own router hard wired to the ISP's and get flawless wifi. When I am on the road, sometimes wifi works, more often it has issues. Including orange clouds. The main diagnostic that works for me is packet loss, you can see how you are doing in SL from the help>about menu. That makes a nice report, the last line is packet loss. Anything over about 1% will produce noticable lag. Orange clouds when the packet loss is in the 5 - 10 %
  12. Chri** on a f&$ing crutch! Now you have ruined profiles? WTF????? Don't any of the Lindens acutally get into SL anymore?
  13. Well, 2.3 was unusable on my machine, it crashed much to often. And when it did work, it had maybe 2/3 the framerate as the latest Phoenix in a moderately crowded sim. I'll keep my fingers crossed that 2.4 works better...
  14. /me shakes her head sadly Things that are broken you ignore, things that work fine you change. Do any Lindens actually spend time in-world with other residents? You seem to live on a different planet.
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