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  1. Egotherapy hangout - picture taken a day or two ago but it's like this every sunny evening! . . . and inside . . .
  2. I was going to 'like' some of the posts above but my natural aversion to brussel sprouts (both in RL and SL) meant I couldn't bring myself to click 'like' because the association of 'like' and sprouts is too close. Capers, on the other hand, are OK in small numbers. When I make a pizza I sometimes scatter a few on top as well as black olives.
  3. I rummaged around until I found an almost forgotten old denim jacket. So I thought I'd do a double-denim photoshoot.
  4. Spelling . . . Worcester (City) and Worcestershire (County) Pronunciation . . . Woosta / Woosta-sher Along the same lines we also have the city of Leicester and its county of Leicestershire - pronounced 'Lesta' and 'Lesta-sher'. Then there's Gloucester and Gloucershire - 'Glosta' and Glosta-sher'. Then there's the town of Bicester, pronounced 'Bista'. You Americans on here will be familiar with the concept of mismatched spelling and pronunciation from places like Arkansas and Des Moines!!!
  5. On the left is me looking as normal as I can. On the right dressed in my pandicorn outfit.
  6. Some dragons in SL are much more realistic than others, even if there are no real dragons.
  7. I'm fortunate in having a good computer and fast internet connection these days. I do think SL had been getting slower and slower over the last year or so. For me the slowness is mostly to do with other avatars rezzing in busy places. That can take ages or sometimes some avs don't rez at all. The environment rezzes quickly, while FPS is not bad and movement lag isn't terrible. Anyway, the point I'm getting to is that I was just thinking that SL has got a bit quicker again in the last week or two, reversing the trend described above. This is just my subjective impression though.
  8. Here's an update of my then and now . . .
  9. I still use a classic system body so I can use the default facial animations. Most of them are cartoony but I have an attachment that plays the smile and one other animation occasionally, which is OK. It is a bit cheesy but no more so than the bento 'speaking in tongues after eating a piece of soap' mouth animation that seems popular these days.
  10. I haven't noticed any change in baking / rez speed lately. I have a good computer with a fast broadband connection and the sequence is usually as follows: In a quiet place, my avatar and the surrounding environment rez very quickly - like in a few seconds. In a busy place my avatar and the surroundings rez almost as fast but other avatars take ages to rez, usually in 'waves'. What I mean is one or two avatars rez immediately, most of the remaining ones rez a minute or two later, with the remainder taking ages and ages or remaining as white clouds. One thing I have noticed is that applier textures on mesh avatars, such as tattoos or lacy underwear, take absolutely ages to rez fully or remain blurred indefinitely.
  11. I joined SL in 2006 but my noob self would probably still recognise me. I have mesh hair and a lot of my clothes are mesh but I still use a system avatar of roughly the same shape and size as then - but better. I did create my own skin a few years ago (as in right-hand image) which I did with the aid of my OpenSim standalone, where I could repeatedly upload the textures as I made changes, free of charge and quickly. I don't think I was entirely noob in the left-hand image as I'd already progressed from system hair to flexi of some sort. I even found the same building in my inventory!
  12. I use my OpenSim standalone to do test uploads, in my case that's mainly textures. I'm not well up on meshes but I did upload some test meshes to my standalone and they worked fine. I don't know if OpenSim (either standalone or OSGrid) supports rigged mesh or fitmesh though but (unless you know the answer already) it might be worth investigating.
  13. Our Egotherapy hangout is quite art-deco, although purists might say it's a mish-mash of styles. Anyway we have lots of polished brass. I call it neo-deco. But if you're looking for 1930's jazz music to go with the style you might be disappointed because we stream techno, trance and alternative indy music! ,
  14. Watching someone else's YouTube video of SL and trying to move my camera around!
  15. I've told this one before . . . A few years ago I was at a club, minding my own business when a nearby woman told me I needed to get a mesh avatar and give myself a makeover. She even offered to help me. I replied that I was quite happy the way I was but she insisted I needed to 'upgrade' to a mesh avatar. She had a mesh avatar herself, with perfectly fitting clothes but her big downfall was a badly unrealistic shape, with huge hips and a tiny waist! I never did 'upgrade' to a mesh avatar, I'm still happy with my system one that works well for me, probably because I'm quite skinny and not very curvy. Sometimes people mistake me for mesh, I've even been asked what body I'm using!
  16. Thanks for for all your work over the years and happy retirement.
  17. I would be happy if LL could just update the system avatar eliminate the well-known shortcomings. This could be done seamlessly, with textures still fitting the same and shape staying the same, so you log in one day and, if you still use a system avatar (like I do), it will look a bit better. They could also add a few more sliders to the shape editor to give an even more "infinite" variety. [Yes, I know there aren't degrees of infinity, but you know what I mean!] And while they're at it, maybe LL could make the system avatar work with bento.
  18. If you switch off your AO or remove it, does the default SL stand animation work normally? What about other stand animations or AO's you might have, do they work OK? If they do that would narrow the problem down to one AO.
  19. I'm not religious myself but I've often thought that SL has many similarities to a religion. Most residents buy into the basic idea of 'your world, your imagination' which requires a temporary belief that what's on your screen is real.
  20. In the real world there's actual reality and then there's each person's own interpretation of reality that varies by different degrees from actual reality. But if I drop a brick on my toe in the real world, it's definitely going to hurt, even if I'm wearing shoes. If I drop a brick on my toe in SL it doesn't hurt and it doesn't do any damage and the brick might even bounce several times.
  21. Portmeirion, Wales. A village designed by a famous architect and intended to look Italian . There was a nice replica of it in SL a long time ago. I've never been there in RL and also I've never been to Lincoln although I've been to places nearby to it.
  22. Well . . . it's not York, it's not Canterbury and it's not Peterborough . . . so it must be Lincoln !!
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