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  1. The other popular way to indicate which options are current is to display only the active ones, toggling them when they become inactive. So llList2String(["Deactivate","Activate"], (iButtonState = !iButtonState) ) toggles both iButtonState and the displayed option at the same time. Then you use the new binary state of iButtonState to go ahead and make the actual changes. Users are never confused about whether the feature is activated or not because they only see what's possible at the moment.
  2. If one dies, you have two choices: (1) get another guinea pig or (2) get a cat.
  3. Materials can help, so adding a bump map or specularity might be the answer. In some circumstances, adding a local light source might be a good idea. Too many factors affect the way a texture looks, and you don't have control over most of them as a creator. Aside from the time of day and sun angle, windlight settings vary from one region to the next, people use different viewers, and each person's monitor has its own peculiar color balance and resolution. You can go nuts trying to compensate for things that are beyond your control.
  4. Matching poetry with poetry ... "All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost; the old that is strong does not wither, deep roots are not reached by the frost." J.R.R. Tolkien
  5. ?" "Bah," said the squirrel, sheepishly. [My punctuation at the end of Love's sentence closer isn't a word, so it doesn't count in my 5.]😉
  6. For heaven's sake, girl, don't you ever bathe? 🙃
  7. the sous chef, smiling insouciantly.
  8. Archeology is only part of the job. There has to be a back story behind some of the place names, a clue to where the first settlers came from or what they did on the land before modern day Bellisserians arrived. Who was San Jocoso, for example, and what's the story behind Shady Corners? People have speculated about Penitent Beach, but what about Myopia Falls? Local historians should be digging into these things, writing pithy articles for the papers. Enquiring minds want to know.
  9. My version of the OMG-I-can't-believe-I-did-that moment is the one in which i decide to change outfits and click Mermaid instead of Medium Blue Skirt and Sweater, which is just above it alphabetically. It's not exactly a pet peeve moment as much as a dope slap one, followed by a quick jab at the Home button. Just Me and Light Pink Sun Dress work the same way. Not that it has ever happened .....
  10. The conservative one that plunges to expose your navel.
  11. Prompted by nothing in particular .... People who arrive in the forums SHOUTING and in high dudgeon because "something isn't working the way I expect it to!" and then get offended when nobody else seems excited enough to grab torches and pitchforks to join their march. Version 2.0 of this peeve is the guy who fails to understand that there isn't a blessed thing that we can do about his life-threatening issue because (a) we're not Lindens and (b) it's probably something he screwed up himself. But he still needs to shout and whine at somebody. I've been fielding questions for a long time, so I know that this peeve applies to maybe 0.2% of posts. Those ones are memorable, though. Aside from rolling my eyes quietly, my own reaction to those few is usually to delete and move on. Shouting and whining don't put me in the mood to do anything else.
  12. Wait a tic... blimey, this redistribution of wealth is trickier than I thought.
  13. That's a decent point. At a very basic level, it's why we don't typically use our "outdoor voices" for private conversations in public in RL. If you have something personal to say, you lower your voice. The corollary is that when you hear someone start talking to you in a whisper, you know that the words are not mean to be heard by anyone else. Those simple cues tell you let you make some important inferences people's motives and concerns. Among other things, they are telling you how much control each speaker wants to have over the flow of the conversation, and how much a speaker wants to share about himself. Of course, those cues can sometimes be misleading. As a card-carrying introvert, I cannot count the times when I know others have characterized me as "aloof" or "standoffish" because I tend to speak softly and don't enjoy crowds. Except among friends in SL, I often prefer to converse in IMs because I feel less comfortable opening up a quiet conversation to everyone within earshot -- even if we are just talking about the weather. I can certainly fake being more extroverted than I really am, but then I start to take more care with my words and I start to sound stilted, even to my own ear. It's hard to explain that to a crowd in a club, so I tend to stay out of clubs or stand in a quiet corner. 🐭
  14. So, please don't remove the question. It and the answer you discovered could have helped someone else.
  15. Natalya Zelmanov Thank you. I don't know how I could have lost track of her name, except that my idiot brain has never been good at recalling names. She was a very helpful blogger.
  16. To get into PayPal from your SL account, you have to supply your own SL password. That should be enough to discourage most people, provided that you have created a strong password and you have been changing it fairly often. I save mine in LastPass, which can remember the ghastly 12-character strings that I will never be able to hold in my head. Your PayPal account has its own password, of course. If you worry about someone getting into that account somehow, you could verify it with a bank account instead of a credit card, and then only add money to the PayPal account itself just before you need to make a L$ purchase. Linden Lab won't pull money from a bank account through PayPal, so your potential loss is limited to whatever you have already put in the PayPal account's balance. In the end, there's no way to remove all risk, so it comes down to how much you are comfortable with. Personally, I've never had reason to worry.
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