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  1. Duplicate post. Original is at Please do not post the same question in more than one spot.
  2. In Marketplace, search for "Rental System". You will find quite a few systems. Some are loaded with features and are quite expensive. Some are ridiculously simple and don't do very much at all. If you look for ones in the price range from L$200 to L$500, you can get a good system that is appropriate for use on a single region. Follow its instructions to set up a rent box on each parcel and a server to coordinate them. Then use About Land >>> Options on each parcel to show the parcel in Search (for L$30/week): If your rent boxes are set up properly, they will display information about the size and price of the parcel and indicate whether they are available to rent/purchase. Some systems may offer a billboard option that will display a summary of what's available as well.
  3. Aha! Horizons is a rather large area of something on the order of 60 residential regions, surrounding an interior sea with a large-scale quest game in the middle. The regions all have names that start with "Horizons". You can get an overview of the homes (and play with a demo home) by going to one of the informational regions (Horizons Supernova, Horizons Dione, Horizons Cirius, or Horizons Yurania, where you will also find informational videos. Or you can read about Horizons at http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Horizons_Parcel_Ownership . Initial purchase prices tend to be rather high, but the regions are very pretty. Many are managed by land companies, but you can usually find many being sold directly by the owner. All parcels have direct access to water, so you can take up sailing if you wish. Your Premium land fee waiver will cover monthly fees there.
  4. The land fee waiver that you get as a Premium member can either be used for a Linden Home or for paying the monthly land fees on land that you buy on the Mainland. It cannot be used to pay for 1. paying monthly fees in private estates 2. the purchase price of land anywhere 3. rental fees So, if you want to use your Premium waiver, first you must buy land on the mainland, either directly from Linden Lab ( usually through auction) or from another resident. You will pay the one-time purchase price for that land. Your land fees will be due monthly, and Linden Lab will automatically apply the amount of your waiver against the monthly fees. You may want to take @Lindal Kidd's free course on land ownership and management, offered at Caledon Oxbridge University in world every Saturday noon and, of course, read the articles about LAND in the Knowledge Base (tab at the top of this page).
  5. The easy solution is to take Maddy's advice and always use curly brackets to mark the start and end of a conditional scope, even if they are not strictly required. It's a great habit to be in. It keeps you from forgetting those brackets when they truly are required.
  6. Look at it this way ..... Everyone with a "home" in SL is renting space. The question is whether you are renting directly from Linden Lab or from another resident. Financially, the difference is in favor of people who pay the Lab directly. After all, a landowner who charges rent to tenants still has to pay Linden Lab herself. To make ends meet or hopefully make a small profit, the total amount of rents has to be at least as large as the landowner's own payments. Still, rent for a single parcel is a small amount compared to an entire region, so it's within most people's recreational budget. You can pull out easily if you can't handle the rent payments or you just decide to take a break from SL. Making the leap to being a landowner yourself requires an initial outlay for buying the land and then a long-term commitment to paying the Lab every single month, even if you are sick and out of RL work or have decided to take a family vacation. So ..... there are advantages and disadvantages to owning land. Yes, once you make the decision to buy rather than rent, your commitment horizon changes. You are in it for the long haul, accepting both its benefits and its risks. Sort of like RL.
  7. You lose it. In fact, you have to abandon it in order to downgrade to Basic.
  8. Tusk, tusk! That's a bad one. 🙃
  9. Nope, it's not an option, sadly. It seems like an odd oversight. Since you have to apply a texture there in order to enable a projected light, you'd think that would have been an obvious parameter to include. Maybe @Rider Linden can offer some insights (or maybe someone should submit a feature request).
  10. Yup. Next time you decide to create a group, be sure that it has at least two members. A group with only one member disappears within 48 hours. (That's how you disband a group ... kick everyone else out.) The smartest idea is to make your own alt -- not your SL spouse, best friend, or business partner -- a co-owner of the group. A person with Owner status can never be kicked out of a group, and the only owner you can truly trust (other than yourself) is your own alt -- mostly, anyway.
  11. If you want to buy it on the mainland, yes, you must be a premium member. As a basic member, you may buy a private estate or may buy a parcel in an estate from the region owner. You may rent anywhere. I have been a basic member for over 13 years, renting parcels in private estates and on the mainland until about 2014, when I bought my own estate. There are advantages on both sides of the rent/own decision. I suggest doing a bit of reading in the Knowledge Base articles (tab at the top of this page) about LAND to help you make a decision.
  12. That's a fairly useful feature. If I am designing something that includes a projected light source, I often apply a texture there to give the outline of the beam at the target a custom shape (or to make the shape softer, for which I apply a "fuzzy white dot" texture). You cannot change the texture with LSL. You have to change it in the Features tab, as Sandi indicates.
  13. @Marianne Little That's a beautiful garden, and it has a zillion fish! Thank you for leaving it open so we can swim though and admire it. Not offhand, but I imagine that it's not much deeper than the water in the houseboat areas, at least for the ones that are attached to the piers. Maybe the ones farther out will be in deeper water.
  14. The simplest way to do it, perhaps, is to have your script open a text box when you click on the door. Something like this llTextBox( llDetectedKey(0), "\n Please type in the combination now ... ", iChan); In the listen event, do the normal checks to be sure that the person has typed the right combination, and then unlock the door. You could certainly think of harder ways to do this ... even more elegant ones ... but that's all you need.
  15. Yeah, both of those numbers are way too high. Packet loss is the easier of the two to deal with, because it's most likely right at your machine. As I suggested earlier, your router is the most likely suspect. Reboot it by unplugging it from the power for a minute or so. Do the same with the modem, just in case. I have to do that once a month or so, myself. Consider the possibility that your router needs replacing. These things do get old, after all, and a new router is pretty cheap. It's harder to deal with lousy ping time. Consider adding a new DNS server to whatever is already listed in your router now. Many people I know have added Google's free public DNS server. Follow suggestions on Nalates's blog and then talk with your ISP, armed with good data about your connection. With luck, they may be able to find a weak spot close to home. My own ISP was able to diagnose a bad connection in the box at the street outside my house a few years ago. Usually, though, the solution involves finding a better way to route around a slow node somewhere farther along the Internet. That's why you need to be armed with good, detailed data when you talk with them. @Nalates Urriah may have more thoughts to add.
  16. Everything you need to know is right here Sorry. We don't do that. This is a public forum, so questions and responses are all posted right here, where they can be helpful for more than just the OP. (Actually, I really suggest removing the e-mail address from your post unless you enjoy getting random messages from some very strange people. )
  17. Download and upload speeds are almost irrelevant in this context, so don't worry about those unless they are truly terrible. It's more important that you define how "stable" your connection is. Unlike most online games that you may have played, SL does not do most of its work in code that is downloaded to your computer. It relies on instructional code and data that are in Linden Lab's servers and are managed locally by the viewer that you install on your machine. Those two parts of the system trade information 45 times a second as your avatar and the world around it keep updating. In order to be "stable", they cannot be very far out of sync at all. Specifically, if your connection is lagging or is dropping occasional packets of information, the system can't stay in sync, so it drops your connection. It can still be great for watching YouTube videos and playing games, but not for SL. Next time you log in, type CTRL + Shift + 1 to open your diagnostics panel. Look right at the top for the values of Ping Sim and Packet Loss. Ping sim is the time it takes for a signal to travel between the servers and your computer. In most of North America, that's typically well under 100 msec. (Mine is normally about 60 - 70 msec) The farther away you are from California, the longer the travel time, so it is common for ping time to Europe to be 150 msec or so. SL residents in Australia and India report much longer times and can have frequent disconnections as a result. So do residents who use satellite connections or .... maybe this is you ... residents whose signals are being routed through slow nodes in the Internet. Packet loss is what it says, a measure of how much information is being lost in transit. If it's much more than a fraction of 1%, you're losing enough data to lose a connection. (Again, mine is never more than 0.1%.) If yours is much more than that, suspect your router and cable connections. Try rebooting both the router and your modem and restarting everything. Keep the cat from chewing on your wires. Avoid using a wifi connection if you can, because there can be interference with nearby electrical equipment. Consult Nalates's blog at http://blog.nalates.net/2011/10/26/troubleshoot-your-sl-connection/ for more detailed suggestions and ideas about how to test your system.
  18. See my answer to the thread just above yours in this forum. If you have US$ in your account and it has taken more than a day to transfer them to PayPal, I suspect there is something wrong with the way that your PayPal account or your SL account are set up Contact Live Chat or call the LL Billing Office. The billing team is available from 6am to 3pm PST, Monday through Friday. Call toll-free in the US/Canada: 800-294-1067 or 703-286-6277
  19. That depends on several things. It's a two-step process. First you have to sell your L$ to other SL residents through the LindeX. If you sell at the Market rate, that's almost instantaneous. If you choose to try for a better price by submitting a Limit order, it could take days (or weeks or forever if you are too greedy), but typically it takes one to three days. Once you have sold L$ and have US$ in your account, you have to do a credit transfer to send them to your PayPal account. Assuming that your PayPal account is in order, that process too is nearly instantaneous. So ... typically a day or even less for most people but you can make it slower. Lots of people seem to.
  20. Not as far as I am aware. You can do a lot of filtering and sorting with the tools in your inventory, though, so most of the things you might want to do are possible without exporting a list.
  21. Just be sure that your script includes something that behaves like this .... collision_start(integer num) { llTriggerSound("My bell sound",1.0); } You'll want to embellish that with tests to be sure that you don't ring the bell more than once per person, or ring it only as someone enters. And of course you'll want to be sure that your state_entry event includes llVolumeDetect(TRUE) so that the phantom trigger can be a detector. EDIT;; /me waves to Fenix. You're faster this morning.
  22. So, dueling AOs. That's not too surprising. As Qie explained, animations are all assigned a priority level when they are uploaded to SL. Higher priority animations will override lower priority ones. If you are running two or more AOs that have anims created with different priorities, you should expect that they will interfere with each other. There's no "bug" in this behavior. The priority system is doing what it is supposed to. The only ways that you can avoid conflicts are either to (1) hand pick the anims that are in each of your AOs or (2) turn off ones that you don't want causing a problem at the moment. As you've discovered, choice #2 is by far the easiest one.
  23. Not only is this the wrong place to be trying to hire a scripter, it's unrealistic to expect any scripter to create a custom script like that for free. You may get some nibbles if you post in the InWorld Employment forum, but you should expect to pay upwards of L$ 5K for it ... more if you want it exclusive and full perm.
  24. Have you tried loading both textures onto a couple of hidden prim faces on the object, underside or maybe inside it? That way, they are already "preloaded" and always known to the graphics card. That's a standard trick for switching textures in slide projectors.
  25. And, as advised in your previous thread on this topic, the best advice is "Don't do it."
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