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  1. Thank you for the clarification. It's very unusual for a HUD to take time to "load." When a HUD or any other scripted object is rezzed or worn, it arrives with the script running. It might be scripted to restart as it arrives, but restarting a script is almost instantaneous. There's essentially nothing to "load". Having said that, I should also say that a running script can run slowly and inefficiently, especially if the region's servers are busy doing other things. The region's servers allocate resources and time in order of priority, and scripts always have the lowest priority. You may simply be in a region that is very busy or where the servers are inefficient. One easy way to find out is to look at your Statistic Report (CTRL + Shift + 1) . Look at the sections on Simulator and Time: If your region's Time Dilation is much below 1.0 or Sim FPS is much below 45, your servers are dealing with a challenge. You will notice that Spare Time may drop to zero and that Script Time may disappear too, which would account for why your HUDs are slow to respond. As you examine the report, you can see possibly what is causing the problem (Lots of avatars on the region? Lots of physical objects, like vehicles? ) If not, the server itself may need to be restarted. Ask your region's owner or Linden Lab to restart the region.
  2. Thanks for mentioning the fact that you are using a translator. I think it may have mis-translated an important word .... What do you mean by the word "charge"? Exactly what are you doing to the HUD? Come to think of it, what do you mean by "attack" in this context? How are you "attacking" the HUD? Do you mean "attach"?
  3. I like the Belgian proverb: "Experience is the comb that Nature gives us when we are bald." I think of that as I get older. 🙄
  4. Not at the time. "spake" is a now-archaic past tense form of "speak." The word "spake" is quite common in places like the King James Bible, which was written when people still spake like that. The full phrase is "Sic transit gloria mundi," which means "There go the fortunes of the world." Or, more loosely. "That's the way the cookie crumbles." It has been mistranslated by several people including (I think) Will Rogers as "Poor Gloria was ill on the bus."
  5. For the benefit of those playing at home who may not have had the advantage of a few years of high school Latin back in the Dark Ages ....... The word "sic" is Latin for "thus" or "in that way,"as in "sic semper tyrannis" [ever thus to tyrants]. It's the editor's way of saying "Hey! Don't look at me. He said it that way."
  6. Oh, we're not arguing or disagreeing about anything. We're both simply recognizing that life isn't as simple as advertised. People make mistakes and bad things happen. The fact that the mistakes were avoidable is almost irrelevant -- most mistakes are avoidable, after all, and it's unrealistic to believe in a world with zero risk. If there is any difference in perspective between your initial observation and mine, it is that I find it regrettable that some people, some of the time put more emphasis on who made the mistake than on why it happened. [Not you, necessarily. I do it myself. It's another one of those human failings.] As I said earlier, this is why telemarketers and Nigerian princes are so successful. They know what can lead intelligent, alert, well-meaning people like you and me to make unwise choices. And they have statistics on their side. To make money, they only need to be successful a vanishingly small amount of the time.
  7. Yes, that is true. It does come close to blaming the victim, however. The big yellow dialog box that pops up to ask if you REALLY want to give someone permission to take money from your account is a pretty obvious warning, but I can think of mitigating situations where someone might make a bad choice. The victim may be: 1. A very recent newcomer to SL, unfamiliar with the L$ economy and not yet wary of the seriousness of risks like this. 2. Non-English speaking, and unsure of what the words mean 3. Medically or psychologically impaired. 4. Distracted by screaming children, barking dogs, telemarketers ... And others that I'm sure people may add to the list. I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person, but I have found myself in situations where I have been felled by some variation of each of the four circumstance that I listed above. Fortunately, I have not had a serious disaster as a result, but I have been lost in Croatia because I misread a sign in a language I do not speak, I have stumbled and fallen because I was too sleepy to pay attention to where I was going, and I have made countless unwise decisions while coping with a screaming child or grandchild. There are times when each of us has made a stupid regrettable mistake because of inattention or misunderstanding and has become an unwitting victim. It's our own fault. We're lucky if we can just give ourselves a dope slap and move on. Some people aren't so lucky. That's why telemarketers and Nigerian princes are so successful.
  8. Really? I am using the current EEP viewer (Second Life Release (64bit)) and have been setting scripts in Experiences with no problem. [Nova's faster at typing than I am. What she said ^^ ]
  9. ... and are not doing it any more, since LL has apparently figured out who was behind the bot plague and stopped it.
  10. Nope. Normally, when you use a script like this it's wise to reset the script when the root is in its new position. All positions and rotations in the script are calculated relative to the root (that is, they are "local" positions and rotations), so if you move the root, the relative positions of all child prims will change. Resetting the script will teach it where "ground zero" is again, though. That's always wise advice and a good habit to be in, but in this particular case you don't actually have to do that. I wrote the script so that it always checks the relative position and rotation of whatever door you touched before it does anything. To be sure that the script is sensitive to touches anywhere in the house, though, be sure that it's in the root prim.
  11. Your mesh body should have come with a HUD to do that. If not, and if you can figure out how the modeler assigned faces on the body, all you need to do is write a script to add to the body (assuming that you have mod perms) that will change the alpha on selected faces (llSetLinkAlpha) and a HUD with a dialog that sends specific signals to the body to tell it which faces to change. The big limitations have to do with how much you know about the body and how much you can modify it.
  12. Say more. What do you mean by an "alpha HUD"?
  13. All true. It is much easier (not easy, just easier) to prevent copying than to deal with things that have already been copied.
  14. The formal answer is that you submit a written complaint under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) to Linden Lab. They are obliged by law to remove the offending items from their web site (Marketplace or whatever) util there is a legal resolution. Read >>> https://www.lindenlab.com/legal/intellectual-property-infringement-notification-policy . If you have used foresight and have included a watermark or other identifying information in your textures, that will make your claim more substantial.
  15. Maddy in for the save! It's a three-point shot! The crowd roars!
  16. Read this >>> http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Creating_Terrain_Textures
  17. Well, not everyone. I'm not logged in, and I don't even know where you are. No way in the world I can see you.
  18. Slo Mo https://ak2.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/5909462/preview/stock-footage-popping-a-water-balloon-in-super-slow-motion-shot-with-phantom-camera-at-frames-per-second.webm
  19. I haven't been to a club in years. It's just not my idea of a fun way to spend in-world time. When I am not scripting or doing something else creative, I am chatting with friends or exploring. I spend a large amount of time just wandering around. Even after 12+ years here, I find new sights every day.
  20. To follow up that point ... the Mainland estate is huge and has thousands of resident-owned parcels on thousands of regions. As a scripter, I get nervous goosebumps thinking about all the things that could go wrong if LL let an automated system automatically toss residents off of their land the second that their Premium membership downgrades to Basic. The risks are much lower if they tell land owners that it's their responsibility to abandon land before they downgrade.
  21. Once you stare at entries in the LSL wiki for a while, it will start to make more sense. The basic syntax for any function is shown right at the top of the page for that function. It will tell you what each input parameter means, and what the output looks like. For a complicated function like llSetLinkPrimitiveParams, things are a bit messier, but the syntax details for each parameter are spelled out on that parameter's line as well.
  22. Unless she specifically told LL not to renew her Premium membership, it has renewed automatically. See the TOS, Sect. 4.3: "if you have purchased or redeemed a subscription-based product or service, each time your subscription comes up for renewal, we have the right to charge your credit card or debit your account the then-current renewal rate plus any applicable taxes we are required to collect, and you authorize us to do so. " So, your friend can call Live Chat and ask for specific help. I suspect that her payment method simply didn't have enough to pay the bill when it came due, so the transaction bounced. They'll be able to tell her, though.
  23. Well, no, that's actually only true for the brief instant when you teleport into a new region. Scripts shouldn't make any difference to lag while you're in the region.
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