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  1. Make that twice in one day. And parts of a build i was making didnt come back after teh first
  2. Wow very nice but the HUDS were working at one time. I check these things and they functioned perfectly after I set them up and were sold, but NOW those and any newer ones do nto function after transfer of ownership. Mesh Texture Changer - HUD Setup Script (Place in HUD) Mesh Texture Changer - Sender Script (Place in HUD) Mesh Texture Changer - Receiver Script (Place in Mesh Item) The setup entailed me editing a file named MTC - Config Notecard.cfg, also placed in the HUD and it looked like this; ~These Things Will Break the Device If Done:~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  3. Almost 2 years ago I made some simple HUDs that would apply one of any 8 textures to the Mesh item (a beach towel, or shirt, or pants or whatever) its made for. I was selling them on world and in MP. They worked great for everybody. Until recently. Now they don't except for me. Once one changes ownership thru a sale or gift to an alt of mine (to test whats going on) they break. All that happens is the mouse cursor changes to a finger over the HUD but that's it.. This also includes the HUDS that were sold before they stopped working, Ive asked customers who bought one and they reported that th
  4. Did you try going to (menu MY market place > Merchant Home ) to Reports on the left side and select Top Selling Products..?
  5. Note to self, if issues arise again SPECIFY Resync... Thnx, ladies, to the both of U.
  6. Oh man that just confuses me, But thnx for the just saying, it is good to know this... as for the double L; Thanks LL for your complete lack of technical support and getting things not done or fixed in a timely manner.
  7. Now I know about the password not being the trick anymore, and I just checked with one of my alts and nothing has changed with his inv.. I am thankful that INV update no longer replaces ADITI INV with new because there is 1 item in there that was deleted from my AGNI that would b gone. At leas I get to play with it when I log on to beta. AND WOW on my main ava when i saw my inv jump from 70k in AGNI to close to 98,000 in ADITI I had a lil fit.. But then again since I cant do much in the beta site and its supposed to be added from the AGNI at every log on why not just close your eyes and
  8. I should scroll up more often.. Silly Me. Thanx
  9. Well that was the issue I could not find what I thought was the proper .. well.. Its not a billing issue and I saw where that was at. Its not a bug.. per say.. Shows how often I need to deal with anything more then a buggy modem. DO yo have a a wiki link for me please?
  10. OK I did this once before, I thought it has something to do with changing the password that makes the INV that you have on SL to port over to the beta site so you can use it when making stuff. I changed the password twice. (this is for my 2 alts not the main ava) and waited 3 days. The alts 'agreed' to the TOS and can log on to there but the inv is almost at "factory default".. ugh., My question is where do I go to submit a ticked to ask for a lil bit a help?
  11. Well... I am suggesting it now.. When is the next overhaul?
  12. Why isn't there a sub category of 'wrestling' and or 'boxing'? I have seen tons of the wrestling and boxing equipment for which there is a big following. But no sub category in Market Place to list it under. There is lots of the equipment in MP and for sale in world. Currently there is a sub category for fishing and camping and hunting (what exactly is hunted, the Easter wabbit.?). But the equipment for that seem to be more for decor then anything. But I could be wrong. Since some complain about things being not categorized correctly give some of us who do care the ability to categorize
  13. I just read this whole thread and I believe you guys love to suffer. Go to Casper, you can get a free set of vendors that work with drop boxes and a Hippo import tool of some kind ( i never used it) I believe for 5% of the income or buy the vendors and rake in 100%. The customer service is there most the 24 hours of a day. Of the 3 times that I noticed a disruption of service (in the same amount of years) Casper and his team was on it like a chicken on a june bug resorting service. (That is to say very aggressively) Took no more then a day on the worse occurrence. (1 was a HD over load, 2 were
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