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  1. If your picture gets selected by SL for pic of the day, do they notify you? If they dont, how would you know they did?
  2. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_movement_issues#my_avatar_keeps_spinning
  3. Sonja Smedley wrote: Ok....so I try again.I would love to find someone who has space left on his or her land and also prims left. I would need a platform, big enough to put some animals there and a workshop and maybe a small house. I could manage to pay for that around 1000 L a month.....I know this is not much money but therefor I search a person who has enough money and does not care about it. Lol...well I can pay 1000L when I get my damn paypal-SL-problem fixed...grml ))) And I don´t think that this is a sugar daddy I am searching... I just want to get started again in SL and I need
  4. You're looking for someone who wants to spend their time and money on you, so you can use their land/prims/space/home/region/time/resources. You don't want to offer sex for any of that, and you hope to meet someone who just wants to be with you for you, and offer you what they already have so you can share in it as well. Why not get yourself a roommate? Hang out in a sandbox with a long auto return so you can enjoy your scripted animals. Advertising for a rich person to spend time & money on you is what a golddigger does. A sugar daddy is what you want. They don't "expect" sex in retu
  5. When mesh items show spikes to infinity, it is related to your graphics driver. Disable Hardware Skinning in Preferences > Graphics. Then make sure to manually update your graphics driver here unless you're on a Mac, which means you'll need to update to the latest OSx. Fitted mesh usually doesn't show spikes on viewers that don't support fitted mesh. And I wouldn't recommend opening the case of your system unless you're positive doing so won't damage your warrenty. Some warrenties become void if you open the case, so always double check. :matte-motes-grin: Windows systems http://support.a
  6. Hi CrazyFlan Assuming other people who visit the same regions that you have issues with, aren't having issues themselves, the problem may be more complex than just your connection. What really helps boil things down is to look at things 'equally'.. meaning, if all things are equal, what is causing your issue? Perhaps your viewer logs can offer some information. Perhaps where you're going is too much for your system. Perhaps your settings are not optimal. I would suggest you reset your settings after you make a backup of them. Wipe your settings and leave everything on default. Then vi
  7. Gweneth Lange


    Hiya Lexi Thought I'd share a bit of information regarding lag and what it is exactly. Having a high render cost affects client side lag, not region lag. http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/lag plus many more wonderful links to other blogs about lag. Anyway, thought some info would be helpful Gwen
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