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  1. If your picture gets selected by SL for pic of the day, do they notify you? If they dont, how would you know they did?
  2. https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_movement_issues#my_avatar_keeps_spinning
  3. Sonja Smedley wrote: Ok....so I try again.I would love to find someone who has space left on his or her land and also prims left. I would need a platform, big enough to put some animals there and a workshop and maybe a small house. I could manage to pay for that around 1000 L a month.....I know this is not much money but therefor I search a person who has enough money and does not care about it. Lol...well I can pay 1000L when I get my damn paypal-SL-problem fixed...grml ))) And I don´t think that this is a sugar daddy I am searching... I just want to get started again in SL and I need a little help from a helpful person that´s all. What you want *is* a sugar daddy. Someone to share their money with you, with no expectation of sex. Otherwise, that is prostitution if you do give sex for money.
  4. You're looking for someone who wants to spend their time and money on you, so you can use their land/prims/space/home/region/time/resources. You don't want to offer sex for any of that, and you hope to meet someone who just wants to be with you for you, and offer you what they already have so you can share in it as well. Why not get yourself a roommate? Hang out in a sandbox with a long auto return so you can enjoy your scripted animals. Advertising for a rich person to spend time & money on you is what a golddigger does. A sugar daddy is what you want. They don't "expect" sex in return, because that is prostitution and that makes him your client and you the hooker. You can search for the term "sugar daddy" in Second Life and you'll find people happy and willing to offer money and gifts for your conversation and company. You can also search for "cash cow" to find people who enjoy being a (wait for it...) cash cow and throw their money around you all the time.
  5. When mesh items show spikes to infinity, it is related to your graphics driver. Disable Hardware Skinning in Preferences > Graphics. Then make sure to manually update your graphics driver here unless you're on a Mac, which means you'll need to update to the latest OSx. Fitted mesh usually doesn't show spikes on viewers that don't support fitted mesh. And I wouldn't recommend opening the case of your system unless you're positive doing so won't damage your warrenty. Some warrenties become void if you open the case, so always double check. :matte-motes-grin: Windows systems http://support.amd.com/en-us/download Mac systems - update OSx
  6. Hi CrazyFlan Assuming other people who visit the same regions that you have issues with, aren't having issues themselves, the problem may be more complex than just your connection. What really helps boil things down is to look at things 'equally'.. meaning, if all things are equal, what is causing your issue? Perhaps your viewer logs can offer some information. Perhaps where you're going is too much for your system. Perhaps your settings are not optimal. I would suggest you reset your settings after you make a backup of them. Wipe your settings and leave everything on default. Then visit the locations you have issues with. Do you get logged off after you leave all settings on default? If you don't, then you can see it was a setting causing the issue. If you do still have issues even with default settings, then perhaps you might want to consider contacting your ISP and see if they could look into the issue. Obviously there are more steps to try when trouble shooting your own issues.. but I usually start with the easiest then work to the most complicated. If you find you still need help, perhaps you might want to seek support from whatever viewer you use. Some viewer support groups have an inworld support group that can offer more ideas.. If you use the official LL v3 viewer, then perhaps file a ticket with them.
  7. Gweneth Lange


    Hiya Lexi Thought I'd share a bit of information regarding lag and what it is exactly. Having a high render cost affects client side lag, not region lag. http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/lag plus many more wonderful links to other blogs about lag. Anyway, thought some info would be helpful Gwen
  8. I've tried that several times to no avail. When I click "edit post" nothing works when I click on it. I even started another post on this very issue, to add the screen shot and still nothing posts. No text, and the 'add photo' button doesnt offer any options.
  9. I posted comments to this thread directly under my post bc for some reason, the thread didnt take what I wrote in it. Marking it as "no text". Anyway, yes, my first step was to fle a ticket. But as I was filling out the form, the form itself said my issue wasnt a technical one and wouldnt allow me to click 'submit'. So I started LIVE CHAT. The rep logged on as me onto SL, on a low prim sim. Said my issue was my connection/computer/packet loss. She told me to follow several steps, all of which I did, several times. When I told her nothing worked, she told me to file a ticket. When I told her the ticket system wouldnt allow me too, she shrugged her shoulder and ended the chat. So I tried several times before it finally allowed me ot create a ticket. I attached the live chat with the ticket, and a screen shot of my inventory issue. A few days later, I was told my ticket was closed. So I opened a NEW ticket, attached the screen shot, added the old ticket number to the new ticket, so LL is aware that I followed the advice of their support rep, and I STILL dont have this resolved. Yes, Im a premium member and when I searched the forum for similar issues as mine, all posts said to file a ticket. Which I have.
  10. Im a premium account holder, and this happened a few days after I paid my annual membership LOL
  11. cant seem to post a screen shot but I do have one handy..
  12. Several shirt folders have moved (by them selves) out of "my inventory" and now they act like root folders. I have made copies (or links for no copy items) and put those back into my inventory. I've cleared cache, cleared inventory cache. Relogged, relogged into a low prim/low lag sim to let it fully load. I've uninstalled SL (over 6 times) both the v2.5 and Phoenix viewer. I've deleted all SL folders off of my computer. I've reinstalled JUST the v2.5, relogged in a sim the SL support rep said to log onto and still my inventory is messed up. I've taken a photo of my inventory and attached it to a support ticket, and one support rep closed my case saying there was nothing wrong with my inv. I followed all of her suggested steps (uninstall, restart modem, clear my computer of all sl files, restart my computer) and nothing. Now, after all that, does anyone have any other suggestions that I haven't tried? It doesnt matter which viewer I use, although for this, I've been dealing with the v2.5 viewer to make sure LL doesnt say its Phoenix based.
  13. /me waves at Gwyneth - if you've got that screenshot handy, please add to this thread.
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