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  1. Hi everyone! How stupid is it that I never came back to check this thread because I was scared no one would respond. I finally decided to come back ready to not take it personally, if no one had responded, and wow! what great responses. Thank you to everyone who took time to write. I know it was a very personal post! I guess I've been turned off by some really unfriendly sims, and social media people desperate for popularity... that I was concerned people would be offended for me to dare mention anything RL related. Lots of nice people on the forums <3
  2. Okay so I did a really brief search and I'm new to the forums so I apologize in advance if this is not suited for this section, or if there is an older thread similar to this Genuinely curious how other people enjoy playing here, and whether most people like to completely invent someone new or have things that influence who they choose to be. So, do you incorporate any aspects of your real life into your avatar or into your SL existence? If not what has inspired you? Sometimes I see people with injuries or interesting markings, glasses etc and I'm so curious! please
  3. Just started binge watching Vikings. I was never into big battle things but GOT changed that for me. and when that colour pallet and blood and gore start to bore me I switch it up with Marvelous Mrs Maisel, which my mother and several others have been harassing me to watch. it's incredibly stupid that I took so long to start watching it considering I dabble in Stand up comedy. The first two minutes had me hooked.
  4. it doesn't matter what I'm listening to because all I can hear is future me saying "why the ***** did you keep eating the oreos"
  5. I'm not new to second life, this is just my first post on the forum. So I'm not looking for your services.. There are lots of styling agencies already, they have paid to partner up with bloggers to get traffic or just know the right people. Since you have made a forum post here already you should post a few pictures for people to see. FYI I never look at notecards from random people in random places and receiving one would probably turn me off. While I understand your point here, and yes that would be fun to do for L$ you need to make it seem passionate rather than just $
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