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  1. This, 1000% this. It would be nice to be able to use display names instead of seeing stupid stuff you can’t read. Although I have been considering changing my display name to a bar-code, you’ll need to scan my name with your phone to see who I am.
  2. LOL, I learned years ago that hunts and I don’t get along, so I don’t bother. But they are fun to read about.
  3. I think your talking about Coldwater Cay, and I did submit a ticket about that. But I’m in a different area and the region that is a problem to me is Todds Landing. But this one stays visible on the world map but disappears when standing right next to it, for me.
  4. I live in Bellisseria and lately one of the regions close to me keeps disappearing. Its only just right next to my house, so only a couple seconds to walk there, and when I do it comes back right away. But as soon as I go back home, within about one minute it is gone again. With my draw distance up rather high I can even see the regions all around it, but there is one big hole where that region is. I normally keep my draw distance below 100 and setting it even lower does not help. I have up to date viewers and this happens with the LL viewer too. My system and drivers are up to date and my hardware is fairly new with an 8 core CPU, a 1060 video card and my latest speed test for my internet was well over 900Mbps (not a typo). But still the region next to me keeps blinking out of existence, and that means no people listed as being there. And like I said, once I walk onto it, poof, its back and so are all the people. Was not sure if I should submit a ticket. Any suggestions?
  5. At this point I thought it looked like an owl, whoo’s building here!
  6. But tier that you have used and owe money on is a completely different subject and nothing to do with the OP’er is talking about. But in this case LL owes it to the user to fulfill what was agreed on, just like they expect money for tier that has been used, I expect to have the full use of my premium benefits. Kind of one sided how that works.
  7. And after you account is locked the only thing you can do is pay to extend your premium agreement, what ever that was. You can’t just call and tell them, downgrade me to basic and unlock my account, I have heard that does not work. So maybe now we know what is going on and why. And its not a technical issue.
  8. I bought a car just over a year ago, I never signed one piece of paper, not one, but I have a new car.
  9. I, IMHO, think the 16 year old system can’t do it, is a cop out. Even a bad programmer could come up with other ways of handling it. Just add a button to the web page saying, to downgrade and keep your premium benefits until the end of your subscription click here. It would set a reminder to billing not to bill for another iteration of premium and to downgrade the account to Basic. All the web pages were not scripted 16 years ago and never changed, a more user friendly option can be made available.
  10. Pending, LOL, words have meanings, this does not mean what they think it does. Downgrade “has taken place”, complete return to Basic is “Pending”.
  11. There is talk of different levels of premium, apparently we already have it, but I don’t know what its called, Almost Premium? You know, when you only get some of what you pay for, but not all of it.
  12. But when you downgrade to basic do you still have Live Chat? And no I was not still premium, a premium member can get a Linden Home, I couldn't, so no I was not still premium, at least that is what was painfully obvious to me.
  13. I just went through this not to long ago. I went premium to get a house in Bellisseria, I got it but I don’t like the houses, rooms are to small for me. So I downgraded thinking, I’ll just stay in one of the older homes for the last two months of my premium. But I couldn't get a house and I saw no way of reversing my down grade to basic. I was, and am still not happy with how that works. I paid for premium, I was still premium, I would liked to be able to use what I paid for! And I know that I for one could very easily miss logging on to downgrade on time and be stuck with a bill from LL. All kinds of things could happen. Someone needs to submit a ticket to be downgraded on a specific day and see if you can do that, but I doubt it. And just for the record I am premium again, annual this time, and I’m back in Bellisseria living in my skybox, its big, roomy and I love it. My house is empty, well except for some clown that lives on the second floor, but I don’t use it so its okay.
  14. I was looking for a different name but it was taken, so I tried this and now I am TheVeryFirst Resident
  15. I don’t know if this played a part in it or not, but. I got my first house rather quickly, half an hour or so. I abandoned it, I don’t like the Belli houses. I even went back to Basic. Thinking I can do a lot in a sky box with 351 prims on a 1024 lot I signed up again with Annual. I expected and was ready for a long wait but just like the first time, I got my house in about half an hour. I think it has to do with my gigabit internet connection, if you have a friend with a faster connection maybe try it out and see. Maybe I’m just lucky. Love my sky box.
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