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  1. When your trying to get a house, write the name in a note card and copy it. Then when you need to name it just right click and paste, or Ctrl-V. That is how I got my house, but I don’t like them so after a day or two I abandoned it. I like the area and the layout, I just don’t like the tiny houses.
  2. Well, I have abandoned my Linden Home and downgraded to Basic, but I’m an alt. That savings will pay for the increase for my main avatar. I don’t like the increase but I do understand it, I am just hoping it does not go like the increase to purchase Lindens and go up again in a couple months. As I recall, I think, they had three increases in a relatively short time to that one.
  3. Looks like they are tied to the original house, I have it on the wall and turned on but my other avatar got no warning at all. So, no I guess they don’t work except on the one home in Bellisseria that it came from. Back to ban lines.
  4. I had a house on Bellisseria but I have abandoned it. Questions is, can I use the security system in my old Linden Home, I like them a lot better but using the security system and not having the ban lines, I like that idea, so can I use the security system I got with my Bellisseria house in my 512 Linden Home?
  5. All the 512 Linden Homes have house numbers. With house numbers you could have an address. With an address there could be a Post Office. There is already a mail box to put a number on. No street signs needed. Note sent to Bellisseria 21254. You have mail.
  6. ATTENTION... How soon is soon, from the sounds of it, it could be today! QUICKLY, run like the wind, ABANDON you home, do it now, or your going to miss getting that shiny new Houseboat your longing for. You will still be picking up your stuff and moving out and then, poof, all the Houseboats are gone and your left homeless, or, OH NO, back in a 512! But give me a minute to get in place to get your house... okay I’m ready... ABANDON – ABANDON – ABANDON!!! Do it now.
  7. Reading, oh I didn’t get a house what is Linden Lab thinking. Stop to think what would be being said if you watched a “Huge Land Mass” with thousands and thousands and thousands of homes just sitting there and no one able to get a house. It would not be pretty. Well I think its best to let them go as they are built. And no I don’t have one yet, still waiting, but I am happy to see Linden Lab working on something almost every one is yelling for. I for one say, Good Job Linden Lab! TheVeryFirst Resident
  8. I for one would not like to see “wear” go away, I use it for my hair all the time. I have found a hair in a length that I like and the store has it in a number of styles. I can, for instance, have my hair behind my ears and down my back, or wear it over my shoulders, or in a ponytail or pigtails. By using “wear” the hair I have on is quickly replaced. I keep two or three styles in a folder with my outfit so I can easily switch from one to the other. And because they are all from the same store the color and texture of each style looks alike. And yes it is mesh hair. I would hate to have “wear” go away, and “add” was really needed and I love it too.
  9. Okay, thanks. This gives me something to look at.
  10. I have my home location set at what was an info hub. Its no longer an info hub but it is still my home when I long in. How do I find places that a homeless person can make as Home Location. I have looked in search for Info Hubs but what I have found are really really really really really really BAD places.(from what I have seen) Where else can I make my home location for logging into SL?
  11. The stars and bars never was the confederate flag, it was a battle flag. Thompson promoted it as the confederate flat in a news paper article but it in fact never was the confederate flag. And still is not the confederate flag, that misconception came about sometime in the 1940's or 1950’s, not sure of exactly when.
  12. LOL, and I will be one of those people that whines, sometimes you need your pants applier on a lower level so your big sweater fits better over them better. And if everything fit perfectly then it would not be that big of a thing, but that just is not the case. But my biggest problem is “knowing” “exactly” “what” “I” “am” “buying”! Spending hard to come by lindens only to find its not what you expected, then its a problem to me. Tell me, only on X layer, and I don’t care, I’ll buy form someone else, that would be easy. I don’t know anything about Bakes on Mesh, but Omega is so big I will bet it will still be around, its easy to use and works well. BoM will need to by pure magic, almost free, and have all the materials effects Omega can do to push Omega off the grid. I just don’t know enough about it to know any of that. Can you modify shine and materials on each item with BoM, I don’t know.
  13. Evolved sounds like a major step backwards for the consumer, choices made for you, like it or not.
  14. I found and have now used the Omega Advanced Applier Converter, items that were on only one layer are now on all three layers. Works great. On the MP its called: Omega Add-Ons – Applier Fixer/Converters @Gabriele GravesBut I can’t find the Omega Generic Router HUD, thinking the name may be off a little I went through the Omega store on the MP and can’t find anything that sounds close to that. Could it have been replaced by the other converter? Or, could be they split it up into two converts because there is this one: Generic Router for Omega Heads v2.1 And I have an Omega head so I will be getting that one too, its also free and could come in handy. If you happen to see it drop a link here, I’ll check back from time to time. Thank you for your time.
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