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  1. If a house or HB looks like that are sitting empty, could be the occupants are in the sky. I know I am not going to furnish my house, I live in my skybox. I put some things around the yard so it does not look completely abandoned but that’s it, I live at over 3000m. And standing on the top of my skybox and extending my draw distance, wow, lots of skyboxes all over the place. It looks like Belli is a skybox community.
  2. Yes, yes, up close it works just fine, zoom out so the names are gone, then it will be gone too.
  3. I have had this problem for a while now and it was noted back on page 90 of this thread. This is with the 6.2.4 LL viewer. So what is the problem with Coldwater Cay that it will not display correctly?
  4. From my Owned Parcels I see, Diamondtown (20,240) And from the map I get the slurl of Diamondtown (20,240,0) It may be my official address but I think I’ll stick with what I get standing next to my mail box. That way if someone TP’s to it, they don’t end up someplace they really don’t want to be (LOL). And the mail box does not move but things on my lot do, different houses and things in and around them. By using the mail box you have a safe place to TP to, no matter who lives in the house at the time. (IMHO)
  5. LOL, I know its just me, and I am not good at this, but how do I get to: Linden Homes/My Home page
  6. There has been a little talk about house numbers so I decided to through my hat in the ring. I looked at my global address and that was just to long, but knowing every sim has a unique name and every spot on a sim has a unique three number location, this is what I came up with. I stood next to my mailbox and looked on the world map at where I am and that is my address. I will most likely change the look of the plaque many times but this is my first quick and dirty to see how my address plaque looks.
  7. Long story short, went Premium on quarterly plan, got LH on Bellisseria in about half an hour. Abandoned home, they are to small. Went back to basic. I like the 351 prims with the new homes. Went Premium again, annual this time on the morning of 8/1, by 0935 I have another Linden Home. Its all down to luck and everyone has the same chance to win. I’m going out to buy my Lottery ticket.
  8. I don't think so, I just went Premium a little while ago today, not paying that much attention to Regions.
  9. I think I like it. I am in Diamondtown and my house faces empty land waiting for new homes, so I'm not even on a road yet.
  10. I just saw one come up about 15 min. ago but I missed it.
  11. Not sure if they are still around but try looking up dating services. I know I have see them in the past but never looked into them. And no, I’m not talking about Escorts. Just a thought.
  12. When your trying to get a house, write the name in a note card and copy it. Then when you need to name it just right click and paste, or Ctrl-V. That is how I got my house, but I don’t like them so after a day or two I abandoned it. I like the area and the layout, I just don’t like the tiny houses.
  13. Well, I have abandoned my Linden Home and downgraded to Basic, but I’m an alt. That savings will pay for the increase for my main avatar. I don’t like the increase but I do understand it, I am just hoping it does not go like the increase to purchase Lindens and go up again in a couple months. As I recall, I think, they had three increases in a relatively short time to that one.
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