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  1. Hou's it gaun? (How's it going in Scottish) forum readers. Aye. it be the opening round of The Open golf championship from Carnoustie Scotland. Join me in a pint of ale and haggis as we enjoy the tournament Guid cheerio the nau! (Good bye)
  2. Has anyone succussfully found a Sugar Daddy here?

    I am curious about this phenomenon too in SL. Most of the sugar daddy situations that I know are of one man who rains sugar on more than one woman. I have seen quite a few "family" polygamous relationships in which there are large households with many "sugar babes" married to a sugar daddy. It would be interesting to see what the "sugar daddy" spends each month for sure? Also, one of my best friends was a sugar mama but her partner left SL. Now she has focused her attention on running her SL business, growing it greatly these past months after the break-up
  3. Your going to need this for your Sugar Daddy Tummy Ache Plop Plop Fizz Fizz no immediate relief it is for Sugar Daddy's
  4. Happy Monday Forum Folks! Notify the authorities Clover and Rhonda are taking a road trip Have fun ladies!.......well not too much fun if you know what i mean
  5. Happy Friday July 13th! Fun Fact: There were 12 Friday the 13th movies made between 1980-2003 It makes sense that someone is going to figure out it would be great to produce a 13th Friday the 13th movie.
  6. While all y'all goin' small... I made the RBF according to Maddy's directions and my cat ate the whole thing!
  7. Happy Wednesday Everyone! Back from a work conference in Minneapolis. Friendly people but crazy traffic The nickname people love there is Minneapple hehe
  8. Happy Friday Everyone! The boss said I get to work at home today, double yay!! A great way to stay cool while in SL
  9. Something new in SL.

    OK slightly big project but what about a replica of Niagara Falls? You can have a Maid of the Mist boat, barrel roll over the falls, and tight roping over the falls for entertainment. On the ground you could have honeymoon cabins and romantic walking paths. Just think how fun that would be
  10. That is very typical sometimes in SL because there are so many romantic places to explore and it seems like time speeds the relationship process up. Another bit of advice is to hold off partnering as well. Partnering is a whole other dimension of relationship here and it brings its own set of expectations and responsibilities Partner up when both are good and ready!
  11. Happy Day after Independence Day......someone pass me the Tylenol! OK Hippie cute photo but you got to check out Sebastian from the movie Game Night! This west highland white terrier steals all of the scenes he is in If you get a chance to watch it I promise you will fall in love with Sebastian.
  12. Have a happy 4th of July independence day celebration everyone tomorrow! Thank you veterans and safety officers for all you do for us
  13. Mama Mia Maddy! Black jelly beans in Spaghetti Sauce. What would Entenzo say from the Godfather " Calma Dolce e Gentile" Happy Friday!
  14. Happy Thursday Forum Readers! Stay cool out there LMJ..... and remember to keep our furry (not Furries) friends cool in the summer sun P.S. O.K. you Furries also keep cool out there, we love you too.
  15. I let a whole bunch of people get in front of me on freeway traffic today. Happy Random Acts of Kindness Wednesday gang! Despite it being the middle of the week, and the world being kinda crabby and mean at times, the simple act of letting cars merge into traffic reminds me that we can change the world one random kind act at a time Aesop, back in ancient Greece (620 to 564 BC) said it best: