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  1. Yes, I am eagerly awaiting for the 2nd volume titled La Guerra e la Pace, otherwise known as "War and Peace", I heard a rumor that it is 1,225 pages long
  2. Dog ready for adoption!

    Two critical questions: are you potty trained? Do you like Kibbles and Bits?
  3. My newest creation

    Yes, for example a nice wedding picture with people in it would be appropriate in the Lifestyles and Relationships section
  4. What Ever has happened to the Spirit of the community since 2009?

    The business side of SL has been a contributing factor to the spirit of community changing. Marketplace and Mesh have created a more business focused profit emphasis in residents. The other part of change in community has been the people who were exploring new worlds ten to fifteen years ago, got bored, and left. The virtual world is temporary and this can be very difficult for people looking for a stable environment (friends, family, partners). What i have learned in my 10th year is to appreciate the friends that you have every day in RL and SL, and if you are lucky enough to have a significant other in either SL or RL, give them a hug and appreciate them even more.
  5. Your Biggest SL Disappointment

    Gracie, type a memo please: To: Forum Readers Re: Your Biggest SL Disappointment Bcc: Linden Labs My real life job cutting into fun SL time Not knowing how to properly create a mesh avatar after having a classic avatar all these years (got a Bento body but stopped accessorizing it after seeing how hot i look) Mean people you encounter once-in-awhile (My block list is now up to 7!) Being able to communicate with people from other nationalities. Mostly people from UK and Australia More Free Lindens! The lag at Frank's Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace! Sincerely, Jameson
  6. Our Honeymoon

    Except Virginia, the one thing you are missing in all of your posts is a picture of the bride and the groom at the wedding:) You can't leave us hanging wondering what you both looked like at the ceremony? This is, after all, Facebook for SL!
  7. love

    Somehow I think he probably got to keep his fixer job with the new law firm but that his struggles with his inner demon (gambling) would be conquered, he would meet a nice girl from Jersey, and settle down to have kids. Nah..... we are talking George Clooney here, I think he went on to do Oceans 11 hehe. But I like your optimism about the bonus
  8. Looking for friends who won’t judge me or my past.

    What a delicious sandwich you are Madelaine, I had to google Anne Francis but any sandwich with Pfeiffer as the top sounds yummy.
  9. love

    OMG too funny Rhonda just a great reminder that we ALL have skeletons in our closets hehe. Now i am going to go find the movie on Netflix to watch it.
  10. love

    One of his best movies, so many memorable scenes. The walk up the hill to the horses questioning the meaning of life and having his car blow up, his confrontation of the mean career lady at the end of the movie getting some vindication, and of course the five minute cab ride scene at the end of the movie with a facial shot of him just kind of digesting everything while he takes a cab ride in NYC. Great movie!
  11. love

    Ok Ok us guys are not all that bad! Yes, we may be crude and insensitive sometimes, but we can also be kinda bumbling cute (like Will Ferrell) and smoking hot like (George Clooney circa 200)-2010). Our problem is we have too many Harvey Weinstein's running around and not enough Ferrell and Clooney types.
  12. Apologies but I really need some guidance

    Many thanks for the advice!
  13. Apologies but I really need some guidance

    My situation is somewhat similar, purchased the Bento Dante body, hands, and feet but have not purchased the head yet for it. I am wondering if I can still use my classic avatar head with the Bento mesh body? I know this sounds funny but I like my classic head and would miss it on my new body. Thanks for any help! P.S. I never realized how much work and how stupid I feel going from classic to mesh.....sheesh z
  14. Ok looking for a little advice from forum readers. What are the best spots on SL to meet other people who want to date and develop long-term relationships? Not hook-up sites per say for one night stands, but more romantic sims that a guy can meet a girl, spend time together getting to know each other, maybe become girlfriend and boyfriend, and if you are really lucky maybe become partners. Any tidbits of information or advice is appreciated