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  1. Mesh Avatar

    Wow Lillith thank you so much for this information. I think Shakespeare said it so well many years ago; " To mesh or not to mesh, that is the question." Ultimately, when you have been on SL for as long as I have (9 years) two different avitars, I think the question is more like which mesh, which mesh should i choose, and now I am smarter because of you
  2. Thanks Rhonda I will try and track down the correct spelling and try and find her online profile
  3. Looking for a family Roleplay

    Hi Salem, Put me down as a sappy romantic at heart also:) I have been exploring family RP this past year and got involved in a bad situation as well (sound familiar) but I enjoyed the joys and challenges of growing a relationship, getting pregnant, and having a family in SL. Maybe we should start our own sappy romantics club Jameson
  4. Wanted to say hello to Esmee Isabel who created the sim called Cherished when SL first began and was wondering if she is still on SL. My first avitar was James100 Aabye and I used Cherished as a home landing area for two years enjoying her hospitality.
  5. Mesh Avatar

    Anyone have a favorite mesh avitar brand that they can share? I am wondering also how much i can expect to spend on a mesh avitar? Thanks!
  6. Roommate?

    Did you find a roommate? I think that is so cool that you put out a request for roommate on the Forum:) It is a great way to cut down on costs and live in a nicer place......just like college days hehe.
  7. Why? Are you all that desperate?

    Please do not leave the Forums section Tali, I totally was laughing at your response and your honesty is refreshing:) I still think people in SL want to make a connection with someone in world because it gets kinda lonely just exploring, building, or doing activities. I think it is more about meeting Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs than anything else.
  8. Where Is Your Line - SL vs RL

    I think I learned a valuable lesson about role play when I went through a pregnancy and birth with a woman and got emotionally involved with her only to have it all come crashing down. I did not realize that real life feelings and emotions would come from such an experience in SL. It is definitely an awakening to the need to be careful sometimes we are playing with fire.