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  1. I could not resist The Love Boat theme song:)
  2. Happy First Day of Spring! At 9:15 A.M. SL time we officially have made it to spring in the Northern Hemisphere:)
  3. Hidden message

    Rye Rough Rhonda! This is what Scooby use to say.....R-okay Raggy hehe
  4. Nice Keyboard Hippie you are going to have to perform at a club sometime and let us all know:) Here is to all of us forum readers who are hung over after our brackets got destroyed in the NCAA tournament! Me after North Carolina lost drowning my sorrows with Colombian Coffee at Rhonda's Taco Stand Not a very funny 2nd sequel to the original movie #1 seed Virginia's coach after they team lost in the first round to #16 seed UMBC
  5. This is the ideal transactional model versus The narcissistic I don't care what you think transactional model or The poor self image self-defeating transactional model or The intransigent life position transactional model where sometimes you have to agree to disagree and accept it
  6. Priest for Marriage

    You could also fill in as a double for Bryan Cranston as Walter White if they decide to film more episodes of Breaking Bad. The resemblance is amazing!
  7. Feeling funky on a payday Friday! Going to celebrate with Tacos and Corona's at Rhonda's taco stand!
  8. Have you been a Victim?

    For those of us more seasoned folks think of SL as an episode of The Love Boat Everyone gets on the ship and stuff happens. At the end of the show everything usually got resolved but yes even on The Love Boat a few hearts got broken I like to think if we all acted like Captain Stubbing or Julie we should be ok cause they generally kept out of harm's way in the love/relationship department and they had some pretty funny lines. I myself liked Gopher cause he was kind of bumbling and ended up being elected to Congress.
  9. Happy Thursday Forum Readers: It's a really big day in the neighborhood I love the hand puppet by the way Go Tar Heels! What is a Tar Heel you may ask? The British were said to have observed that if you waded in North Carolina rivers, you would get tar on your heels due to the natives dumping pine trees in the rivers. Another story comes from the Civil War. A group of North Carolina soldiers scolded their comrades for leaving the battlefield when things got tough. The soldiers threatened to stick tar on the heels of the retreating soldiers to help them stay in the battle. General Robert E. Lee is said to have commented "God bless the Tar Heel boys!"
  10. Juan and his faithful donkey Eeyore wish to be released from Rhonda's garage so he can share the rich Colombian coffee with the world:)
  11. I agree that it is shallow, however, mesh is so expensive that it can create a socioeconomic class separation as well. Some of us are/were reluctant to spend the lindens to move to mesh and this causes issues when shopping or using certain sims with our mesh friends. We need to respect an avatars decision to stay with a classic look, and instead look at the person inside the avatar.
  12. Such a sweet daily affirmation:) One good way to spread daily affirmations is to compliment someone completely out of the blue to make their day happier. Taligurl you have the most amazing boot collection I have ever seen in SL!
  13. Daft things I have done!

    About a year ago I finally broke down and rented my first domicile. I loved it so much i became a zillow property obsessed freak, and obsessively started searching for new places to rent. At one point I was renting 4 places simultaneously (just a little OCD). Naturally I could not be at all 4 places very much so I got it down to 2 properties after a month and then one finally I still cruise around checking out rental property but keep my check book at home!
  14. When is catfishing really catfishing?

    Oh yes my apologies I must have copied the Bree's Quote from your post and it attributed the quote to you?
  15. When is catfishing really catfishing?

    And the person who wants to keep the relationship only in the SL world should not feel pressured, or guilty of cat fishing, because they do not want to move it into RL. If the person who wants it both in SL and RL cannot accept this it may be time to move on from the relationship.