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  1. Have a great Thursday!
  2. Jameson2001

    Take a word leave a word (game)

    Surprise Arizona Spring Training Baseball!
  3. Happy Super Moon Tuesday! The second installment of this winter's trio of supermoons, sometimes nicknamed the Super Snow Moon, will peak today (Feb. 19), so don't forget to step outside and look up tonight. Now back to our sponsors: Coffee! Have a great day day woof!
  4. Hang in there Monday everyone!
  5. Jameson2001

    What are you listening right know.

    Rightfully so! Fleetwood Mac has sold over 40 million copies of that wonderful album. Here is my favorite song from that album
  6. Happy Friday, yay end of the week, -17 below here this morning but at least the sun is out. Thanks to Halo for the Lucy pic! It immediately got me remembering watching Lucy reruns over aluminum foil TV dinners (yum). After Ricky and Fred get upset about the girls' spending, Lucy and Ethel go to work in a candy factory while the boys do housework (below) Lucy and her best friend Ethel, played by Vivian Vance, try to prove that a job is easier than housework, so the couples “switch.” As the conveyor belt speeds up at the factory, however, mayhem ensues and the women resort to stuffing candy in their mouths and blouses (far right pic). The guys fare no better with housekeeping, burning clothes and turning the apartment into a general disaster zone. Ahhhhhh 50's and 60's TV😁
  7. Happy Valentines Day! Put on the Beatles Here, There and Everywhere song (Revolver), hum along with the tune (one of their best love songs), pull out the "Jerry Maguire" DVD or "When Harry Met Sally" DVD with a nice glass of wine and enjoy the day😁
  8. Cool optical illusions Wednesday! OK, Wheres Waldo is not actually an optical illusion more of an optical recognition game. See how long it takes to find him?
  9. Happy Tuesday y'all just a positive Spring is around the corner thought on this snowy morning
  10. Happy Monday! Just a courtesy reminder that Thursday this week is Valentine's Day💓 Coffee is always a good wake up gift idea😁 Put on
  11. Arctic animals spotted on the outskirts of town! Good Day eh! from the Great White North! Doug and Bob McKenzie wish you all a great day filled with back bacon and beer eh. You hosers have a wonderful weekend eh!
  12. And, wouldn't you know it someone who i was close to in world for a couple of years, who just completely dropped of the grid, has reappeared in SL after a two year absence. It was a bit confusing because they were using a different avatar so I had no idea who it was until she got her old avatar back up and running (forgot her original avatar password and waited for help ticket to be completed to get her previous avatar back). Oddly enough, her explanation was pretty lame why she just disappeared (life got too busy) but since she has been back we our picking up where we left off on our friendship. Even stranger, she is living on the same island sim that she did before leaving, and we are visiting a lot of the places we use to go to a couple of years ago. Who knows if she will stick around this time? I guess there are no guarantees one way or the other so I will just enjoy our friendship while i can.
  13. Those are two adorable dogs! What is the breed of the lighter one (looks like German Shepard ears) Happy Wednesday! Getting ready for our 5th blizzard of the snow season, got me listening to "Stormy" on Pandora by The Classics IV You were the sunshine, baby, whenever you smiled But I call you Stormy today All of a sudden that ole rain's fallin' down And my world is cloudy and gray You've gone away Oh Stormy, oh Stormy Bring back that sunny day Yesterday's love was like a warm summer breeze But, like the weather ya changed Now things are dreary, baby And it's windy and cold And I stand alone in the rain Callin' your name Oh Stormy, oh Stormy Bring back that sunny day Oh Stormy, oh Stormy Bring back that sunny day Bring back that sunny day Oh Stormy, Oh Stormy
  14. Happy Tuesday Everyone! Still recovering from Super Bowl Sunday! Try not yawning when viewing these photos😁 Things I can do now that football season is over! 1. Read Tolstoy's War and Peace (1225 pages that will take awhile) 2. Begin working on that 10,000 piece Where's Waldo puzzle 3. Start researching college basketball teams for March Madness tournament