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  1. Why can't every night be Tuesday when it comes to Tacos! 89 cent tacos are soooooooo good!
  2. So one of my rude people metrics is how many people I have "blocked" in the past 4 years coming back to SL. Right now my block list is 6 people. These are people who basically were so rude that I had to block them from SL existence. Now, considering I have interacted literally with hundreds and hundreds of people in the past 4 years I think 6 is a relatively small number. To depict this small number of rude people I am attaching a Where's Waldo picture to illustrate......Waldo is the rude person in the picture, look for the striped shirt, stocking hat, and glasses.
  3. What we need

    Yay! Thanks for sharing this experience. Usually you can tell within the first two sentences if the person you are chatting with is a good conversationalist. What amazes me is the diversity of people I have met this way and the enjoyable conversations that can be had.
  4. What we need

    I think this is the sad part of SL that when a guy IM's a girl it is only for sex. What ever happened to just chatting with someone about where they are from, complimenting them on their avatar, or asking them what is their favorite part of SL? Conversations are fun between all different types of avatars:) It seems to me that was not as much a problem back in the early days.
  5. What we need

    Speaking from a guy's perspective, most guys would be happy to receive a random IM. I have gone many months without a random IM and when I do get one I usually will ask the person if they are actually speaking to me? Hehe. I think the last random IM I received was in early 2017 from a horse avatar asking me where good grazing land might be in SL
  6. How manly can I make a Avatar 2.0? Also, mesh bodies.

    I just recently made the switch from classic body, to mesh, and it was a bit of a process. So far I am into about 4500 lindens for the transformation, and I am finding clothing is running about 1/2 that amount. I went with Altamura Bento "Dante" mesh body and am using my classic avatar face with this mesh body. If you have a friend who is good with mesh have him/her help with the process as it takes time to get the look you want. I have to admit the whole combination of mesh clothes with the new mesh body is quite a bit more realistic and appealing to the eye. Good luck with your transformation
  7. what is with all the accounts under the water?

    Hmmm I have seen this too lately. One possibility could be newer members who are AFK and keep SL open. I have a friend from Japan who does this while she is sleeping in RL. She told me once that she likes to go to sleep with certain music from that sim but does not want to have anyone bother her so she will go hide on that particular sim while sleeping in RL.
  8. Thanks Maddy, I checked with Santa Claus and you are on the "Nice" list (barely)! But, he said that the 65 Mustang that you want for Christmas is out of the question. He does have and 87 Yugo in stock that you can have, however. r
  9. Getting flaked out on like mad

    A good analogy EjeFief to what you are experiencing in Second Life, would be high school. In high school if you found a few really good friends that you could confide in and share stuff with you were lucky. Most of the rest of the students were acquaintances that you knew little more about than their name (larger high schools). Clothes and style were a really big deal in high school just like in Second Life. If you had money in high school (lindens in SL) you were usually one of the stylish (cool) kids, and yes that applies to SL as well where there definitely is a style conscious attitude among many. Blame mesh for that since if you are still only using a classic avatar you are Waaaay out of style, as one person recently told me. Remember dating in high school? It was a minefield of feelings and emotions. If you were lucky to find one person to date during high school(long-term) relationship, you were really exceptional since the temptation to date more than one person usually meant multiple dating partners during high school. Second life is the same way. When I meet someone who has been with their partner for more than a year I shake their hand. When I meet someone who has been with their partner more than three years I high five them and go "wow"! And, if I meet someone who has been with their partner more than five years in SL, I ask them if I can take their temperature (just kidding). The only sage advice is for you to watch "Fast Times at Ridgemount High" or "Breakfast Club". Granted, they are movies about 1980's teenager problems in high school, but it could help you understand the crazy world of SL as well .
  10. Rant about my Sl Life

    Talligurl is so right you need to just let your avatar explore different sims. Use the Search Places function and have fun exploring. Type in words that you feel might interest you for people with similar interests etc. Good luck!
  11. Rover the Red Nosed Rein dog had a very shiny nose and if you ever saw it you would even say it glows. P.S.
  12. Love hearing wandering stories, and believe me when I tell you, there are a lot of us out wandering. One of my favorite things to do is to pick a word of the day in Search, for example: Waterfalls, Winter, Animals, or Music; and just see what pops up for sim locations with that word. You can randomly select sim locations and just go explore. I really like empty or abandoned sims and the things you find on these is amazing. When you see someone else on the sim say hello and see if they want to chat. More times than not I have found other wanderers this way and the conversations you can have is enlightening. It's a big world out there!
  13. Make friends. form lasting friendships.

    And BilliJo pointed out that Quebec is more French than Canadian with a way sexier language
  14. Make friends. form lasting friendships.

    Darci, Canadians love three things, no wait four things: 1. Second Life (I meet so many Canadians here) 2. Saying "Eh" at the end of their sentences when they speak (might be only the people from Winnipeg, not sure?) 3. Hockey (we Americans can learn a thing or two about hockey from you guys) 4. Canadian Bacon (ok you know i had to say it but it is delicious!) I am super confident that you will meet tons of good friends all over the world, but seriously some of my favorite people in SL are from Canada.
  15. Five word Story Game

    are sauteed with olive oil