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  1. Welcome to SL Beesknees:) We were all new to SL at one time so remember being a Noob is not a bad thing. Being an experienced gamer on ps4 should help you also as you learn Second Life. One of the things also that might help you is there are experienced members of the SL community who enjoy helping new SL members with things like avatar appearance, exploring sims, finding friends, etc. I have heard from many Noobs who told me that they have an experienced SL member helping them with their avatar, buying clothes, looking for free stuff, and on and on. Do not be afraid to reach out to people who have been on SL for years for help. It is a welcoming community to new folks learning the ropes😊
  2. Attitude Today (Did not know it was a website😊)
  3. Happy Hump Day! Love your cardinal pics Maddy.... it's Robins in my backyard They typically jump out of the nest in two weeks and then learn how to fly (fledge) in a week to 10 days. I have more than once caught them on the deck railing practicing their flying with the Mom on the ground below rewarding them with a bug or worm when they land! Then in early August all of our Robins disappear until we see them again in the first week of April, gotta love mother nature😀
  4. Happy Tuesday Everyone! This day in history remembrance of the first atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima which helped end World War II Also on this date in history in 1926 Olympic Athlete Gertrude Ederle swims the English Channel in 14 hours. Two hours faster than any man had previously swam the Channel!
  5. There Bear! See me crawl in a ball and hide!
  6. Had to do it after seeing the song from Yes:) Jefferson Starship
  7. Happy Monday! After seeing caffeine addicted Yoda above I thought a few Yoda isms to start the week would be good! He is really wise that Yoda, everyone loves the smell of bacon😀
  8. Welcome back from vacation Hippie:} Man it is hot in Florida right now the cars are melting, eh? Wanted to remind you of cool Canada with the "eh" at the end😀
  9. Not sure if this one of the last two words but: Anne Frank
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