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  1. A few of the Premium features have also been made available to Concierge-level residents, such as the expanded group slots. Will Concierge-level accounts also get the ability to purchase a new account name? -R
  2. Lucky you... my biggest problem is that I can't get out.
  3. Looking to buy a Grandfathered Homestead. Contact Crap Mariner inworld.
  4. I think that Myf is hosting a showing of Repo Man on Monday night at The Kino Haus.
  5. I'm on the fence with this one. I'm in Houston, TX in an area that usually doesn't lose power and only the street and garage flood. I'm also responsible for... how many sims? (See how responsible I am?) Harvey being Harvey, I let folks know I was aware and had prepped. Kinda like back with Ike and Rita... no, I did not get trapped in the bugout c-f- of Rita. And, yes, I say folks. Or neighbors. I don't say renters. If things were the other way around, I'd hope I'd show the same understanding with such things. I know some folks dealt with the NYC hurricane, right n
  6. After disasters or terrorist attacks, there's usually a slew of "Pray for X" or "We are all X" things. Did a few searches in Marketplace and the blogs and Flickr, only found this so far: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Gift-Seaweed-Sonnet-Yellow-Rose-Rug/12596250 "This rug is meant to show friensdhip and well wishes to those in Texas going through the flooding and devastation of Hurricane Harvery." The sentiment is greatly appreciated.
  7. And this is why I'm reading Space City Weather, watching the weather radar, following the emergency management alerts, and filtering the flood control district feed instead of watching the ever-increasing buffoonery and opinion-pieces out there. Unless they're wearing white cotton tops, there's no sense to look at the babbling bimbettes getting rained on. Right now, SCW and the radar suggest lighter intermittent rain in my area for a while. I'll ping work and confirm I'm online, then go snap some photos while the tea steeps.
  8. Yes. Exactly. Rita evac as a major c-f-. People don't forget that mess. I live in an area of Houston that is relatively high ground, so the streets and garages turn into lakes but the buildings tend to remain above the water level. I could drink a six pack and take a leak in the parking lot, and 3 cars would have to get towed... that's how it is, but it acts as a retention pond. One new neighbor was losing their s-, looking at their drowned car. Yep. There's a reason why the Gecko and Mayhem double-end this neighborhood for car insurance. So, I stock up on water early in la
  9. So, does a toy pretending to be a robot count as race-bending?
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