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  1. Ok ..How about instructions on how i can delete this postπŸ˜‰
  2. actually i was not expecting anything reply , it was a rant. πŸ˜‘
  3. Why dont they just tell me its not recoverable, and i can lay it to rest. if they have some special process they can perform by logging into my acc. Why dont they word it as such. They make it sound as if i was over looking it . I have done all of the clear cache procedures. Perhaps i am grasping at straws asking for a magic solution.
  4. Diawa Bellic

    Missing Folder

    I am not sure how this happen, i been in SL for over 11 years, and never had this issue before. I am missing a sub folder i had created in my Object folder to contain building items, it is gone. a few days prior to this happening i i had logged into the beta grid just to look around. I logged back into the beta grid after discovering my folder missing to see if the folder would show and it was there..It still lists in my inv to this day in the beta grid. is there anything i can do to get that folder back.. I am a premium user , and i submitted a ticket, they replied " Hello Diawa, Thank you for contacting support, and I'm sorry to hear about the missing folder! For troubleshooting purposes may I log into your account and look for the folder? You do not need to change your password for this, but will not be able to login for a short period. Let me know if it's ok to proceed! " lol.. well i understand the processes of trouble shooting but for one.. the folder is missing .. and there not going to find it there.. and 2 what there asking is like letting someone into your home when your not there so they can go there your stuff.. so ya..thats not happening.
  5. Hey ..at least there full sentences ... and don't contain "R ,U" πŸ˜‰ Stick around .. it gets worse.
  6. Been having that same issue for a while now, few things you can do. 1: If you use Firestorm you can go to Advance or Avatar health and "refresh attachments" 2: TP somewhere , i find that works also. 3:...relog πŸ™„
  7. I just want to say , who ever was reasonable for the TP fix did a outstanding job. Impressive, i think its the best its ever been. Hi5πŸ‘
  8. same..strange how there is nothing posted .. this was a issue Sunday also.. nothing about that ether was posted
  9. Thank you ..both of you ..that seems to be the way to do it..?
  10. ok.. i been doing it that way for..oh.. 6 ..7 years.. now it doesn't work that way ..or i been doing it wrong all these years and they finally caught me? lol
  11. when i log in it brings this page up https://gyazo.com/4231ee920a56bca3654d605a1987c294 when i click "home" it takes me to this page https://gyazo.com/767fc6f6bffdb0d1dcea7d44c0e4ba6e but it should be taking me to this page https://gyazo.com/b98b313b79fe47ec7622347a3f0a538c
  12. Some people ,my self inc.. are having a issue with the mp site..when you log in and click "home" it takes you to the LL log in web page..this has been going on for a while now.
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