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  1. Summary of the initial meeting: https://modemworld.me/2018/09/13/sl-project-updates-37-2-concierge-and-land-user-group/
  2. Inara Pey

    No Rolls this week?

    " Linden Summer of Love Palooza Extravaganza Fête Conference " Right - that's set in stone for all future SL summits - henceforth to be known by the acronym LSLPEFC - but don't tell them - keep 'em guessing!
  3. I generally avoid spamming blog posts here. However, as this might be of interest for those who haven't watch all of the SL15B Meet the Lindens talks, I've produced a summary of all five sessions. Each session is summarised by: Key topics discussed (I've tried to avoid unnecessary repetition of subjects). Bullet-point summary of comments made on each topic, by session. Audio extracts of the comments. Timestamps cross-referenced to each session video, so people can hear questions and answers. The videos by SL4Live are also embedded for reference. Anyone interested in having a look can find the introduction here: SL15B: Meet the Lindens summaries with video + audio - all sections include a table of contents for easier access to specific subjects. I'm aware it's all a little late compared to SL15B, but it took a while to put everything together, so my apologies for that!
  4. Inara Pey

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-05-28

    AFAIK, improvements to management of the eject and ban lists - something long requested and the subject of multiple TPVD and WUG meetings, per my TPVD meeting updates: https://modemworld.me/tag/tpv-developer-meetings/
  5. Inara Pey

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2018-04-16

    "Messaging" is this case refers to region crossing messaging, not communications through channels like this forum thread, as per: [2018/04/24 12:02:34] Rider Linden: So, The internal fixes on the RCs from last week should be rolling to the main grid this week. Snack is getting a new roll that we hope will address some of the region crossing issues. (bold text mine for emphasis).
  6. Since January 2018, Linden Lab has unveiled a number of Sansar experiences - Aech's Garage Aech's Basement, The Intel CES Booth and the Intel 8th Generation Core tour. All of these point to a developing synergy between Linden Lab and industry clients - Warner Entertainment and Intel in these cases - which seems to focus on Sansar Studios as a design house. Could you provide more insight to how Linden Lab is working to promote Sansar for "business" style user cases - perhaps offer some insight into Sam Distaso's work as Sansar's Manager, Strategic Business Development? Is it fair to say the Sansar Studios presents Linden Lab with a possible revenue generator, providing expertise in the design and execution of tailored experiences to paying clients? Is this something the Lab is pursuing, or planning to pursue as Sansar matures?
  7. One of the potential key benefits of moving Second Life to a cloud infrastructure is the reduced cost in having to operate server hardware 24/7 in favour of an "on demand" scenario - regions are potentially only spun up when there is a demand for access. However, on demand comes at the cost of persistence. If a region isn't spun up, it will not be visible to neighbouring regions - something which could become a visual issue for Mainland areas and / or larger private estates of multiple regions (if the region isn't spun-up, it isn't seen), and you've previously suggested that some regions will remain always on. Can you give any clearer idea of how these two models - "on demand" and "always on" might operate together? Will region holders with private islands have the option to have there region run "on demand" and only spun-up when access is required, or opt to have their region(s) always on? Will you in fact offer a choice? If so, will it be based on a specific product type, or might users select product type (.i.e. Homestead / Full / something else) and then opt for the tier they would prefer ("always on" rate or "on demand rate")? (I'm also assuming here that Mainland will remain "always on" simply to offer the continuity of experience there.)
  8. Inara Pey

    Secondlife 15th anniversary and CEO's letter

    For those interested, the last names topic came up for discussion at the Content Creation User Group meeting on March 22nd, 2018. I audio recorded the meeting, and have produced a summary, with audio extracts, of Oz Linden's comments on the subject from that meeting: https://modemworld.me/2018/03/23/the-return-of-second-life-last-names-update-with-audio/ (Some of Patch's comments from this thread are also included).
  9. Inara Pey

    Secondlife 15th anniversary and CEO's letter

    According to Oz Linden, speaking at the March 22nd CCUG, a user re-using a previous name they had is still TBD at the Lab.
  10. Inara Pey

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-08-21

    The comment appeared to have a personal edge to it, given it had no other bearing on the discussion. And we don't "have" to do anything. Those of us who report on meetings do so precisely because - even when transcripts are / were made available - not everyone is given to reading them. Ergo, they help spread the word as much as anything else.
  11. Inara Pey

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-08-21

    Which is why there are weekly reports on the meetings from those of us who attend. It's easy enough to find them. Again, the information is available. As to "retired old lady" - I assume you're referring to your personal status. I'm years away from retiring, so hope you're enjoying yours ;-).
  12. Inara Pey

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-08-21

    By "secret", I assume you mean the ones openly advertised in the wiki, and available to anyone to attend, and at which a whole range of topics are discussed, notably those raised by residents attending them. Including questions concerning outages, issues and other events. As the say goes, "seek and ye shall find". Or don't. The choice is yours.
  13. Inara Pey

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-08-21

    You mean they don't provide explanations like this one: April has, whenever she's been able to, provided information on major outages like this, and through the public channel of the official blogs.
  14. Inara Pey

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-08-14

    "Second Life Server (no roll): "https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Server/17#" Don't you mean 17#07.27.327933? That was the last SLS deployment.