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  1. A little late, but I published this over the weekend: Sansar: looking at the apparent new owner – Wookey Projects Inc. A quick look at Wookey Projects Inc (aka Wookey Search Technologies), and who runs it, the fact it might be transitioning its business into the AR / VR environment), etc.
  2. The NWN statement appears to be far from accurate in terms of long-term Lindens still at the Lab. There are Lindens who joined either before or during the 2006-2008 period the article references and who still appear to be at the Lab (they still have active SL accounts). These include: Dan (2002), Callum and Torley (2004), Guy, Patsy and Runitai (2005); Aura (2006); Alexa, Brad, Brett, Ekim, Nat, Patch, Simon, Soft, TJ (all 2007). Possibly more, but that's the top-of-head list Whirly Fizzle and I came up with.
  3. Yes, that's the comment that had my eyebrow arching - and I suspect many others as well. And I should have been clearer - I'd expect an industry statement if things are going in the direction I suspect. My comment about feedback was related to not expecting more in the way of a generic comment through a channel like Discord or in response to an RFI from a blogger.
  4. @Chic Aeon " Actually the "sansar" channel is not public in that open sense. You need to have a Sansar account and then join Discord from within the platform. There are (for a few months) now public channels. They are up top in the list like "new user". The Sansar channel is one of the VERIFIED SOCIAL channels. We still get trolls and griefers but it is pretty much the same folks. " Which is why I put "public" in quotes - inasmuch as the communication wasn't directed towards an individual, but to the active community as a whole .
  5. Ooops, my bad... I'd missed & corrected! Ta for catching it. My figures for Sansar staffing are approximate and based on a comment that was made via a Lab Chat / Town Hall meeting, where it was noted in round terms that Sansar had "about 100" working on it at that time (of which around 1/4 went in November 2019). If the figures are reasonably accurate, then I admit it arches my eyebrow even further concerning the Discord statement's wording.
  6. @Chic Aeon Oh well. I wasn't aware of any restriction on repeating Ebbe's comments, particularly when offered in a "public" channel. Not seen anything official on the matter, but then I only scan the channels for news and am not really that actively engaged (I loathe Discord as a medium), so could easily have missed it. I'd actually be surprised if much more is said through channels like that or via a response to any RFI - LL are very selective in their communications (as is their right). I've opted (after holding off for several hours) to blog on the matter, but have intentionally avoided speculations of my own. That said, I find certain parts of the wording in Ebbe's statement interesting enough to raise an eyebrow. But again, whether they are indicative of anything or simply down to his way of expressing something in writing is hard to judge - another reason for not entering into wider speculation.
  7. Currently, as as Ryan has updated in his post, the official feedback is Sansar is still running (and is indeed accessible). Ebbe has stated the following on Discord: "So, I’m only going to say this tonight as it’s late. We can pick up the conversation in the following days. Yes, there were layoffs today. A truly wonderful group of people. But as you can see Sansar is up and running. We are still in discussion about next steps. Including with the wonderful group of people. More to come. Don’t give up yet. Go create and have fun. Not much point in speculating until we can tell you more." I have a formal RFI in with the Lab, but thus far, no reply (possibly due to the time difference between the UK and SF), so have been holding off on posting anything until / if I get anything in reply.
  8. Ummm... Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as at 5:19 PST / SLT on November 12th: The release notes links to the 532376 SLS and RC deploys point to the 532553 releases notes The notes above don't provide a link to the 532553 release notes.
  9. Considering I've recently written an entire piece on both of the release processes, viewer and simulator, I'm more than a little embarrassed about getting my version numbers muddled up above!
  10. Yeah. Home just rolled. I was additionally confused as we have a gallery space on the local cluster of region, and that and the home region used to roll pretty much simultaneously - we couldn't simply jump to the gallery to avoid the home roll or vice versa.
  11. It's confusing, but from what I've tracked, it appears that the deployment dates on the new pages only refer to the *original* date a deployment was made, and which is *not* updated when the release rolls to SLS. Thus, 2019-10-03T01:12:11.531528 will show Tuesday Oct 8th, because that was the date on which it was originally deployed to an RC. (And yes, I'm aware the 693 notes refer to Monday 14th - I assume that's just a mis-type in the release notes.)
  12. Actually, my bad on this - mis-read my own notes! 715 was actually the release the script fubar was rolled back *to*. So I'll go sit in the corner with a pointy hat on for the rest of the day
  13. I'm actually totally confused. My home region (which used to be on SLS, and AFAIK hasn't been moved by request) is reporting release 2019-09-06T22:03:53.530715 - which I thought was the one pulled a couple of weeks back due to the whole scripting fubar situation. However, the region our gallery space and bar is on, (and which is still SLS as far as I've aware) is reporting 2019-10-03T01:12:11.531528 (so apparently correct), as is my Linden Home region, which has also always been SLS ... Edited to add: never mind... mis-read my own notes... see below!
  14. Caleb - Mag and LT are still "[TBD]" - are they defo. going to 2019-09-06T18:49:52.530700 as well, or....? If they are, the links need updating.
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