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  1. Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-08-14

    "Second Life Server (no roll): "" Don't you mean 17#07.27.327933? That was the last SLS deployment.
  2. SL 360 Photos

    Those interested can find reviews of the major 360 pancams available in Second Life (of which I'm aware, at least!) here: Illiastra Panoramic Camera mentioned in the OP Camera Panoramic 360 mentioned in Whirly's reply VR Creations 360 Photosphere Linden Lab 360 Snapshot viewer Note the last review was written for the initial release of the Lab's 360-degree snapshot viewer; some functionality has since changed, and the viewer itself is in need of update (which it coming soonTM).
  3. FIRST

    Careful, or I might send you another Tome Of Terrible Questions!
  4. FIRST

    Do administrators count when it comes to being first? . I think Marianne is really first! Second is the new new first!
  5. Question about subscribing to voice morphing

    All you need to know should be in the Knowledge Base - try this link:
  6. Check out the Place Pages Beta!

    Are you actually logged-in the the Places pages? From my tests, the page you describe comes up for those not actually logged-in to the SL web properties. Check the top right-hand corner and see if your name or LOGIN is displayed. If the latter, click it to log-in, and things should display OK.
  7. SL Viewer for XP computers

    You might try the Obsolete Platforms Viewer from Linden Lab: As the release notes state, this is specifically for users on XP - but keep in mind that given its age, it has none of the more recent features common to maintained viewers, and thus your experience with it is liable to be less than optimal in many cases. Also, as Qie suggests, if you have a suitable Android device, Lumiya might be a good alternative (check the Third Party Viewer list for details). This is an extraordinarily powerful client, given it is Android (check here for more), although it is without some capabilities you might need. If you can install a suitable Android emulator (assuming there is one for XP), you might be able to run Lumiya on your PC through that.
  8. SS Galaxy is back

    The Galaxy actually returned and opened in August 2015 . Sadly, it's not "complete" Nor is it really used as had been indicated. There has only (to my knowledge) been one event there since the return.
  9. The Lag is intense in world

    It's not an SL-specific issue. It is a Window 10 / OpenGL issue, which appears to be primarily related to Win 10 Cumulative update KB3176938 released at the end of August 2016. see: The Lab have been in contact with Microsoft over the issue, as have many other affected by the same issue (people are experiencing the same problem on a number of games). There is an unconfirmed report that a fix is due to be forthcoming from Microsoft "soon". However, if you are on Win 10 and experiencing problems, you might also was to try these suggestions from the Firestorm team: As a Windows 7 user, I cannot vouch for any of the fixes suggested, as I've never had cause to use them.
  10. Project Bento Feedback Thread

    Viewer is now at RC status: Lab blog post. Download details (14th Sept 2016): Bento release candidate viewer (links to download options & release notes)
  11. Avatar complexity-- how can I get others to see me correctly

    As others have said, how others see you is not something you can directly control. Even with well-made and optimised attachments, there is no guarantee you're not a Jelly Doll to someone who has opted to set their Max Complexity especially low. However, in the context of your role-play enironment, you could ask those around you who are seeing you as a "Jelly Doll" to right-click on your avatar and select "render fully". This will render your avatar as you wish them to see you, but will not alter their existing Max Complexity setting, and so will not impact how they see others wherever else they go. In the official viewer (and TPVs using the Avatar Complexity code unaltered from the Lab), this option will only render you fully during the other user's log-in session. The next time they log-in and see you, you'll again be Jelly Dolled, and they'll need to select "Render Fully" with you once more. In Firestorm, using this option will always render your avatar fully in the other person's view, until such time as they select "Render Normally" via the avatar context menu / pie menu when right-clicking on you (or if they right-click on you and select "Do not Render", in which case, you become a plain grey shape in their view). Hope this helps.
  12. Deploy plans for the week of 2016-08-08

    arabellajones wrote: I'm confused. Tbe MC and RC versions have exactly the same ID numbers now, yet one is described as a bugfix and one as security. And the release notes are identical. If they have the same build numbers and they're not the same code, something is broken. But it's a little worrying that the Lindens use different descriptions for roll-outs of the same code. It looks like the all-too-usual nerd/geek failure to communicate clearly. You might look at the differences in description this way: The RC release on Aug 3rd was to fix a bug (BUG-37573) which was (at least in part) caused by the July 27th RC deployment - hence why the Aug 3rd deployment is described as "an update of the server maintenance project from last week" (i.e. July 27th). As the bug never actually reached the Main (SLS) Channel, technically the deloyment made this week isn't a "bug fix" for it, as there is nothing to "fix". So, you might say this week's deployment to the Main Channel is more "preventative" for that channel, hence "security update". Hope that helps .
  13. Camera presets would be nice to have

    lucagrabacr wrote: I know the lindens probably don't read these forums, but like most of the younger people that I know of who never used Second Life before thinks there's something off with the default camera placement. I mean like I'm personally okay with it, used it on my first 3 years on SL until I know how to edit the camera preset on Firestorm through the developer menu. (which is tedious to do) I don't think it'd be too hard for LL or the Firestorm team to implement an easier way to change the camera preset a'la Nirans / Black Dragon Just a thought One of the best sets of camera offsets for SL were defined by Penny Patton. With her permission. I produced a tutorial on them back in 2011, and you can find here:
  14. Should 32-bit viewer code be killed off?

    ChinRey wrote: Nalates Urriah wrote: I don't know of anything the 32-bit Firestorm Viewer can do that the 64 bit can't... Apart from the mesh upload physics issue you mean? But that is easily overcome simply by switching to a different viewer for mesh uploads. As far as I know, there is no law against using different viewers for different purposes. And that should hopefully become a thing of the past once the Lab's onw 64 viewers are released, as they will use 64-bit Havok libraries, which all TPVs signatory to the Havok sub-license agreement (Firestorm being one) will also be able to integrate into their 64-bit offerings.
  15. Project Bento Feedback Thread

    wherorangi wrote: Matrice Laville wrote: I thought it was clear what i mean when i stated that. And since nobody complained i believe that it was either irrelevant, or overlooked, or accepted and fully understood. So i had no reason to add more info at that time. You where at the meeting? You could have asked back. I would have answered right away and clarified. is that it was reported. and has now been disseminated to a wider audience other than the creatives involved. People who arent in the creative group as you are, go off what is actually said, not what was meant to be said that it was reported as said at a LL-sponsored meet, gives what is said at these meets greater credence to the wider audience, even tho was said by you and not a Linden so I came here to say what I did. Just in case a Linden also takes what was said literally, and never guessed what it was that you meant to say thanks for your since explanation tho. I much appreciative of this (: If there is fault here, it is mine, not Matrice's. I took the cooment without seeking clarification beforehands, and apologise to Matrice and to those for whom it caused upset.