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  1. Inara Pey

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2019-03-18

    With the EEP viewer controls (once fully available) you can have a "fixed" environment wherever you go, simply by applying an EEP sky asset to your avatar. This automatically disables the "Use Region Settings" control for the duration of your current session, wherever you go. I'll have a full EEP tutorial available this week that covers the apply options (and the majority of EEP functions).
  2. Inara Pey

    A Sansar Journal

    Yep.. that was the point I was making; it's a pain point, and one people have given up on because the response from the Lab about the ability to update has been to kick it down the road.
  3. Inara Pey

    A Sansar Journal

    I'm going on the level of feedback also given at PMs as well, where outside of script upsets, complaints appear to be relatively low. Although granted, that could be because other creators have accepted breakage is a fact of life for now. Of course, there is the need to re-work scenes as a result of things like DD being introduced - but that's more a case of capabilities maturing rather than "breakage" per se; and again to be expected in a beta product, if frustrating when it happens. Actually, this goes back far longer than six months (it was a topic of conversation right back in the days of the closed beta), and I agree it is a PITA when wanting to offer updates as a result of revised / updated capabilities. But again, it seems to be a topic that has lessened in terms of PM feedback, possibly out of resignation to the fact that the response from that Lab has tended to be "it's on the roadmap for .... some where down the road" - which understandably doesn't inspire confidence in wanting to create for the store (which then obviously has the knock-on of lack of enthusiasm for creating in general).
  4. Inara Pey

    A Sansar Journal

    For those still reading this post - notes on forthcoming R31 release (due end of March(ish) 2019, taken from the March 14th Product Meeting. https://modemworld.me/2019/03/15/sansar-product-meetings-week-11-r31-and-avatars/
  5. Inara Pey

    A Sansar Journal

    Actually, they are. It's something frequently raised at Product Meetings as being both a concern and something that the Lab tries to use in guiding their hand with updates and changes. Problem is, with elements of the platform still maturing (like the scripting engine) there have been a small number of updates that have caused frustrating breakages; but all things considered, these have tended to be rarer than might have been expected.
  6. Inara Pey

    Skin Fair and BoM

    The best place to look in my blog for SL tech news (summaries of user group meetings) is at: Simulator + scripting news: https://modemworld.me/tag/simulator-user-group/ - this is all things SL simulator related, and updates on the SL viewer. Covers simulator deployments, major issues / outages / simultor-side projects. These are generally weekly reports. Viewer and TPV-related updates: https://modemworld.me/tag/tpv-developer-meetings/ - these primarily covers LL projects as they impact TPVs - so general viewer projects, simulator changes that require viewer updates, projects like ARCTan (the updates to the rendering complexity calculations, which is currently on hold, but due to resume "pretty soon now (TM)". These reports are generally fortnightly (as is the meeting). Content Creation UG meetings: https://modemworld.me/tag/content-creation/ - current content creation related projects. These reports are generally weekly. Due to the nature of some discussions / projects, there can be a certain amount of cross-posting between categories. Hope that helps.
  7. Inara Pey

    A Sansar Journal

    Yup, hence why I commented " once such vehicle capabilities are available in Sansar!" in my post 😉 In terms of optimising for large areas, obviously, that is up to creators of existing experiences to go back and look into, as you say. Some have, and are already using the new draw distance options - the Scurry builds, for example. But I suspect many are awaiting the implementation of the LOD system, which is on the Soon (TM) list, in the hope of killing two birds with one stone in terms of re-working their scenes.
  8. Inara Pey

    A Sansar Journal

    On Thursday, March 7th, 2019, Bagman Linden (LL's CTO Jeff Petersen), Landon Linden (LL's CPO Landon MacDowell) and Sansar's Chief Architect (and long-serving Lab employee, having been there almost from the start 20 years ago), Richard Linden, discussed why the Lab opted to build its own engine for Sansar, as opposed for opting for Unity or Unreal or something. A summary of the core presentation with 22 minutes of bite-sized audio extracts is here: https://modemworld.me/2019/03/09/sansar-why-ll-are-building-their-own-engine-w-audio/
  9. Inara Pey

    A Sansar Journal

    I covered this in a blog post WAY back, pointing out that this size is roughly equivalent to the entire Blake Sea area (excluding surrounding estates & the Mainland to the west). Such an area is pretty huge for sailing / flying (once such vehicle capabilities are available in Sansar!) and Blake Sea is the kind of "low complexity" (i.e. a few islands and island facilities) that shouldn't place a massive load on the server running the environment. Of course, there is the question about script loads from avatars and vehicle,s the complexity of the vehicles, etc, but that's still an impressive amount of space - and one in which vehicles are not rubber banding and camera are slewing every 256 metres...
  10. Inara Pey

    A Sansar Journal

    "Inter-region" travel is supported. Individual experiences can be linked one to another via teleport portals, which have been around for a good while. Portals can also be spawned to allow movement to any public experience from the one currently occupied (and can be used by the person spawning it, or anyone else up until the point it times-out). If you're talking more advanced inter-region travel of a kindred nature to region crossings with vehicles in SL, that's a more dubious capability (once vehicles are truly available in Sansar).
  11. Inara Pey

    A Sansar Journal

    For those here interested - notes from the Feb 28th PM meeting with a couple of audio extracts and a bullet-point summary of the upcoming quest system. https://modemworld.me/2019/03/01/sansar-february-release-and-product-meeting-week-9-w-audio/
  12. Inara Pey

    A Sansar Journal

    The intent is to encourage a more world-like feel be making movement between experiences more fluid, and to introduce mechanisms that give users access to comment features and capabilities and likely other things yet to be mentioned / determined. Whether these would help classify Sansar as a "world" is open to debate. Concurrency-wise, work is going on to increase the numbers able to access a single instance of an experience before it gets instanced. The goal (according to Landon McDowell) is to have the number up to 100 around mid-2019. Will it go higher than that? Can it? No idea.
  13. Inara Pey

    A Sansar Journal

    Thank you!
  14. Inara Pey

    P2P Auctions went Live this morning

    Having noticed this myself and blogged on it, Alexa Linden tapped me to inform me the user-to-user auctions are not officially live as yet, but still undergoing final testing.
  15. Inara Pey

    A Sansar Journal

    Yeah. Discord gives me a fit of the screaming heebee geebees whenever I have to go near it. I've got a link to Gindipple's stats; at the time I looked, I found Galen's to be broader and so tend to stick there + with Steam & the Atlas. I'm tending towards the view that what we're seeing is more churn than growth. Oh, I'm with you. As noted, I loathe Discord, but I force myself to scroll through every one in a while. And I'm rather adept (if I say so myself) on picking up on comments said in passing. Which, given I'm a pretty careful documenter of things said and written, tend to allow me to string things together. By did of written / audio records and a pretty good ability to recall things over extended periods. Well... the whole shooting thing is both a mess unto itself (again, and without plugging, I've commented on this already in a personal perspective post on Sansar and will be doing so again in reference to 3 months on Stream (a good point I think to take take stock) AND it underlines one of the shifts in emphasis that had dogged Sansar. Look forward to seeing what you come up with in SL.