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  1. As per other comments - Stilt Homes well be released once the migration of services to the cloud has been completed and LL are ready to start rolling with region availability once more. Premium Plus had been planned as a new higher cost (with more options) subscription account, with an original target launch date of "after Last Names". However, it was officially placed "on hold" in mid-2020 for several reasons (including people's finances being hit by the pandemic situation as companies sought to reduce costs by people people on furlough, + a re-focusing of eeforts on the cloud migration)
  2. I'll continue to cover Premium Plus (and other changes through my weekly summaries, as mention is made / updates are provided. For the Premium aspects, news generally comes through the monthly Web User Group meetings which I attempt to summarise ASAP after each meeting. I also attempt to provide information on all technical. etc., updates and releases through a variety of reports, often in support of the Lab's own blogging.
  3. Ummm... Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as at 5:19 PST / SLT on November 12th: The release notes links to the 532376 SLS and RC deploys point to the 532553 releases notes The notes above don't provide a link to the 532553 release notes.
  4. Considering I've recently written an entire piece on both of the release processes, viewer and simulator, I'm more than a little embarrassed about getting my version numbers muddled up above!
  5. Yeah. Home just rolled. I was additionally confused as we have a gallery space on the local cluster of region, and that and the home region used to roll pretty much simultaneously - we couldn't simply jump to the gallery to avoid the home roll or vice versa.
  6. It's confusing, but from what I've tracked, it appears that the deployment dates on the new pages only refer to the *original* date a deployment was made, and which is *not* updated when the release rolls to SLS. Thus, 2019-10-03T01:12:11.531528 will show Tuesday Oct 8th, because that was the date on which it was originally deployed to an RC. (And yes, I'm aware the 693 notes refer to Monday 14th - I assume that's just a mis-type in the release notes.)
  7. Actually, my bad on this - mis-read my own notes! 715 was actually the release the script fubar was rolled back *to*. So I'll go sit in the corner with a pointy hat on for the rest of the day
  8. I'm actually totally confused. My home region (which used to be on SLS, and AFAIK hasn't been moved by request) is reporting release 2019-09-06T22:03:53.530715 - which I thought was the one pulled a couple of weeks back due to the whole scripting fubar situation. However, the region our gallery space and bar is on, (and which is still SLS as far as I've aware) is reporting 2019-10-03T01:12:11.531528 (so apparently correct), as is my Linden Home region, which has also always been SLS ... Edited to add: never mind... mis-read my own notes... see below!
  9. Caleb - Mag and LT are still "[TBD]" - are they defo. going to 2019-09-06T18:49:52.530700 as well, or....? If they are, the links need updating.
  10. There is apparently a race condition that can cause double rolls. The Lab is aware of it, and are working for fix it (via feedback at the Tuesday Sept 10th SUG meeting).
  11. Not wishing to argue, but from those organising the "Save the LEA" in-world group: "In addition a notecard containing a growing list of people with "confirmed" interest willing to serve on the new committee ... 7 qualified people interested leadership roles with BIO's. 17 people willing to volunteer time and talent to various proposed new project areas and assist new committee members." I've no idea what constitutes "qualified" in context, but it would appear at least 7 people have thrown their names into the ring to take responsibility for any new organisation.
  12. This is true, so far as engaging some from SL and gaining a positive toe-hold on Steam is concerned - hence why LL are turning (as I think they actually should) to other potential audiences. It's certainly generating the interest - but retention remains the sticking point.
  13. Scylla - thanks for posting this! I would emphasise the comments in my blog post were deliberately generic - and abbreviated. I've actually dropped a more extensive note card based on my time writing about arts & the LEA & working with the Lab to the organisers of the "LEA2.0" group - would strongly urge those who read this thread and who haven't already to do the same .
  14. As I noted in my reply - Sansar was premature in its launch, lacking features, and aimed towards a market (VR) that has itself yet to actually be realised. It's also only on Steam as an Early Access application - again reflecting its "in development" beta status. Ergo, there are a range of factors that, in my view, preclude it being either a "success" or a "failure".
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