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  1. Just cause we had a week most either thought about their own RL prep...and personally I was in the hospital until thursday and learned about the storm while there so the whole week to prep was not the case - and had no net and computer so 'crap happens ' haha. As my first line said 'I didn't think about it so maybe landlords didn't..." I just would hope people think and at least check out. Even a "nope don't wanna renew but thanks for thinking of my family and I" I took just as much heat with my comment I made on it so kinda hurt that you then just attacked me and my family Since all
  2. Hi, I never thought about this before so maybe landlords didn't either. But I just TPed to my best friends place cause needed a place to veg and build and saw a rental sign and had a property manager pretty much land on top of me in seconds. I know the renter was from TX, but my friend and her partner are in FL. There is a group listed with the property. Any of the others would have paid or figured it out if we knew it was due. Inside I find the place empty. The two others are without power atm in RL, their friends and family on mandatory duty as emergency personnel...SL is supposed t
  3. Hi, Family keeps getting lots of traffic on our new family sim. I just learned it used to be an adult club and is in destination guide...how can I get our place removed from there? Thanks, Grace
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