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  1. Cats are really cute. I love mine, but seriously, think deeply about what cats actually do, and replace them in your mind's eye with a human. Not some waiflike cutely-drawn anime girl, but an actual flesh and blood average human with bodily needs. Any human will do. Like oooh pick the very next human you walk past in RL for example, and picture them doing all the stuff a cat does; -licking it's bum -using a litterbox -torturing a small animal -hacking up a furball -pooing on the carpet -freaking out at sudden anything -urinating in your shoes in the closet -having a dozen babies at once -having unromantic, really bad, rapey sex ( if ever) -the list goes on. A RL neko would be creepy, gross, and antisocial. Sorry. Get a cat instead, as somehow, they can get away with all this sort of bad stuff
  2. Like you, I love my old AKK horse, and would recommend them, but went to see if anything wonderful had been created since mesh became possible. Sad that there are no updates. And I was sad to see that AKK have had to pare their 4 sims down to one. I still don't know of a better rideable horse however.
  3. 3 scion chickens in one go, hot off the bbq. I was ravenous after a spot of zombie slaying that day.
  4. /me gasps in horror at the ant-thing. It's surprising how many SL eateries need to lift their game. I see so many infestations that my appetite is sometimes quite taken away. I'm appalled at general hygeine standards. Apalled! On the hobo lands I could understand it, as those people just don't know any better, but this is a growing menace amongst otherwise polite people on civilised sims. Really, where's the decency these days, we should ask.
  5. Yay! It sounds like you've had fun! And yes..there are a lot of hilarious animations out there. Which is a good thing. LaskyaClaren wrote: I'll probably continue tweaking my AO endlessly, but at the moment, anyway, I'm fairly happy with the result. Many of us end up tweaking everything, forever. SL is a haven for endless tinkerers.
  6. I am so happy to be wrong about Svarga, and I apologise for the scare! I remember it closing long ago, was heartbroken, but obviously have been a bit of a lax NWN reader. There were critters there long ago which were from an experiment into life cycles, so I class them as pretty free range. Maybe they wouldn't be very attractive on any earthly restaurant plate though /me heads off to Svarga with good stout explorer's boots on
  7. Dillon Levenque wrote: LOL. It could even be a forum subsection: Hospitality & Dining. Very very important, that business about the animals.:smileyvery-happy: Heheh indeed. One can not be too careful I wonder if there are any truly free-range animals in SL since Svarga closed. I saw some fine venisons in Calas Galadhon the other day. Better go and check if there's anything in the sim rules about poaching.
  8. Perrie Juran wrote: Shhhhhhhh. I'm not telling where the meat came from. Route 9?
  9. We so need a virtual restaurant critic. Someone to separate the wheat from the chaff of fine SL dining. Before booking, I want to know what hidden dangers there are. Is the table service a real person or a bot? Is the kitchen run by hobos or vampires? Will the animations leave me with a fork in my eyeball? Is the meat sourced from ethical, non-sexual rp animal farms? Are chatty prim babies allowed? Is the food first class mesh, a few tortured tori on a flat cylinder, or a fuzzy texture on a plate? I see an opening.
  10. I use a mixture of aos that have been put together over the years, some quite over the top (for a giggle if I'm off building and not being seen by anyone) , and some sensible (I like my default stand that lets me talk politely with others without presenting a rear end to them like a baboon in heat). I'd also recommend that you to visit Oracul, as they sell well-populated aos for a very good price, the animations are mo-cap and copiable, and you can edit them to make your own version. You can then add animations from a variety of stores (if you can edit a Zhao you will figure out the Oracul notecard system easily). Also, check out men's runs, as they can be much more sensible than women's ones. Enjoy! Shopping for anims can be really fun
  11. A store called "Shi" has a top called the "Daleth Wrap" top. Sadly, it is the ONE item in their store that isn't on the MP, so I can't send you a link to it. I hope it is ok to post a SLURL here. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/The%20Euphoria/99/50/20 ((Didnt mean to reply to myself. I'm quite bad at forum technical stuff. ))
  12. Oh God I remember all that! And something about leopards and spots.
  13. Countess Foulsbane wrote: I am pretty sure he is trying it on all the Foulsbanes (the notecard was sent today as I got the email message for it). Also is sending it to all avatars with his First name as well. I really hope none are intimidated and fall for this scam. Crap.....hope this wasn't a Tiffy Foulsbane! Dude will get a mouthfull from me if so!
  14. Also, as a Countess, I'm sure you trump any of their claims. Just going to edit to add that I see very few Vellas about the place these days, because maybe we have all grown a little aged. But when I do, I feel a little joy, and always like to see a cousin Vella doing well. None of us own our names, or can copyright them. In fact, I know some of us have RL humans with our exact names, and if anything, they own them first. Not that they even can, but if anyone could, they would have first dibs. This guy/chick sounds like an out and out scammer, trying to see what he/she can get. It would be interesting to see if he/she is trying it on all the Foulsbanes.
  15. They are ridiculous, and you should completely ignore them.
  16. I heard of someone who had over 130,000 items. They said they functioned well. To me that sounds like heaps, but they seemed happy with it as they loved fashion, and loved collecting piles of clothes. I sat at just under 10,000 for quite a while, and hated going over it (I'm sure the reason was purely psychological), but it just crept up, and now after almost 7 years I'm just over 25,000. I figure that's ok considering how involved I am in SL, with creating (textures really build up if you make things). I haven't noticed anything bad happening to me as my inventory slowly grows. I sail and horseride a lot when not working, and so cross sims often. Sometimes I get a chuggy patch, and then for many weeks SL will perform beautifully for me. I put this down to SL, not my individual inventory size. A well organised inventory though will make your life easier, no matter what it's size. Start early, and do it often. Set out logical folders with meaningful labels so that as your inventory grows you do not lose control. Then, deal with things as they arrive, every day. One thing I've done occasionally is to archive things I no longer need daily (but can't bear to delete entirely) in boxes. For example, when cleaning out clothes I haven't worn for a year but hate to delete as I love them always, I'll rezz a box and put them in it. Give the box a meaningful name, delete the copies in inventory, and go bury the box somewhere in my garden (or you could make an "archive" folder in your inventory). This trims down the inventory count, and doesn't force you to do that horrible irreversible "delete forever" thing. But nothing bad will suddenly happen to you if it goes over 10,000. You're cool.
  17. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: It goes into a mayonnaise jar kept in the LL cafeteria. Once a year they cash them all in and buy the liquor for their annual orgy. You gave me a laugh with that. I hope that part of these funds also help to pay for a toastmaster for the night, so that saluts can be made to all the residents involved, and their stories.
  18. Blimey you are all so organised! I'm very good at keeping my inventory quite nice, but the textures have completely gotten out of control. I'm at that point where I can't find anything, so just edit something I know has the texture I want on it and get it from there. The problem set in when I started working in mesh. Before then, I could upload and name a texture logically and know it would be reused many times, through being creative with the repeats and offsets. Now, my texture uploads have quadrupled (materials may almost triple this again), as every texture has dedicated shadow baking. And now, most textures are good only for one specific project. I can't see the use in putting them in organisers. My texture folder is bulging in a very unsettling manner. Perhaps boxing them up (one box per project) is the way to go?
  19. Cripes, you wouldn't want to have to actually, like, run or anything, in that, would you. (Sorry I don't know where something similar is, except as a clothing layer, and that method really loses the effect.)
  20. Yeah, he's definately telling you a pile of codswallop.
  21. I think Dresden summed this up quite well. You are an immersionist, and I think they are a dying breed, sadly. The augmentationalists are slowly taking SL over with their requests for rl locations, voice, gender verification, and further rl contact. You are not at all wrong to stand your ground. Don't kill off your avvy for the sake of this group. I'd suggest maybe that you widen your social sphere. In my 6+ years, I've voiced with maybe 6 friends tops out of many, with no pressure from any of them. Perhaps the difference is that they aren't from one close group, but are widespread people from a range of places. A very few people tried to pressure me, and they never got to the friend stage, for good reason. No, you aren't at all approaching SL the wrong way. It's exactly right for you.
  22. I applaud this move to cut down on spambots. As a business owner, and as a private resident I believe it's entirely beneficial. Spam reduces the effectiveness of all of our communication. Group members become fatigued at the mass of notices, most of which probably won't interest them, some of which will. I send notices to my group, (and to a few others which are designed for this reason) whenever I have new releases, about every fortnight at the most, usually monthly, sometimes less. I'm well aware that most of these probably aren't read in other groups, as some merchants post multiple times a day in some groups. Customers stop reading notices and leave groups due to spam. It's not beneficial. Advertising to people who want to hear your message is the best advertising. It's harder to do because it requires a little forethought. Spammers don't care about this, as they are interested only in delivering as many messages as possible for as little cost and effort as possible. It's lazy. You say "i dont think it ruins anyones expreince in any nature to get a invite to a group or maybe getting a lil spam as long as that group is valid for spam". To this I respond, like others here, that you do not speak for me on this point. It ruins MY experience. And I find that spammers tend to see every opportunity as "valid".
  23. yaay a pity vote just kidding...that was actually very nice of you, Celestiall - hugggs
  24. Sephina Frostbite wrote: 3rd Annual? Never knew there was a first. Got to love popularity contest. Somehow, my store got on there for the last two years. That proves beyond all doubt that it has nothing to do with popularity. I'm not even hipsterishly fashionably unpopular. :matte-motes-crying: Edited to add that I still reserve the right to shake my fist and call this a shallow popularity contest when I lose again this year
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