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  1. Madelaine McMasters wrote: geko12 wrote: And how long have you been using SL? My goal is 3K. Wowza! I used to be able to stay at 5K, which is my current goal. 3K - I'm impressed!!!!
  2. geko12 wrote: And how long have you been using SL? 8,000 after 7 years.
  3. I've cashed out lindens with my Basic account. :matte-motes-smile:
  4. In SL 7 years as of May 1 and I have approximately 8K worth of inventory (and a lot of that is awaiting my packing strategy - @OP I know you said you didn't like putting items where you can't see them, but that is what has worked for me. My all-time favorite packing items are the THinC boxes...LOVE THEM!!!!) I used to be able to keep my inventory to around 5K but I have a bunch of textures I need to either dump or put in one of my texture organizers. In my RL home I tend toward minimalism so keeping my inventory down has never been difficult for me in SL. ETA: This post was to the OP; I just tagged off Maddy's post.
  5. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: Parrish Ashbourne wrote: This store has a good reputation and sells both houses and furniture http://lagalleriasl.blogspot.com/ Ah, you're on it! I saw this thread and was also going to recommend the La Galleria blog! There's fabulous furniture and houses, and the blog also has great tutorials useful for any SL resident! : ) Looks like I'm the third person to recommend this blog/store/creator - AMAZING items. HomeStuff is a group dedicated to furniture & furnishings. This site includes a directory of designers of homes/furnishings. They also hold some fabulous hunts several times a year which is how I discover various home furnishing stores.
  6. Callo Dinzel wrote: They really seem to be pushing the non-magic box method, so I guess that threw me off as well. Direct delivery (the non-magic box method) replaced Magic Boxes for all items except limited quantity items, ie. unique items such as gachas, breedables, and items that have transfer permissions that someone might want to sell as a used item so if one never had need to sell any of these unique items before it can seem confusing. Here is a post I made that includes the specific information from LL/CommerceTeam Linden as well as the reference link.
  7. Just wanted to wave to Sling!! Good to see you! :matte-motes-smile:
  8. *Pulls out my lucky decoder ring to try to crack that code*
  9. Coby Foden wrote: magickspell wrote: I activate a face light and ... You do a great service to everybody if you don't wear any facelight at all. You really don't need it. Thanks. :matte-motes-smile: I had no idea facelights were even still around!!!!
  10. I am so sorry for your loss as well as the loss to the SL creative community.
  11. MIstahMoose wrote: You proobbaaabbllly shouldn't be too big on PC as a hobby if you're working with a limited income, just my opinion. @Sassy Theres no need to remove a HD, and if you ever do plan to do so you should always back it up first. Theres cheap and even free alternatives do so (External HD, Cloud services, etc). Invaluable things shouldn't be left to the guess work of "Oh, I THINK I can install an HD correctly." Gadget????? Is that you???? Re: the response to Sassy - I refer you to my above post indicating I do subscribe to a cloud-based backup service and even then some of my files mysteriously didn't make it to the new HD.
  12. Dillon Levenque wrote: Of course it worked perfectly and continues to do so. However, I apologize to all (especially to Czari, who was physically injured by a recalcitrant power supply) for suggesting that computer upgrades are a snap. Heh - I need to go back and re-read my post when I first tried to install the graphics card (which I did an "ok" job of and then found out I needed a couple different connecters...lol). I recall the metal side of my old PC case cutting my leg because I had stupidly propped it under the counter where I was working. Ah, good times. *Grins*
  13. Sassy Romano wrote: MIstahMoose wrote: Well Hard drives aren't too expensive.. The cost of the hardware has no relationship to the cost of the data that it holds though. It could easily be all SL creative content, software from which the installers have long since been mislaid, family photos, financial records etc. (That's without getting into discussion about personal cirumstances) I was almost going to mention the lost data but decided not to in my earlier post, but since you mentioned it *grins* - I lost some very nostalgic data. In fact, the only data I lost (as far as I can tell) were ALL my SL logs dating back to 2007. The weird thing is that I use a cloud-based data backup service. When I upgraded my PC this service restored all my files (including the SL logs) beautifully so I wasn't concerned about retrieving my data when I fried the HD. I *know* without a doubt that I made SURE those logs were ticked to be backed up and were before the HD debacle; however, they never showed up in the restore except for (and this is REALLY odd) when I was using the Windows "find" feature to locate duplicates of files (since, on the advice of the data backup service's customer service rep. I did several restores) a few of the lost files popped up out of the blue, but if I try searching on their file names, they don't show up. The data service CS and I corresponded via email over a period of several weeks with her even going into my files in their "cloud" personally to try and find the files but...no luck. The techs at the PC store said they were unable to get the files from the fried HD because when they tried to put it into another PC, the PC wouldn't boot up. I still have the HD with the hope of maybe salvaging those files in the future. Old SL logs are not like an heirloom, but I did hate to lose them.
  14. MIstahMoose wrote: Czari Zenovka wrote: MIstahMoose wrote: Building pcs is probably one of the most over hyped tasks. It is really easy, everything is color coded and the right shapes for the right slot. There isn't any guess work involved and newegg has a great tutorial on it all if you wanted to watch through it. People kept telling me how easy it was to install a graphics card. This was my experience on my first try. Since I didn't have a couple of the necessary pieces, I waited six months before I got the courage to try again and that time I managed to fry my brand new HD by inserting the connector in the wrong slot, even though I was being very careful. (I was also adding a better PSU at the same time.) I ended up hauling the entire PC to a local PC shop who put it all together for me, BUT (I didn't realize until later) they installed an older model HD and really jacked up the price. Grrrrr.... I watched a TON of "How to Build Your Own PC" videos on YouTube, my favorites by Carey Holzman...and I mean I watched LOTS and LOTS of them. I'm really glad I didn't try to build my own PC based on my above two experiences just trying to install a graphics card and PSU. Well Hard drives aren't too expensive.. but I mean most larger things, Graphics cards, Ram etc.. Its literally impossible to put them in wrong. If it doesn't fit with a soft push then it doesn't go there Sorry you had an unfortunate event..It did make me giggle a bit though hehe :3 Maybe it's impossible to put some hardware in the wrong spot, but all the connectors with things daisy-chaining off of them can be downright confusing and not everyone's brain is wired (no pun intended) to sort them out.
  15. Heh....try I did. *Grins* Sassy Romano wrote: I also tried SL running via the Intel chipset the other week, I was rather surprised. At my quiet sim, there really wasn't much between the Intel and Nvidia. I was expecting a LOT more based on earlier Intel experiences. I was honestly really surprised at this as well. Sassy Romano wrote: The problem is that "it's fine for SL" from one person is totally different from the expectations of another. Some people are more than happy running around on low graphics settings or they live their SL on a quiet build platform and thus have no problem with weaker graphics solutions. I'd say that it's really something that you'd have to find a way to try and the other problem is that the graphics benchmarks usually tend to be for DirectX whereas SL uses OpenGL and the results are somewhat different. Totally agree with you. The only reason I posted my experience with integrated graphics was in response to Maddy's post asking for input on the issue, but I do agree it can be very individualistic. I've gotten so used to mid-level graphics that even high (unless I'm taking photos in specific places) just doesn't "look right" in places I go to regularly.
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