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  1. So... I've been reading all these comments and such... And I'm not really going to get into the debate. It's honestly just a bias argument of personal preferences and opinions. Along with your own standards to what you see as "morally right". So there is no right answer really. But, I will say MY opinion on a few things... As far as I'm concerned, personally, I assume everyone is a 50yo man that weighs 400 pounds and can only reach his laptop and tv remote. So that keeps me mentally safe. Child avies are fine in my book. But I AGREE with a few comments that were made. Such as, if you're playing a 6-9yo little girl, why are you (in general) dressing like a 19yo skank looking for a sugar daddy? That is, if you're claiming the "I'm just a child" aspect. Secondly, not ALL child avies talk like babies. It annoys the heck out of me too. I usually respond with, "I'm sorry, I don't speak monkey". Then walk away. But the majority of the kid avies I know and hang around, mind you this is in public places, do not speak like that. They are just adults with child avies, in the most literal sense. They talk like they're RL age and they do regular SL things, like sit around and talk, they just appear as a kid. Those same people change their size at least a few times a day, knowing the grief they receive as a child form. So I see both sides. Why stay a child if you know you're going somewhere new to you or you're unsure of? It's easy to switch to an adult outfit, check it out, see if it's ok, then switch back if you want. But I'm not hearing that from the OP. I'm honestly hearing just someone whining. It's true, sim owners make their own rules. You don't like it? Get over it or leave. Simple as that. I've know sim owners to ban people for wearing the color purple. So... Get over it. You don't need a reason and they don't have to give one. Last... I must say I'm rather new. So the "history of SL" isn't part of my knowledge base. Not do I really care about it. I know I'm not doing anything against TOS, so I have nothing to fear. I can see why some may tho. But ok... I read that "Wonderland" scandal that was mentioned. And... Well... How do I put this... I know about 3-7 beaches/clubs/hangouts that are exactly the same as such described "Wonderland". So... How is this even relevant. Sure, 2006... 8 years ago. I have no idea why this was even mentioned. You can literally find the same thing... Anywhere. Go to search, places, look for "kids", "playground", or any other kid-related word. And you'll pull up a nice long list of wonderlands. How do you know? Simple. Their greeter will say something along the lines of, "this is not a pick up spot, just a beach hangout", and the managers (and or greeter also) will remind folks to "keep conversations in IM, or it's considered 'griefing'". Basically, forcing you to sit in silence, IMing people if you want to talk, receiving IM's, etc. And of course management will tell you to "let them know if you get any unwanted messages of the adult kind". Keyword? "Unwanted". So if it's wanted, go for it? Lol. And the sad part is, they welcome the people that grief their sims. With open arms even. And anyone (guests) who stands up for the "not a pick up spot" rule, and also no age play rule, get banned. Why? Simple really. People spreading "rumors" and talking about "what the sim really is" in local chat, just gives them free promotion lol. No lie, I was a kid avi, and I switched really quick. It just wasn't for me. I don't like getting IM'd by people called "Grandpa", and being asked if I'd like to see their house. No, sir, I don't. But I can assure you, "Wonderland" (as the story described it) is an utter JOKE compared to "beaches" and "clubs" I've came across as a child avi. Some are nude even, WITH the allowance of scripted genitals, which I totally thought was a big TOS no no. But every time I spoke up, I was told is completely fine. So, I just never go back. It's not something I want to see. All in all, I truly don't see how any child avi can be naive to the fact of what 90% of all child-related activities in SL are. It's a fact. Not a myth. Not a discrimination of your look. It is a safety precaution for the sim owner. Sad to say, but 90% of the child avies I've met, are only child avies for that sexual age-play. Which again, is why I grew fast. Yes, I know some in legitimate family RP and some that are just playing an annoying kid. But I can't ignore what I know and have came across. Did you know that 70% of ALL "family" related RP DO involve incest of some sort? True also. The day I stopped using my kid form was the day I was propositioned by an innocent looking, and "acting", little "9yo" girl, who began to explain how her family is all about "free love and sharing each other". Then she began to ask if I would like to join her, her mom, her dad, her uncle, her older and younger brother, and a "neighbor boy", at their family house for a "love party, where everyone loves everyone". Now, if that wouldn't make YOU think twice about being a kid avi, just knowing the baggage and stereotypes and thoughts from others that come with it... Then I have to think about why you're choosing to be a kid avi. I agree with a previous poster that said, "they need to explain to me why they're a kid avi, then I may trust them". And I know one particular beach that is well aware of what takes place and it's reputation... And they rent out skyboxes to people looking for a "quick relax time". They think people can't cam around and look? I don't know. But I've spoken up before about it and NOTHING HAPPENS. Nothing at all. These places are being protected, it seems like. So, get over it, don't go there, hope no one gets hurt. That's all you can do. But like many have said before, if you want to play "god", then rent a homestead or sim. I do. And it's great. Even if it's just for your own private group for friends. Still nice to make the rules. Then... You can crack that whip too
  2. I can totally see your point. And I agree but I was thinking... Purring, sleeping in a ball, maybe having a "perch" type sitting position... As you say, the cute stuff. I wouldn't expect anyone, neko or anything else, to poo on the floor and kill little animals lol. Then yes, would be creepy. But since neko, from what I know, is human with animal features or qualities, I had just assumed that the pooing and eating would be in human fashion lol. But you may be right. And if those types ARE out there, I'd make sure to stay away.
  3. I do know what you mean lol and that's something I would be stuck at too. The latter option must be slightly uncomfortable lol
  4. Thank you, sir or ma'am. You've just killed my love and curiosity for Nekos xP
  5. So... Neko people are adorable. Well, most of them xD. And I was just wondering if anyone here knows anyone that actually lives a RL Neko lifestyle. Wether that be just dressing the part to parties or as far as living it 24/7. Of course I know of the different communities, like master/slave, bdsm, etc., that use the elements. But I'm talking... Actual RL. I sometimes wear ears and a tail for parties, just for the look. But I don't know anyone that lives the lifestyle of a Neko. I'm not even sure what that lifestyle is lol besides the look. But it'd be interesting to know =^_^= Thanks for your replies ahead of time! Happy SLing =^_^=
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