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  1. How frustrating. You have tried everything I know of to poke it. Maybe add a cube, join it, and delete that. It's not much but works for me sometimes when something inexplicable happens. Until the right answer turns up, here's a nice hot cup of tea.
  2. Jennifer Boyle wrote: Pussycat Catnap wrote: What I don't get is why alpha masks are not done as system clothes. What a grreat idea. I'm going to logon and make a pair of pants with a transparent texture and see what happens. rofl I think I know what happens
  3. Maybe you are having a laggy evening, and changes are reverting? I can't think what else this may be.
  4. Well, damn. I was happy for an hour there, and thought The Lab ,like, cared about us. (The skies cloud over, and the angels' glorious voices are all too quickly choked off. The usual wailing and gnashing resumes amidst the sulphurous fumes.)
  5. YES!!! Oh wondrous thing! when one tiny, belated step towards cleaning up the fetid cesspool of stolen faeces that besmirches our otherwise shiny daisy-fresh Marketplace!! Oh glorious day! when the warm light of Linden love and care radiates benevolently upon our uplifted countenances, as we raise our faces up from our Blenders and Photoshops to sing praises to their names!! Glory to them!! Glory, glory, glory neverending!!!! snort
  6. You will also need to resit the mesh upload tutorial if you want to upload mesh on the Beta Grid. And Welcome to Aditi
  7. Gadget, I can see why it'd be good to have somebody else do all that 'other stuff'. Once you have a finished item, there is still so much to do just to get it for sale. Photography, boxing, store presentation, writing notecards, uploading to MP, group notices, sending to various new product listings, sending to bloggers...all of that can take as much time and effort as making whatever the thing is to start with, and having your SLifestyle turn into that is not going to be everybody's bag. (How some people still have time to actively socialise I'll never know, as it's turned me into a virtual recluse (NOT complaining, btw- I love how I've chosen to spend my time, and find it endlessly fascinating)) Sometimes, I'd like to just create (or happily sail around the Blake Sea) and forget about all the tedious salesy parts, but I'd never trust just anybody with no track record to take over that side of the business for a slice of the hard-earned. Alicia, you make a good point. To me, paying somebody a once-off fee per product to set up sales makes much more sense than splitting profits in an endless agreement. I know of many businesses where the styling/photography is outsourced, for example, or where somebody is paid to write all the MP descriptions and sales blurbs.
  8. Bree McMahon wrote: I just got robbed for 1,507L ..After hitting a freedie, I am offically cleaned out. That should keep you safely out of any more stores for a while then. A blessing in disguise.
  9. I get very few reviews, and love it when somebody finally bothers. I go running from my email to see how it went, as they are as rare as hens teeth. With a negative one once (about some full bright on some gems which I fixed and redelivered. (The items were mod, but I don't think it's my customers job to fix oversights)). I added a comment saying that the item was updated and replaced, and wouldn't bother asking the customer to change their review, as I guess that future customers can then read the history of what happened. If they read that there was an issue, and that the issue was fixed, I hope that's good info for them amongst the other 5 stars in my store. I should review more often, but don't really shop much. But if I do, I try to say really precisely what is good about the product. Like stuff that might not be mentioned by the merchant, but stuff that people need to know. Because a mass of ambiguous glowy 5 star reviews that say nothing (ie "Wow fabulous just what i wanted"etc) really mean nothing to me as a shopper. I assume that most of those are fake. But if someone has a smattering of great reviews, plus a negative fixed issue or two, I will read that as good stuff. I get suspicious of stores with one or two 5 star peppy vague reviews with each item. Hhehe...as a merchant, I know it just doesn't happen like that.
  10. Pussycat Catnap wrote: What people find in SL is often more a reflection on themselves than on SL. I couldn't agree more! Anyone with a preponderance towards anything will gravitate towards it in any world. Doesn't matter what world. If you aspire towards beauty, smut, creativity, wonder, drama, gossip, love.....you will meet with it. The only thing that seems to determine what you find is yourself. So I think the OP feels well and truly damned, and is probably looking for excuses.
  11. Ok thanks and I'll get onto that straight away. Right after I finish my nice cup of tea. Now...who wants all my stuff?
  12. Yes, what Rolig said. I'd suggest that you skip sculpts, and invest your energies in mesh. Blender is the only mesh program I've tried, so I'm the wrong person to ask for comparisons, but I love it to bits. There are a ton of tutorials on you tube, as well as a good inworld help group and the blender website is also a fantastic source of info.
  13. This all made me ponder, too. If somebody is a skilled designer, I see no reason why they would need to work for somebody else unless that person already had grid-wide fame and was able to provide real exposure for the business. If a partner brought social media credibility to the partnership, and had a wide and demonstrable network, then that could possibly work, since many creators have little time for maintaining blogs/Flickr/Plurk/Twitter/Facebook/etc. An aside- Several times over the years, I've had men (all noobs in freebie business suits) tell me they can be my manager/business partner for a 50% cut. All I'd need to do is make all the content, and they would run my SL business for me. Because they have Skills. Sounds fair, huh! It's given me a giggle each time.
  14. Bridge7_final_best_last_optimised_evenbetter_thisi sit_noreallythisoneisbest_omega_zee_fixed.dae And Cathy.....yay.....I think that's it
  15. When doing a mesh project, it's amazing how fast you can amass a huge number of files, like all the different texture files, and the different versions of the mesh itself. I can get dozens of them while tweaking and test uploading a design. It's really easy to get it perfect on the beta grid, then forget entirely what you did when you come to upload it to the main grid. I don't know how you can refind that information, and a few times have wanted exactly the same feature, or to be able to export straight from beta to main. I try not to get confused anymore, by having a clear system of naming files. Then when I open a folder to upload, everything is named really obviously, so my eye doesn't have to go hunting for the right files. Something like this - name_HIGHEST.dae name_MEDIUM.dae name_LOW.dae name_LOWEST.dae name_PHYSICS.dae And something similar happens with all the textures.
  16. Graphics settings will play a large part in how you see SL. A basic, low setting will make SL appear flat and jagged around the edges. The default midday sun setting will cast unflattering shadows over an avatars face and chest. SL can look much more sophisticated even on medium graphics with a few extras checked, like shaders. Make sure that you have antialiasing turned on (find it under the "hardware" button in your graphics preferences, as all merchants taking vendor photos will use that, as it softens edges nicely. Setting a higher number will blend the edges more, but your frame rate may drop, so juggle it. As others have said, windlight settings can be used to create stunning effects, and also they can even out the ugly shadows on your face. Many settings used to even skintones have the 'scene gamma' turned up a little. Too much will wash out the whole scene, but a little can do wonders for the complexion. So have a play and see what you can do. More products are beginning to include 'materials' texturing (not skins though), and to see these, you will need to check the "advanced lighting model" in the official viewer. As more creators begin to design with materials, this will make an increasingly bigger difference to how you see SL. Some vendor ads are taken with shadows enabled. These can look fabulous, and are great for photography, but for many of us they aren't practical when moving around. I see a lot of house and furniture ads using shadows, but not so many skin and shape ads. I don't really blame merchants for taking the most flattering photographs of their work, but think that photoshopping the image to fix errors and create an unattainable look is unfair. Some merchants have taken their screenshots in other programs (eg, poser) to make a very seductive image, but the looks can't be achieved in SL. Luckily, this is rare, but I did stop shopping at a shoe store that did this, after being disappointed that the textures weren't as advertised (with no demos). To minimise disappointment- -When you are out and about, check out what looks good and rezzes quickly on others. -Try demos..lots and lots of demos. -Be wary of vendor textures with obviously photoshopped aspects like shopped-in hair, overly liquified/blended edges and faked shadowing. -Take note of the 'styling' in the ad; some helps to set the scene and is inspiring, but too much can make you think you're getting more than you are and overshadow any faults in the product.
  17. If you make items 100% on your own, not using anyone’s textures, or meshes, etc, then you can upload at Second Life. Renderosity believes in protecting artists’ rights, and we are not the ones being heavy handed here, it is Second Life claiming rights on items that are not theirs. Brushes and Styles are a little different, since they are usually used in such a way (incorporated into a new work that can be seen as unique). Please keep in mind, the content uploaded previous to their Terms of Service change in August is supposed to be free from them trying to claim the rights on it. Therefore, your previous content should all be ok. It’s just a matter of going forward. The part I have bolded suggests that if a brush is incorporated into a new unique texture, it is still ok to upload. Perhaps you could check if the same could apply to the textures you have bought from renderosity in the past, ie...if the texture is multiplied between rendered layers or otherwise significantly manipulated. Just suggesting as it sounds like you have invested in textures which sadly you can no longer use. So it's worth checking. I did ask CG Textures this specifically, but unfortunately they cannot allow this. Even if the texture is designed for one particular mesh item and has no value as a freestanding product.
  18. I caught that bit, and noticed it was the shortest and most direct answer for the entire meeting. And I'd have to agree with it.
  19. It hasn't really changed what I do yet. I'm still creating for SL, and enjoying learning mesh and now materials, and like another said here (forgive me for forgetting who) I've committed to designing for a few events for at least the rest of this year. So I have to honour that. Plus I want to as I love creating. My store had a quiet week just after the ToS change, and it could have been attributed to a few things (the ToS, US political events affecting confidence, a slight gap in my promotion..a burp in the interwebs, anything) But it bounced right back again as it always has. I've always been a bit cautious, wondering what would happen if SL suddenly closed (not that I expect anything of the sort to happen..it's a "what if" thought). This latest change hasn't affected what I'm doing, but it is making me more cautious. As in, I'm starting to peer about the seas, wondering if there are any other boats to jump to, if I ever need to. (I tried Inworldz once, but had little luck renting a store there.) I expect SL to be around for years to come, and predict a slow demise. But this is the sort of thing that makes me want to get all my SL friends' emails, as backup...juuust in case. And it makes me glad that my work is largely created outside of SL now, and it lives in my hard drive first and foremost. I can choose to take it anywhere, if I like. (/tinfoil hat mode....This is part of why I think the changes were made. We used to create entirely in SL, with prims. Then after sculpts came, some of us continued to build inworld (with SS, etc) but some began sculpting in outside programs (Blender, etc) and these people had greater freedom with where they could upload those creations. We could also export our content, and LL locked that down with the great third-party viewer purge. And now, most of the best content is not created in or reliant on SL anymore. It's created entirely outside SL in 3D programs and Photoshop, and is only brought in at the last stage. So now, that content is being grabbed with the ToS change. It's a pattern of LL seeking more control over content as the locus of creation has shifted out of SL. /hat off )
  20. Thanks so much for recording this. I did manage to make it there in person, but will need a recap as it was the wee hours of the morning for me. My brain lagged up a few times, so I missed a few bits. I did learn a new word though: "unconscionable".
  21. I absolutely agree with you. And, after being in business in RL and SL, I can tell you he's wrong. That's NOT how it usually works. It's only how rotten people do things. It irks me that he's dragging all business owners down to justify his own lack of any morals.
  22. "So, why was the study just for women? According to WTOP, it was a budgetary issue. The researchers didn't have money to create avatars for both men and women." Yeah right. They could only afford 8 avatars so targeted women. Because male avatars are so much more expensive. Yaaawn. (Edited to add thanks for posting about this, Random. It's an interesting concept, I just found this one point troubling. My camel's getting lots of straws, you could say )
  23. I don't drive to work and back in SL, just TP. But there is a tavern a few sims down the road, which is nice to drive or ride on horseback to for a game of darts. Return times make parking outside a challenge, but it can be done! Sometimes I'll sail to a place I want to explore. I used to fly a helicopter to and from the store, but it seemed a bit pretentious, and took up way too much time. It's fun though to try all this stuff out
  24. That's very good news, and to me sounds more than fair, as this customer wasn't careful enough to try the demo properly and tried to blame you, couldn't understand why you made the physics the way you did, and then acted incredibly spitefully. You were right to complain to LL. I came to this thread too late, but wanted to add a bit, and say that I agree with the way you made your physics. Making the main structure and doorways behave properly is important. And leaving the other details (like shelves) as 'phantom' is quite correct. You did it right, and it's unfair of the customer in this case to pretend you had a faulty product. Best of luck
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