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  1. Being a whiny old cranky woman, I thought I'd get to join in with a nice bout of complaining about todays girls and their lack of something or other, but no.....I tried to be offended but just couldn't. This is a very pretty picture, especially with the the plumpy buttocks created in Photoshop. I can't get those with any sliders, as LL insists we all have boney wierdie arses when we bend over even a teesy bit. Never bend over naked.
  2. In an ideal virtual world it would be self-sorting, as when we make a new listings we are able to attach a demo to the main listing. I wish this meant that demos were viewable from the full-priced item's page and nowhere else. They do ruin seach for free/cheap items, along with mass real estate listings. Thanks Cerise for the search tips
  3. 16 wrote:.....at the finish can end up look like a xmas tree tho lol (: Haha yes, especially if you include all the prizes from the sideshows. How many fluffy toys can you hold in your arms at once?
  4. It's a great quest. Bonus points for anyone who can wear all the loot at once.
  5. The capybara is a fish. A yummy yummy little fish. Every good Catholic knows that! ;D
  6. Tena koe, 16, and that is a wonderful glitch I hope you got your surfboard or whatever it was (boogie board?) back.
  7. Sometimes, resizers need a reset to sort them out. The creator may have made a small change to the item after the script was added, and if they changed the linkset, the script will behave like yours did. If you can't reset it yourself (if the item is no mod) contact the maker to do it. They may want to fix the items in their vendors, too, so will definitely want to know.
  8. They could both be legitimately created from a full perms template set, which are designed and sold for 'creators' to retexture, rename and resell as their own, however, many of these have eulas that prohibit sale for free. An entire sim of free content is a wee bit suspicious, I must say, as is a merchant denying customer service for no good reason.
  9. "SLopes" is hilarious. I second that.
  10. Ahh..I don't know the entire quote, but just found it nicely amusing. It gave me a smile And yes, this issue really needs ironing out. It's one of those simple things that LL could fix in an hour and could do much for new resident retention and understanding. Glad some people are on the ball
  11. Dillon Levenque wrote: Wretched. Wretched hive. Oh, and you dropped an 'i' there in villainy. Edited to get the 'i' in the right place :smileyembarrassed: Aww...I went to hug you...but can't do that here.
  12. Sounds like you are doing a lot of the Lab's work for them. Three things could improve this- 1) a more findable/accessible LL customer service department (hehe yes I know) 2) more findable/accessible information on the web (there is more than enough already on almost anything) 3) motivation by more customers to read what is already out there (some people just prefer one-on-one help and won't do their own research) It's a pity that you are missing out on the time you need to concentrate on your own business.
  13. And a Happy New Year to all forumites. Lets have another year of fun, sharing, support, weirdie questions, learning, drahmaz, and survey answering
  14. I'm with you on this, Orca. I live on Jeogeot, love to sail, and would love widened oceans around and more corridors between continents. I've tried to make it round most of the continents, and it usually becomes an excercise in futility, due to private ownership. Many owners are understanding, but it only takes one to completely block a passage and undo the good intentions of everyone else. No offense to those who live in Linden homes, but they are designed as seperate starter homes and not many residents need to visit them. Although ocean corridors would be nice, we need them first around the established mainland. My private fantasy would be to be able to sail north from Jeoget up to Sansara (taking in the LEA sims on the way), and beyond. A happy pipedream, I know.
  15. I have to agree with lots of the replies here. People are logging in at different times during their day for different reasons. Some are all fresh and their brains are all go-go-go. They will be energetic and looking for challenges. Some are here at another part of their day, and may have spent their energy already on work or children, and be looking for quiet time. And of course we have every kind of person between 'extrovert' and 'introvert' here. So many combos that they are bound to rarely perfecty align. Not everybody logs into SL to socialise all the time. Some people do, and that's cool, of course. I know people who log in entirely for the reason that they need constant company from others and go crazy if they have to amuse themselves for more than five minutes. Lots of us just aren't like that all the time, and enjoy some quiet, introspective space. Many of us use that energy to devise and create, and the time spent alone, concentrating without interruption, is a pure joy. Rpers like to get into their thing and not be called out of their role. It can be very unimmersive having to justify to someone in IM why you can't come right now because so and so is happening and no you really can't explain the storyline right now to them and you promise you are still their friend and will come next time so please don't go on like that and no you can't tp them straight into the middle of it, all while staying abreast of local chat. Grrr at that. Sometimes I log in when I'm really tired, and need the mindless relaxation of a game before sleep. It's nice to chat with a friend, but not be overly challenged. Sometimes I'm full of social energy and love getting out there. Most of my groups are hidden, because quite frankly they are of no interest to anyone (being land or sales groups) and I want my store group to feature top of the list if customers are looking in my profile. No point chugging it up with miscellaneous and boring rental groups. And I don't need to join a group to announce that my groups are hidden, heeheehee. An interesting aside is that privacy is not a bad thing ( I always thought ), and it's odd that social media (or something?) is making us question that, even to the point that here we are right now, questioning and justifying it for our avatars. I have always taken it for granted that a state of personal privacy, with levels of intimacy that gradually open for family, close friends, friends and aquaintances is the natural default mode for a person. There seems to be a force in the world that is driving the opposite ideal. (Not trying to do the predictable dumping on FB here...but I guess that just happened anyway hahaha).
  16. 1) I have several 'characters'. Mostly female, but also have rped as male. 2) Not at all. And it depends upon what communities you choose to be in. The building industry in SL is less sexist in some ways than the RL building industry. On another hand the Gorean community makes large distinctions between male and female roles and is more prevalent in SL than RL. But you can choose what you wish to be a part of, and walk away from what doesn't suit you. 3) I can and do anything I like. My gender has no effect on who I am. 4) I have met sexist people in all worlds. They are the same people. They will always be the same people no matter what world you meet them in. In SL, they have less power over you unless you let them.
  17. Try Bay City as well, perhaps? It seems a nice community.
  18. His machinima would have been interesting indeed.
  19. Dillon Levenque wrote: Whatever you do, avoid Corsica. Really. And Jeogeot. I live there.
  20. I couldn't agree more, Theresa. Windlight makes lovely pictures, but using specific settings to pretty up vendor ads is a no-no in my book.
  21. Maybe only a high enough percentage of straight men are prepared to pay a hooker to pretend they like them?
  22. I find it great, as merchant and customer. No failures yet (not that I ever had many). It's easy to post stuff off to my store; no more hanging around the magic box, waiting for it to change colours. One of my rellies is miffed however, as being a breedables seller, she's stuck with the old box still. Despite receiving LL emails teling her it's time to make the switch.
  23. And here I was thinking the Wiki was a dry (albeit occasionally useful) document.
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