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  1. Maybe the oldbies feel they don't have to have all the latest looks because they don't have to impress the rest of us; they just know they're special. Maybe some see their SL vintage style as a badge of honour? Sort of like Hipsters who wear their grandpa hats and porno mos with pride, as a fashionable anti-fashion statement? I'm only a mid-bie (common as muck, from the 2007 rush), but still wear some favourite pre-mesh outfits. Perhaps those new to SL this year would be more likely to wear only the latest mesh.
  2. Thanks Troy...for once, a survey was worth doing...and I don't mean for the money. It may have taught me more than I taught it
  3. It's ok if you are wearing an entire outfit, created in mesh by one artist, and it's all designed to go together, but we don't all like to dress that way. I often don't want to wear a total premade look, but like to mix things up. I want to be meeeeee, heheheh. So Jennifer, I'm often wearing a mixture of a few key mesh items with old favourite clothing layers acting as buffers between. Heck, I still wear sculpts if they are beautiful, and don't wince at the challenge of mixing prims with texture layers with sculpts with mesh. If I really love something, I don't pass it up quickly but will work to include it. Textured clothing helps a lot with this. If I were new to SL and starting my wardrobe off as of today, it wouldn't be an issue, as I'm sure I'd buy all mesh. But I have a wardrobe with History, and am loyal to it. Except for prim shoes. No loyalty there. All those fuggy things hit the trashcan years ago.
  4. Here's another thing for the "I know this will never happen but wouldn't it be great" Pile- Let us make our own alphas in appearance mode, using sliders. But not as clunky as system clothing, of course. Or something. Anything has to be easier than the method we use now.
  5. That's ok...I knew what you meant And we are very much in agreeance on this.
  6. It's frustrating isn't it! Having demos and L$0 land ads mixed in has stopped me searching for freebies entirely on the MP. Considering that when we as merchants make our listings, we input all the info about whether something is just a demo (or mesh-same issue) and LL doesn't make this info searchable.
  7. It's certainly an improvement on the old invisishiny scripts. I'd love to have a play with this (when I find more time!) to see what it can do for gemstones.
  8. If the item is something like a gaming table (just to grab at an example) and it is mod, and you change some of the textures/colours to make it more appealing to you, the script may revert those changes if the textures/colours are scripted that way to enable gameplay. Perhaps a prim is scripted to switch between red and green as an indicator? If so, changing this via edit menu won't last. Scripted texture changing functions will override what you've manually chosen. If this is so, and you really really are sure you want them changed, then check the name of the prim or it's description. Some texturechange scripts call on prims by name, so editing this may make that prim immune to the change. Record the original name so you can fix it later. I'm assuming the script is no-mod and not viewable? Even so, removing it from the object (and keeping it safely in inventory) should be possible if the object is itself moddable.
  9. I've been lamenting this change too. Comparing the gaming communities that I have loved (Sim City, The Sims, Second Life) where members not only play but have a love of learning, modding, adding gameplay, being creative, bringing involved storylines to the arena, to the more lightweight styles of gaming emerging today can be sad. The technology which allows extra mobility and access also seems to erode the depth of gameplay, until players are mere consumers. Perhaps gaming is now more mainstream, and can be enjoyed almost anywhere at anytime by many more people with phones. There are countless games/apps which can be installed cheaply and instantly and requiring little immersion; they can be picked up and played at a moments notice while waiting at the bus stop. I shouldn't be all judgey as there is a place for such light fun. It is sad that this apparently comes at the cost of more immersive experiences. And not all doom! I was really heartened earlier this week when my 9 year old daughter showed me her first Minecraft skin. She'd made herself a little chicken skin to wear, and was proudly running about in it, and showing me her latest build. The spirit is still alive amongst some
  10. Also never banned, and I've rarely had to ban anyone from my land in all my years either, happily. But those I've banned have always had a few things in common. Rudeness, bad language, leaving junk everywhere, antisocial behaviour towards other visitors, taking the generosity of a paying landowner entirely for granted. Generally those who believe that they have the right to take over, rezz and drive what they like, fire whatever poo they like at anyone else, disrupt everyone else's activities. I'm sure we all know the sort ;P
  11. Wow...just for once I agree with every single person who's answered /me adds her advice that you distance yourself immediately from teh crazy.
  12. Hi Jagdish... Here's that really clicked with me, and got me started in Blender. It's a sofa, but never mind that as all the skills are generalisable, and the techniques are pretty well explained. If you are wanting some good background info on using Blender, also look up Gaia Clary on you tube, especially her Avastar tutorials which are more specialised for mesh clothing. I've found you tube invaluble for learning, as well as the Blender website.It's not always easy, but don't be discouraged. Mesh is fabulously fun to learn. Just editing to properly credit Braydon Randt for his excellent tutorials which I linked to. Also search for tutes by Robin WoodEnt.
  13. Hi Sienia, Depending on the result I want, I use two ways. One is like yours...I export the png ambient occlusion texture to photoshop, play with layering with other textures, then upload to SL. The other is to do a full render in Blender (ooh that even rhymes!) and bring that into SL. I still take the image to Photoshop first however, as I'm never happy with the brightness/contrast and always need to tweak. It's a control thing. I haven't tried uploading mesh with textures in the way you've described, and might have to play with it a little. One suggestion to save you the upload costs while getting the process right is to do it in the beta grid. You can play with upload techniques there to your hearts content, and it won't cost you a farthing.
  14. That's appalling, isn't it. As I said, I'm luckily only slightly affected, but something like this makes the whole thing unusable for others
  15. What a weird saga this has been. Luckily for me, not too many listings were affected. Only one item out of 280 had been affected, and was mentioned in the JIRA, all that time ago. Then I received the long awaited email from LL, saying they'd located the wrong images, and could I confirm them. They listed 4 items that had never actually been affected. But yes, they fixed the unbroken ones, and I can't complain about that. But they sent a stock-standard email a few weeks ago letting me know several items had been delisted from my store. It was anybody's guess which ones and why, but after an hour wasted checking, I guessed it was probably the imaginary listings. Then this morning a proud email stating that all was fixed. And the JIRA is resolved. Oh huzzah. But the original issue is still a problem. I still have someone else's ugly misfitting image blighting my store, and LL cannot see it. I can't delete it. It is still an issue from March 2012. I'm sorry for the people who've had have this happen to a significant number of their listings. To me it's only a mild and wryly humourous thing. But I know others are much more inconvenienced.
  16. Pride and Prejudice. When Elizabeth and Mr Darcy finally settle their differences, I'm a blubbering snotty mess every time. Oh, and Bambi.
  17. Folders. Because being able to see a list of what's for sale, and it's perms is only right. So buying the contents of a box is my favourite thing ever. However, just to get the best of both worlds, I'm still a closet box lover and like to privately box those items myself later, home alone, while nobody can watch. Then, all those extra sizes and colours can be kept tucked away for later. And I think people who put boxes in folders are wonderful.
  18. That is so much nicer than the original screen idea- you've been given good advice here, and I'm happy to see the outcome. The teleport idea is a great way to get the best of both worlds, and you haven't mucked up the area for anyone else. Love the trees!
  19. It's just happened to me also, for the first time, and now I can't even use backpage to find the opening message..it's entirely poofed. Like the others here, I've wasted a good half hour plus combing through my listings, wondering what on earth has been delisted, and why. Nothing comes up under unavailable or unlisted, and everything has a friendly green tick. All I can think of is that last week, I had an email saying that LL was offering to remove three bugged listings (the ones with the wrong images we've all had for over a year). The ones they showed me I'd never noticed before, but they missed the one that's been annoying me all year....grin. I thought it was nice anyway and agreed that the ones they'd 'found' could go. The buggy one is still there, looking all cheap and nasty in the middle of a page of pearls Sooo..that's my only thought, that something was removed during that process..goodness knows what or why. Thankfully, nobody's precious seconds at the LL office were wasted by sending a few informative notes.
  20. Damn that cigarette smoke is annoying. Look at where it's coming from. Come on peoples- when you photoshop stuff in everywhere, know where to put it! Edited to add- "That's actually quite amazing I noticed, considering the total number of annoying elements in that shot." /grumpy old woman mode off
  21. Yep. Ebil. I caught one of mine smuggling a prim baby into the house, and had to ban her. I think she was farming them for childless couples in rich island sims. Too scared to log into that account now.
  22. Janelle Darkstone wrote: Whoa! Whoa, wait a sec! Why... why would anyone need their name embroidered on their backside? I mean, if someone is around to see you in your buttony hatchy underwear I'd hope they at least know your name already?! Maybe it's not his name. Maybe it's the name of a very good friend?
  23. Yep, I'm another who minimises everything for busy events. It's easier these days with better hair tattoos, etc, to still be nice looking and lag free. Remove all scripts, especially any prim attachments with resizers, and just turn up lean and beautiful with a nice texture layer if you must. Leave your ao at home, and if you hate the noob duckwalk, just fly. Somehow, noob flying doesn't look so bad.
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