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  1. having the same problem. bought a product on the MP, got charged but never got the product. on the other hand i tried to boy lindens but never got them. Something has to be wrong
  2. okay, its no t working anymore. Had the DNS Problem again, theni reset/restartet my router and youl log back in but everything is very, very slow, some Zones are not rezzing at all or i get TPd 2-3 times until i finally arrive where i wanted to go
  3. works again for me. without proxy and without changing anything
  4. okay. won't do anything. Just sit here and wait.
  5. could i have caused that with the uninstall-reinstall of firestorm?
  6. I just un- and reinstalled firestorm viewer bit i aleays get the message "DNS could not resolve the host name" when i try to log in. Same with the SL viewer. What could cause this?
  7. Thanks . Yeah. It was a Group Tag. Didn´t even remember joining that Group and activating it. I just click on accept if someone asks me to join and i have free space
  8. I haven´t been online fr a few days and now my Avatar says "Baby Pop* over my normal name "kaymichel Baby Pop* kaymichel thats how it shows it there. I don´tt know where that name is coming from and i can´t remember changin my name or anything.
  9. ì wanted to reansfer my Linden to my paypal account but for more than a day now i get the message that the process credit service is temporarily unavailable. My friends dont have that problem. i didn´t purchase that money via Paypal but with a Paysafecard through Bulido but since you can´t recharge a Paysafecard i have to transfer it to paypal. And it shouldn,t matter anyway because my money is my money. I could transfer it from the MP to my account via Linxex and now i have the US$ there but can´t get them anywhere Tried to ged an Answer for this via Facebook and the Answer section here but no reply yet. Hope someone can help me to get my money back.
  10. Seems like the Process Credit Sevice is down. It says there i should wait a few minutes and try again but that for more than 6 hours now.
  11. i have a kemono myself and i don´t see a reasony why i t should be considered childlike? It has an anime head and that looks nothing like a child. I think that many people in SL have lost the connection to RL because anything thats not abnormally huge is considered childlike. It is ot the fault of the OPand everyone who wrote here that Kemonos look childlike schould think about what children look like. Did you ever see a child that looked like a kemono? Did you ? Maybe some people sould learn something : Anime does not equal child An avatar does not need Boobs that could sink ships or muscles like Schwarzenegger x 10. No one looks like that so you can´t compare RL to SL and a Kemono is some kind of Furry/Human hybrind so not even a human don´t compare it to one. It would be great if those ban-happy sim owners or people who work for SL would think before they ban someone. I hate ageplay and i agree that those need to be banned but as i said a Kemono isn´t a child, it is an Anime/furry/human hybrid
  12. Well it doesn´t have to look 100% like the Character and even if, SL characters always look a bit different from Animated or Real characters. and that difference is big enough that it could as well be another Person instead of this specific one. Or have you never met someone whio looked like another Person you know/knew?
  13. THey shouldn´t delete their old skins just becuause they had "some new idea". THere are still Shapes that need those skisn to match a certain look. And also they were great. Why not keep them at a reduced price or somewhere else.
  14. I am looking for the Ava skins from Belleza. THey are not available at the Store anymore anyone know where i could still find those especially the 1 and the Matte Lipstick bundle?
  15. Hi, i am looking for someone who has experience in Mesh and Anime Avatars and would do a custom Avatar for me that looks like a Character from a TV show that was running a while ago. Any recommendations?
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