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  1. Oh FFS..I know I'm typing into blank air, as nobody here has the power to do anything...but really!!!??!!! REALLY???!!??.. For anyone sound of mind who may stumble onto this by sheer accident...here's what's happened to me..I found out how to fix my last issue (all my most recent/2 years worth of mesh work was relisted by LL as mature rather than general...so I worked out how to do a batch re-edit this morning and fixed it..It took an hour that I'd rather have spent doing better things but I was all smiles as everything I've ever created is PG and I thought the issue was fixed..but I just found out tonight they've made almost everthing in my store adult.
  2. The last several years of my work was shifted from general to mature, and of course I had no idea until trying to find something in my store and found it to be half empty. That gave me rather a heart attack, until I realised I wasn't logged in. I'm trying to fix this, but when editing, everything is still shown as general. Batch editing brings up empty pages, and I'm not sure of the process; I don't want to wipe all the listings clean by updating there.
  3. Aaaa-gree! Wouldn't it save a lot of work and headache for everyone!
  4. So.....any time a female person shows gratitude and admiration for a male person's ability to do his job in SL she is a) stupid and b) only seeking sexual attention? You really need to get that issue of yours seen to.
  5. I like your list, mostly, very much. But I'd like also that the men turn seahorse for us and bear the brunt of virtual pregnancy, and raising of all prim babies/kid avatars. And they can go do it on "baby-island" off to the side somewhere, in Little Linden Nursery Homes. (LLNH). Readmittance to the main grid is warranted once the babies are capable of talking like an intelligent human. My only point of disagreement is...do not take my glitch pants. Ever. They may be tugged, bloody,mangled and stenching, from my cold dead avatar if it ever gets permabanned, and not a moment before. A woman's preferred choice of knickers is her own business, and I like mine robust.
  6. I totally agree with Pamela. It is simple for merchants to supply a free demo, and I see no reason why someone wouldn't, unless they had something to hide. It is so easy to fake high quality where it doesn't exist. There are product images taken in external programs with wonderful 'realistic' lighting that is impossible to achieve in SL. And many photoshopped images, where hair and glossy contoured skin is shopped in and shadows enhanced in ways that are impossible to achieve. Merchants can make any claim they like in their descriptions. And so often shoddy merchants have a raft of alts/chums who give fake high reviews. (I suspect alts, as who would be friends with a scammer and put their reputations on the line like that). The only way through this mess is to shop with merchants who supply demos. A demo cannot lie...it cannot be better than the full version. It may be worse through not having the moddability that a full version has, but it will show you the faith that a merchant has in the honest quality of their work.
  7. Never for shopping, as the results are so unreliable. Daily to bring up a person's name. Occasionally to find a landmark for a place I already know, but for a business landmark I prefer to go via the owner's profile picks.
  8. I'm sorry to hear this, Cats, and hope that it picks up. My sales are still healthy (although increasingly they are becoming skewed towards the MP despite me having inworld stores). But perhaps there is a more specific pattern rather than it just affecting "all sales". Are sales of furniture and houses (land dependant products) falling compared to clothing and avatar attachments? Are sales of relatively expensive items now more likely to be reconsidered by many residents, while they still don't mind spending less for shorter-term-use items? Are prim and sculpt based products taking a further hit because mesh may be transferable to SL2 whereas older content won't be? Is everyone too busy prancing about in their new SLink mesh bodies to do any other shopping this week, (lol)?
  9. Goodbye then!! (waving a cheery farewell, and going back to enjoying a rich, happy and creative SL, and hoping to try out SL2 when it's ready for testing, perhaps in a few years time) Regarding the OP, I have many short-term fluctuations in sales both inworld and on the MP, and have learnt to not panic over a drop. My sales have steadily increased since 2007, with a few blips and pikes. Nothing untoward has happened yet with them. I don't expect it to, but will keep watching, of course. I plan to continue on as usual, and devote the usual time to learning, creating amd enjoying, and will keep my ears open to find out what skills are needed for SL2. Anyway, let us know if your sales return? Was it temporary? Also, it's kind of hard to comment on your situation without knowing anything about your business, service or product. Best of luck, whatever you decide to do
  10. "This is a fantasy world, and we can use our creativity to be anything we want." That's a standard opening line, and I'm pretty sure most people would agree to it. I certainly do. But personally, I still hate that shape, on a deep level, so why should i care? The "why" is interesting, and I need to think about that, as I don't have an issue with any other shape in SL. You can be any shape you like, I don't judge and I log in as almost all of them at times and enjoy trying everything out, but this one I will not do. Except briefly for satire. I'm struggling to explain why, and trying to work it out. I may even be wrong, so bear with me. Perhaps it's partly because I'm a fashion-makey person and I hate it when a blogger/model presents my work with that look; I feel that they are undermining my efforts, that they don't care enough to get it together and look personable. Yet I have no issue with other non-barbie avvies; be a furry avatar, or realistically proportioned avatar ( I am almost one, and I'm dwarfed by all fashion model avvies and that's ok with me)..I embrace difference but not this difference. It's also not creative, nor an expression of individuality. It's become a stock standard pull-on outfit, like a uniform. You call it a "petite curvy thigh gap look" but to everyone else it's (un)popularly called "invisible pony rider" and it's become synonymous with an unfriendly look. And I think that's mainly why I don't like it- it looks unfriendly because to me it's so closely associated with a snarky-faced disapproving-teenager look. I guess I'm revealing a little of my RL age, but I hate that look, and see it sometimes in my friends kids, and hope I don't see it in my own child's one day. I have issues with "thigh gap" as an aspiration but that's a separate issue. I like to see someone fabulous, creative and wonderful. Edgy and confronting if you will. I like a challenge to the overly-sexualised Barbie trope. But snarky squinty thigh-gap child is not the answer just yet, I hope.
  11. Any box vendor of mine inworld gets opened, and the folder is then sent to the MP. So even if the box is set for sale, it never impacts the MP listing. The price is set when you make your new listing, and can be edited afterwards.
  12. I found SL to be very enjoyable for a long time (maybe 6 months to a year) before spending any money here. Money wasn't neccessary to me as I was busy making friends and learning to build. The decision to finally invest was gradual and easy. I wanted to buy a few things, upload a few textures, get a nicer looking avatar, own land in order to have a place to express myself. For a while, I'd spend maybe $5 every month or so on whatever I wanted. Almost no money compared to RL spending. To me, that money was the same as any recreational money. And it was almost nothing compared to the fun it gave me, and especially compared to other what I could have spent on other hobbies. I never expected to get any thing back from it apart from the things I'd purchased. If I bought a $25 book from a RL bookstore, I'd enjoy the book, and wouldn't be expecting to make the money it cost back, and to me SL is the same. It's like paying to see a play (and help act in it), or paying for a magazine subscription (with the bonus option of contributing at will). That being said, I make money in SL. I don't see that purely as a return from the lindens I've spent, but rather more as a result of the skills I've learnt and the time invested creating content and looking after customers. Some of what I make is always reinvested back into the world through rent, and shopping and tips. In the past I have spent money on tools to help improve my business, and still do, and it's never been a waste of money. If I had bought a tool and not put in the effort to learn and use it, it would have been a waste- I guess by that I mean that spending doesn't automatically generate revenue; effort is required. To you I'd say that if you are uncomfortable spending money anywhere, then by all means don't do it. Nobody should expect you to. I'm very cautious about online shopping and passing out my credit card number, but I have no issue with Linden Lab in that regard. I send them money, they send me money- it's all above board and works just fine.
  13. Well, I clicked because I saw it as "One Weird Trick of a Succcessful SL that Linden Lab doesn't want you to know about", but it wasn't quite like that once I got in here.
  14. You are welcome to come check out my work, Lola. I make jewellery, shoes and accessories. Everything is original- no templates so it won't be found anywhere else. Flickr- https://www.flickr.com/photos/tiffyvella/ Marketplace- https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/25047 Mainstore (where there are demos of everything) - http://slurl.com/secondlife/Sinaburoe/183/10/247/ Give me a call if there is anything you need
  15. Here is an admission....and plz don't judge....I miss a good old-fashioned griefing. I don't mean the nasty stuff that ruins events or brings sims to their knees or destroys people's creations or halts business....I mean the stuff that used to happen back in the days when I lived in sandboxes...the fun griefing-lite griefing. The griefing that might make you cuss someone out at the time, but years later you catch yourself having a giggle at. I miss idiots in cars, and idiots with guns that fire stupid stuff everywhere and the randomness of what people might rezz and do. It's been years since I've seen a classic Mario-ing, or been shot at, or had to fend off a random lunatic, or been deformed. I haven't seen anyone caged for way too long, or even being shot into the air after sitting on a "sit here to get free lindens" chair. In Fermi Sandbox, I built my first bed (and for back then it was pretty impressive, considering) while being set on fire and sitting with clenched cheeks on a plywood box as particle havoc rained down everywhere. I may have quietly sworn a bit at the time (and issued a few ARs), but it has turned into a warm hazy memory, softened by a couple of years of nostalgia and gin consumption. These days, my experience is that the average sandbox has people standing well apart from each other, not talking or visibly doing very much. (This could be because so much of content creation now happens outside of SL, and so everyone is afk in other programs, no longer experiencing SL in the moment. It's all so isolating compared to the shared creative platform that SL was.) I don't know. Maybe I'm going to the wrong sandboxes. Shrug. I'm anti griefing as a destructive force...and thank goodness for well-moderated sandboxes as an option, but I miss some of the playful spontaneity. A few years ago, we were promised a more predictable SL experience, and there are merits to that. But it's the unpredicted parts that form many memories. Anyway, my answer is that the really bad griefers probably live under bridges with trolls. Probably in the SL Botanic Gardens somewhere. Maybe. I don't know.
  16. Excellent trolling attempt on a first post!! A double plus!! I'm sure you could start a group for like minded people, and everyone could take turns RPing it. Is there an actual word for this sort of thing...like...is this a thing? Why don't you go on out there and get it all started, and we'll all join....later.......maybe. I'm just editing to add that I disbelieve the entire story. It's rubbish. Nobody has ever let off a gesture during a sploder countdown that is funny enough to elicit an actual RL LOL.
  17. Hoppimike wrote: and what you mean you're not interested in an astrologer or love guru or a "love marriage problem solution"? That just makes me laugh too much
  18. hollowgirl78 wrote: As a new user it really put me off. I thought perhaps these forums were long dead because my initial perusal of this site showed nothing but spam. It wasn't until I dig further that I saw yes indeed, people still do post here! yay
  19. Thanks, Tex....yeah I did pick up that you hate it too. I've sat through this a few times, and it sort of disgusts me that those of us who care about any forums are careful to vet ourselves, yet the spammy bleepholes (self bleeping! insert your own happyword!) get away with something that I consider much worse. I've zipped my lips dozens of times, and have spoken out once. I want good forums, with good active discussion, not this rubbish--that's really my entire point
  20. Hi Teagan, Thanks for replying, but I'm talking about a different kind of spam. I get the one you are on about, and that's cool. The one that's gotten me all angried up about is the one where a few new accounts come in and make 500000 posts about escort agencies, horoscopes and other rubbish. These posts fill up the first 4-5 pages of the general discussion (I haven't checked the other sections). They happen quite often, and stifle proper discussion about SL matters. I just want to come in here and read about what's happening in SL, and nice stuff like that. Not looking for trouble...just cross that LL lets this continue to be a problem.
  21. So sorry tex...if you dont like my post, here are all the others that you'd most likely prefer to read, just from the front page...move on, as you say.... http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/VASHIiKARAN-SPECIALIST-MATA-JI-91-9414601882/td-p/2682674http:// http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Warn-Ban/ASTROLOGY-SPECIALIST-TANTRIK-BABA-91-9414601882/td-p/2682678 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/Love-marriage-problem-solution-91-9414601882/td-p/2682580 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/love-guru-astrologer-91-9414601882/td-p/2682578 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/world-famous-astrologer-91-9784021409/td-p/2679988 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/woman-vshik-aran-91-9784021409/td-p/2679978 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/General-Discussion-Forum/girl-vashi-karan-91-9784021409/td-p/2679966 Shall we continue for the next 30 or so posts? Repeat for the next 3 pages or more? Does this give you the reading matter that you prefer?
  22. Sounds like you do it right I'll admit to being ignorant about how these things work. I'm totally no expert, but I do visit other forums where a short bit of trollery may happen at times ( and may occasionally be welcomed), but such flagrant spamming just never sees the light of day. I've seen this spamming in this forum happen for over 6 months (not counting-it's probably longer) and there has never been any change. It's making me lose my interest quite fast. I find that now I visit other sites for daily SL news. I used to pop in here daily, but I'm starting to avoid this site. I don't want that to be so.
  23. oh...and how much does it suck that I get bleeped, when I was not at all offensive. I said not one offensive word. Yet an entire industry of offensive arsehole pimpery can advertise itself for free entirely unchallenged. It freakin sucks.
  24. I am over it. Four pages of crap, guys, probably more but I've stopped looking. It's not good enough. This forum is rapidly losing any value. I come here to find out information to help me in Second Life and to help promote it's excellence. I don't give a rats arse about nasty Indian prostitutes or pirated telly.
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